Final Fantasy Story Chapter 8

Spirits Lifted

By Nathan Jones

Kefka sat in his chair pondering. Fosoya was right. The information the magician had given to him was indeed appreciative. He let out a slight chuckle as he thought about Fosoya’s exact words.

“She holds the key to your desires.” The mage had said.

“Hmmm…” Kekfa thought to himself, “I wonder if it would be possible to bring the girl to me.” As he pondered on his question, a sentry entered the room. “Good morning sire.” The sentry said, “I have a list of today’s executions.”

Kefka snatched the list from the soldier and read the names silently. It didn’t take long before Kefka noticed a familiar name written on the parchment. “Vicks.” He said aloud. “Why hasn’t this son a bitch been killed yet?”

The man gulped and politely replied that Private Vicks’s sentence had been postponed due to the incidents on Mt. Narshe. Kefka let out a growl and for some strange reason, the urge to talk to the accused man suddenly came over him.

“I wish to speak to this prisoner at once.” He said.

“Very well.” The sentry replied, “You can find Private Vicks in his cell down in the dungeon.”

Kefka thanked the messenger and proceeded to make his way down to the dungeon. Although Kefka didn’t know why, he felt as though he needed to hear private Vick’s testimony at least one more time. He found the tired and beaten prisoner in his cell clinging to a wall. As Vicks spotted Kefka enter the cell, he let out a screech and cowered in a nearby corner like a scared child.

“Relax you little whelp.” Kefka said a little harshly, “I haven’t come to harm you further.”

“Then what have you come for?!” Vicks shouted back, “I already told you I’m innocent! What more do you want from me?!”

“I would like,” Kefka started, “to hear your testimony one last time private Vicks. It has come to my attention that you may in fact BE innocent.”

With that Kefka signaled for the guard to close the cell door behind him, and he and the soldier were left alone in the dark.


Edgar arrived in the kitchen the next morning and stretched out his arms. Another morning. Another day to debate with officials about Kefka. The more Edgar thought about it, the more he loathed the idea of more time bickering about the bastard. Alas, as a king, it was his duty to provide whatever he could for his people. Even… if it was false hope. He quickly ate his breakfast and then proceeded to make his way to the council room. He found the monarchs and Lords already waiting for him.

“Good morning.” Edgar said, “I trust you all slept well.”

The men all gave slight nods and one of them stood up to speak. “King Edgar.” He said, “I believe that it is time to discuss strategy.”

“What do you mean?” Edgar asked, his brow rising to signify his confusion.

“We have reason to believe that Kefka survived the attempted assassination.” The monarch declared, “We also have reason to believe, that he has planned another assault on one of the local villages.”

Edgar sat back in his chair astonished at what he had just heard. If this information were true, this would be the second time Kefka had cheated death. “Which village do you think to be in danger?” the king asked.

The monarch stood for a moment before quietly answering, “Nikeah.”

Edgar immediately rose from his seat. “This can’t be true!” he shouted, “Nikeah is where all the refugees from the Narshe massacre took shelter!”

“We know your majesty.” The monarch answered, “That is why we have already dispatched some of our own troops to the village to protect it if he does arrive.”

Edgar sat there pondering for a moment. He HAD to do something. Without hesitation, he made a decision. “I along with my companions will go to Nikeah.” He said.

Immediately shouts of disapproval rose from the large crowd of Lords.

“You mustn’t!” they all shouted, “What would happen to this great kingdom if you perished?”

It was too late. Edgar had already made up his mind. He looked at the guard near the door to the room and gave him the signal to call up the rest of the warriors of light. If Kefka wanted another village to conquer, he would have to go through them first.


Kefka’s chief military advisor reviewed the plans one last time. The assault was going to be a great boost in his career. That is of course, if everything went according to plans. The man slowly slid his bony fingers down the page, making sure that all orders were direct and unquestionable. Finally, satisfied with a job well done, he rolled up the parchment, tied a ribbon around it, and ordered it brought to Kefka at once. He smiled as he thought about the magnificent aspects of this next assault. Truly it would be a day to remember.


Relm trudged the dessert already starting to feel the urge to go back and abandon her feeble quest. But in her heart she knew she mustn’t. She had already made up her mind long ago that she would do whatever was necessary to save her friends. Even if it was… Just thinking about what she was about to do sent chills through her spine. After long hours of seemingly endless walking, the young girl finally made her way out of the dessert. She thanked the gods for safe passage and continued onward.

“Soon.” She said to herself, “Soon my time will come.”


Locke Cole struck again at Shadow with all his might. Shadow effortlessly dodged the blow and counterattacked by hammering Locke in the back with the hilt of his sword.

“Dead.” Shadow said with a grin.

“Damn it!” Locke screamed in frustration, “That’s the second time you’ve beat me this morning in training.”

“Maybe you should spend more time freshening up on your fighting skills than hunting for buried treasure.” The ninja laughed.

“Very funny.” Locke retorted, “However I also learned a few tricks of my own. Come on. One more round. Gimme your best shot.”

Shadow complied by immediately swinging his blade but missed Locke entirely. The treasure hunter spun around the ninja, and using gravity to his advantage, brought Shadow down by hitting him in the back of the legs with a well-placed drop kick. Shadow didn’t waste any time getting back to his feet, and with unnatural speed, scaled a wall.

“What are you a spider?” Locke mocked him; the ninja just smiled and pointed his katana at what seemed to be an ample spot.

He dove towards the ground and used the blade as a balancing tool to direct a kick of his own at Locke. However, Locke had studied the ninja’s moves and had already learned how to effectively dodge this maneuver. He sidestepped and watched as Shadow, with a look of total disbelief, slammed into a wall at full force. Locke laughed and walked over the dazed ninja putting his own blade to Shadow’s chest.

“Dead.” He proudly proclaimed.

Shadow couldn’t help but laughing. “I guess even I will have to freshen up a bit.” He said.

“That you will.” Locke replied with a grin.

Just then the doors to the training room swung open and a very distraught messenger burst into the room. “The king…wishes…. to see you.” He puffed.

Judging by how fast this man must have run, Shadow and Locke agreed it must be important. They quickly put the equipment back in its proper place and made their way to the council room.

“I wonder what could be happening now.” Locke said as they walked down the long dark hall.


After a long and exhausting night of interrogation with Private Vicks, Kefka had been summoned to the military advisor’s office to review the battle plans for the next assault. Although he was really in no mood to scan useless plans for a battle that he would probably lose anyway, he reluctantly took the parchment from the strategist’s hands and set his eyes upon the paper. Kefka couldn’t believe what he was seeing! As he looked over the battle plans, reading every word, a bright smile crossed his evil face, giving the impression that not only did he like what he was seeing, but also his eyes feasted upon the words like a hungry animal.

“Excellent.” He said. “So you think this will work then?”

The strategist nodded his head and also smiled. Kefka let out a most sinister laugh and ordered the plans to be put into action. His enemies wouldn’t know what hit them.


Locke and Shadow entered the room just as everyone arrived. Everyone of course, except Relm. Finally one of the warriors inquired as to where on earth she could be at a time like this, but all the others just shrugged.

“Maybe she’s out picking flowers or something.” Sabin suggested.

It seemed a good excuse, so naturally all accepted it.

“Well then let’s get this meeting started shall we?” Edgar said as he took a seat at the head of the massive table in the middle of the room.

For a brief moment, Celes stopped to admire the amazing tapestries above her head intricately woven in the shape of the castle with a small sunset behind it. “Beautiful.” She thought to herself.

Edgar’s voice calling for her attention brought her back to reality, and she took her own seat next to Locke.

“Well then.” Edgar said,” ‘I’ve called this meeting to really some fairly bad news to all of you.” The king hesitated for a moment, but was hurried along by a very impatient Gau. “The bad news,” he said, “Is that like we all suspected, Kefka is indeed alive and well.”

Immediately everyone in the room lowered their heads in sadness.

“Why won’t that bastard just die?!” Celes suddenly blurted out as she stabbed her dagger into the table.

Her sudden outburst startled everyone, but they knew how she felt.

“Have no fear child.” Shadow soothed, “Kefka will die soon. We all know what power we posses. All we have to do is go after him.”

“It may seem that easy Shadow,” Edgar said, “But the problem is there’s something else I have to tell all of you. Kefka’s next plan is to attack Nikeah.”

Immediately gasps echoed in the chambers. Celes rose from her chair in tears.

“He can’t do that!” Celes shouted, “That’s where the refugees are!”

“I know.” Edgar said as he tried desperately to calm the crying woman. “That’s why I am taking it upon myself to go after him and kill him before he has the chance.”

“Well you’re certainly not going alone.” Cyan said, also rising from his seat. He drew his sword from its scabbard and held it high in the air. “For the glory of all who died at his hands in Doma, I will join in the fight.”

Gau also rose from his seat. “I will too.” He proclaimed, “And by the gods I’ll show no mercy!”

Cheering now echoed within the room as the warriors all cried out for victory. Truly this battle would be remembered.

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