A Journey Chapter 1

By Ness

Link had been sailing for days. He checked his compass every once in a while, and made the necessary adjustments to keep himself on course. His stores of food and fresh water seemed barely depleted, but he knew they wouldn't last forever. He had found some fishing poles and some lures, and used them greatly to his advantage. It helped pass the time when the ship was on course and there was nothing to monitor.

He had been fishing a few hours now, when his pole suddenly heaved. He could see a huge black spot under the water, and it was coming closer. Right when it seemed it would have to come out of the water, it dove down, taking his pole with it. Link tried to follow the black shape, and when it was almost beyond his field of vision, it soared out of the water, giving Link a beautiful silhouette of what his best guess deemed a very large whale. He marveled at it's size, it's speed, and it's grace, but some water sprayed him, and he blinked. The thing was gone.


Link went on for a few more days, monitoring the ship, fishing, and checking his stores of fresh water, which can be a sailor’s most precious commodity. He estimated that he’d have about three months of stores left, not counting the fish he caught. I hope it doesn’t take that long.

He went about his duties on the ship, checking the compass, setting the sails, and checking the rudder. Not feeling much like fishing, he decided to go up to the crow’s nest to have a nice little nap. He awoke an hour later, feeling something through the ship. I don’t like this. What could be going on?

He looked down to find his deck swarmed by Bari, their jellyfish-like tentacles bringing water onto the ship. Great, just what I need. Why can’t I just have an uneventful day once in a while? He had only his Longshot in the Crow’s Nest with him. He searched for his bow and arrow, and found it, up on the bridge of the ship. Why do I never have what I need when I need it?

Link’s mind was racing, his Longshot couldn’t reach from here, but, it could from the sails. He balanced himself as best he could and took off his boots for more traction. He then proceeded to walk across the narrow cylinder of wood to where he could reach his weapon. He carefully took step, after step, after--- "AUGH!!!!!!" Link shot towards the floor and the happily waiting Bari, tentacles reaching out lovingly towards him. His mind was racing- Note to self, place Hover Boots in Crow’s nest! He whirled himself around so he could see the wood he just fell from, and fired his Longshot. Come on, reach!!!!

It stuck and Link found himself hanging only a foot from the Bari’s outstretched tentacles. At least now I know how close my Longshot can get. He then had the Longshot pull him up, and he got back on the little ledge. This time, he crawled towards the bridge.

He reached the end of the wood, and hoped that the bridge was raised enough over the deck for his Longshot to reach. He fired it, and saw it hook into his quiver. Good, I have my arrows, now for the bow. He hooked his quiver around his shoulder, and fired at his bow. He saw it latch onto the string, and he pulled it up. You Baris don’t have a chance now!!! Thought Link triumphantly as he crawled back into the crow’s nest. He took out his bow, nocked an arrow, and chose a target. Death came swiftly.

Link picked off Bari by Bari, until three remained, then his bowstring snapped. AUGH!! Thought Link, I must have scratched it with the Hookshot! I only carry one spare string in my quiver!!! I’ll have to use my bow sparingly. He reached into his quiver, got out his spare string, and removed what was his string from his bow. He attached the new one, with only minimal difficulty, the wood the bow was made from was from Kokiri Forest, so it had many useful properties Hylian bows lacked.

He picked off the remaining Bari, and wondered why they were so restless. Probably just looking for some food. Oh well, now to clean up this mess.

Link climbed down from the Crow’s nest, and looked at all the Bari corpses, a few still retained their electrical charges, but not enough to cause Link to worry further. He searched them for any arrows that he could sharpen and re-use, he found some, but not as many as he would have liked, he didn’t want to run out.

Link then shoved the corpses off the side of the boat, and checked his heading. Hmm, I’m a little too far to the west, better fix it. He walked over and adjusted the rudder, still mulling over the Bari. Why would they come here, I need answers!!!! They don’t usually like going near ships. Oh well, worrying won’t help me. I’d better just concentrate on my work. Link got the ship headed back in the right direction, and having nothing else to do, went fishing again.


Link had been fishing for several hours, when he heard a familiar sound.

"Splooch!" What’s that? "Splooch, Splooch!!!!" I don’t like the sound of this! "Splooch, Splooch, SPLOOCH!!!" Whatever it is it’s coming closer!

"SPLOOCH! THUNK!!!" Something hit the side of the ship, and it shuddered for a second. Link got up, put away his pole, and readied the Master Sword and Mirror Shield. He looked off to the side of the boat, just in time to see two over-sized octoroks, and one huge one! Their bumpy skin glistening with water, their huge "noses" ready to spew forth giant rocks. This must have been what upset the Baris! I’d find somewhere to hide too, had I been confronted by one of those, let alone three! Link steeled himself, and waited for the octoroks to come into range. He picked his bow up from the deck, and fired at one of the smaller ones.

"SPLASH!" the octorok dove under just in time, and the arrow went flying into the distance. Must be faster than normal too. Link fired three more arrows, all to the same effect. It was now the octorok’s turn. The first one Link had shot at fired back, giving Link barely enough time to block it’s rock with his shield. The impact sent pain coursing through his arms. Once again, the octorok dove under water. This isn’t working! Ah-hah! I know! Link nocked another arrow, but before he fired, murmured a small incantation. He let loose.

The Octorok dodged the arrow of course, but this time Link shot it in front of it, and when the arrow hit the water ice spread out for about two yards. The octorok floated to the surface, encased by the frozen water. Meanwhile, the other two had come much closer, and Link found himself staring into the yellow, seemingly unfocused eyes of two large octoroks.

The first one shot at Link, and Link dove to the side, only to have the other remaining octorok shoot at him as he landed. Link wasn’t prepared, so the rock hit him in the side, and knocked the wind out of him. Link lay there, heaving, as the octoroks prepared another attack. What’s with these guys? Thought an amazed Link I didn’t know they could get this big! Link struggled to his feet, and put his shield in place. The octoroks fired, Link blocked both shots, but each blow caused more and more explosions of pain down his arm. The reflected rocks went untouched, as the octoroks dove under. Link got his bow, and shot another Ice Arrow, and another, and another, sealing the water with ice, to give him some time to think.

Link’s mind was racing. I could try to get close enough with my sword, but it would be too risky. The ice can’t stay thick enough to hold them off forever! And I don’t have much magic left. I’d use Din’s Fire, but I could set the ship on fire, bombs would do the same, or would they?…

Link sought out somewhere far enough away that the blast of the bomb wouldn’t reach the boat. He found one, lit a bomb, and hurled it. He also took out and lit another.

The bomb went flying, landed on the ice, and exploded, creating a hole just big enough for the octorok. Sure enough it came up, ready to barrage Link with it’s stone missiles. But Link was ready first. He threw the other bomb he was carrying at the octorok, and it landed inside it’s gaping maw. The large octorok sank down, followed by an underwater explosion, which made the hole large enough for the huge octorok to come through. The huge octorok wasn’t as easily fooled as its compatriots.

When it came through, and when Link threw his bomb, it had fired a rock, which hit the bomb, and made it explode prematurely. You’re a smart one, aren’t you? Thought Link. You just wait, you’ll get what’s coming to you!!!

Link got an idea. He picked up one of the fish he had caught earlier, and started waving it at the huge octorok. This made the octorok excited, and it jumped out of the water, and onto the ice to get the fish. Link saw his chance, and pincushioned the octorok with arrows. It fell down, and stopped moving. Taking no chances, Link threw a bomb onto the still octorok, and hoped that the blast wouldn’t ignite the wood of the ship.

"BOOM!!!!" the bomb went off, annihilating the octorok, and melting away the rest of the ice. This left the way open for Link to get close enough to the first octorok he attacked and to dispatch it with another bomb. Link set the ship back on course and went to the galley to have something to eat.

With the adrenaline rush fading, Link’s aches and pains from the battle came screaming out. His shield are had taken a lot of stress, and had almost broke. His spine and side were killing him from that one glancing blow. There was no Great Faerie to heal him now, he was on his own. He reached into his backpack, and brought out a bottle of healing salve, created by the little old lady in Kakariko village. He rubbed a little bit of it on his shield arm, and a little bit on his back and side. The effects were almost instantaneous, his aching began to subside, and the roaring pain evaporated into a protesting groan when he put too much pressure on it. Geez. Thought Link. At least I know what made the Baris get so frantic. Who would have known? Giant octoroks, and swarms of Baris! And I haven’t even gotten anywhere near that stupid book!

Link had a little to eat, and only a small amount of water to conserve it for the rest of his voyage. He then did an inventory. He had his four bottles of various medicines, all full except for the one he just used, fifteen bombs left, and only twenty-one arrows left, less than half of his original quiver. He’d need to get some more, just in case he needed them. I should have at least kept the feathers from the broken ones! Then I could have at least made some new ones! They might not have been as good, but they would have been something!


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