A Journey Chapter 2

By Ness

Link continued sailing, and gradually his stores started to be depleted. He was fine food-wise, he always caught a fish or two, but it was fresh water he was worried about. Water was the most important thing, for all life, and he’d surely be dead if he ever ran out. He estimated he had about two more weeks of fresh water, if he conserved it, and a month’s worth of food, not counting the fish he caught and would continue to catch. Link wasn’t worried, he’d pulled through tough situations before, and he would do so again.

Link was up in the Crow’s Nest one day, and as he looked off to the horizon he saw what appeared to be a very sizeable island. He checked his compass, the needle was pointing straight at the island. Thanks, Navi. You don’t know how useful this is! I’d better circle around and find a secluded place to anchor the ship, then I’ll go in on a Longboat. As Link circled the island, the compass needle circled too, once again confirming that the book was on the island.

Link found a small deserted lagoon that he could hide the ship in. He anchored there, took his backpack and tent, and entered the Longboat. The ship, instinctively reacting to Link’s thoughts, lowered and freed the Longboat. Link started rowing to shore.


Link made landfall about fifteen minutes later, and he found some underbrush and hid the boat. He wouldn’t want anyone to take it. He had thought he saw a sizeable town to the west somewhere, so he decided to find out where he was, and what this place was like.

He arrived at the town an hour later. It was almost dusk, so Link found a hidden cave nearby and decided to visit the town the next morning. Luckily the cave was also uninhabited, so Link wouldn’t have to worry about an animal attacking him in his sleep. He set up his bedroll, made a small fire to cook a fish he brought with him, and sat down to think.

This island appears to be where Ganon’s "Muerante" is located. Now I can only hope that nobody has found the book yet. I wish Navi, or someone was here. It’s lonely having no one to talk to. Oh well, I’d better just concentrate on the task at hand. "sniff" Great, the fish is burning. Link ate his blackened fish, and went to sleep wondering what was going on back in Hyrule. This time, it was a thankfully dreamless sleep.


He awoke well past dawn, and packed up all of his supplies. He hid them near the back of the cave, and erased any traces of the fire, and himself. He set out for the town.

Link entered the town after passing some small farms. He arrived just as the marketplace was opening. Good, he thought, I can get some more supplies, and arrows. Until he realized that these people had probably never heard of Hyrule, and wouldn’t accept its currency. Amazingly, they spoke and wrote in the Hyrulian tongue. Maybe they were immigrants, except for the lack of pointy ears that set all Hyrulians apart.

He wandered around, looking at the various goods, trying to figure out a way to get restocked. He didn’t have anything really worth trading on the ship, unless he decided to become a fisherman. There had to be some way to get some money here.

Almost as if he had spoken his thoughts aloud someone stopped him.

"Hail," greeted someone as he tapped Link on the shoulder. "You new to the island?"

Link turned around to find an average sized man inspecting him. He had brown hair, brown eyes, and an open, but judging face. He seemed to be a little anxious.

"What do you mean?" inquired Link. "What makes you think I’m not from the island?"

"Let me see… Reason number one- you have been wandering around the marketplace all day, looking, but not buying. Number two- I have never seen you here before. Number three- you are obviously not from anywhere on the island, because no one here has seen the like of your clothing. Number four- You are outfitted for an adventure or for traveling some pretty sizeable distances," the man apparently knew what he was talking about, he took in a lot of information in a short period of time. Who was this guy?

"So, maybe you’re right, but what does it matter to you?" Link was a little put off that this man knew so much about him. "And who are you anyway?"

He didn’t seem to hear Link, or if he did, he didn’t care. "Come to my house, we’ll talk more there."

"Oh, alright," Link decided to see what this man was all about, he didn’t know anyone else here, and he needed all the allies he could get.

"Come along then," they started walking.

As Link and the stranger walked through the town, a few people smiled at him, a couple waved, but many gave him pleading looks. This guy is well-known, or something. If the people know him, I don’t know if that’s a good sign. Their little procession, the man in front and Link behind went past a few more people, and Link saw more of the town. There were quite a few houses, and two inns, apparently. The marketplace had everything conceivable that you could want, from thatchers to blacksmiths. Luckily there too seemed to be a tropical version of the Goron’s bomb flower, so Link saw where he could purchase some bombs. He also noticed a large, sparkling stream that seemed to laugh as it flowed along the center of town. Well, now I know where they get their water.

Their walk took them to the edge of town, the side opposite the one Link entered in. There was a dense forest on this side. As they walked on Link saw some burned out houses, especially the ones nearest the forest. There was also a lumber mill there, but it was half burned and abandoned. Either there had been a natural fire, or someone or something had done it. This reminded Link of the burned and abandoned marketplace near Hyrule Castle. What did this? If it hadn’t been for that stream I wonder how far the fires would have gone.

They walked along further, and back towards the center of town. They finally stopped at one of the larger houses in the village. The man opened the door, and beckoned Link inside. "Welcome to Twin’s Island."


Link entered into the house. It was well furnished, and definitely expensive. He could see the dining room to his right, and a study to his left. The dining room had chairs that seemed to almost have been shaped, not cut from the trees that made them. The table was elaborately carved with fine designs going across the outside rim. The study had a large bookshelf, packed with books, Not the one I want of course, that would be too easy. except for an empty space in the corner. In the center of the study there was another table, less elegant than the dining room one, but very fine nonetheless.

The man motioned for Link to sit down at the table in the study. He complied. His host on the other hand, walked in and continued to pace. He inhaled, and began explaining.

"This is the town of Glitterspring. It is named after the little river that cuts through the center of town. I am its Mayor, Rhon Blispen. Before I talk to you about our problem, I should let you know more about the town. This town was founded many years ago, when we first came to the island. We’ve lived here for a long time, and have changed the land around this stream almost as much as it changed us. Yes, we did originally come from Hyrule, but we have lived here for so long that our ears are no longer pointed and we are less fair in complexion, so in effect, we aren’t really Hyrulians anymore. Every five years since we first came here, we have held an election, and elected the Mayor, Treasurer, and an Assistant to the Mayor. And after the votes are counted, the people have a giant festival, and each Master Craftsman donates a piece of work to the newly elected officials. The Mayor, Treasurer and Assistant all live in houses in the center of town. I was elected two years ago, so in three years, I will move to a new house, and the next Mayor will move here, unless I am re-elected. You can only be Mayor twice though, and if the people don’t think you are doing a good enough job, they will elect a new Mayor. That’s in danger of happening to me. I have been doing my best, but we have a recurring problem. There is a band of Rafes that live in the forest you saw. They burned the houses and during the confusion, even came to my house and stole an important chest full of items from me. They even stole my history of Twin’s Island, and it’s counterpart Kolihint Island. I digress. The Rafes believe that we are infringing on their territory by cutting down the trees to make more room for houses, and to build them. You saw what they did to the lumber mill. They are vicious creatures, and cannot be trusted, or reasoned with. The burning was their strongest attack up until now, and they seem to be more organized that before. This is where you come in. I need you to retrieve my chest, the items inside, and my book from them. The worst part is that they came when I was almost done with the book! I hate that! When people take things when you would have been finished in a matter of minutes! Oh well. What’s done is done. I hope you will help me, err, us. Please say you will, I will give you all the supplies you need, and I’ll even give you a guide. My best woodsman. Please help!"

The mayor was a desperate man. He wanted something so badly, and had no way of getting it. He seemed like a mouse on a wheel, begging for someone to help him go faster, even though he wasn’t getting anywhere. The townspeople were affected too, with the attacks, and burning. Link couldn’t leave them hanging. He had to help them. He’d get the supplies he needed, and maybe he’d even get some information on where he could find the Muerante. Why not? I don’t know of any other way I could get what I need.

"Ok, Mayor. I’ll help you. Just let me get my supplies first," Link sighed mentally There is something odd about this guy! I just can’t tell what it is! He seems to have put getting his things back in front of helping the townspeople, whether they elect a new mayor or not. Especially that history. What was the name of that other island? Kolohint or something? Oh well, I’d better focus on the present.

"Good! Good!" the mayor’s mood had brightened substantially. "Your guide’s name is Taft. Meet him here tomorrow morning. I will arrange for a room to be made up for you in the Falcon’s Perch. It’s the larger of the two inns you saw. Here is money for supplies, this should be more than enough for you to buy what you need," the mayor brought out a purse from a desk that was next to the bookcase. He checked it’s contents and plopped it on the table.

Link picked up the purse and gasped. It was heavy. He looked inside and was greeted to an array of copper, silver, and mostly gold coins. "What is the name of your currency here?" inquired a shocked Link.

"The copper ones are pents, the silver ones are shils, and the gold ones are cons. Ten pents to a shil, ten shils to a con. You can get about 30 arrows per 5 shils. Judging by the merchants here, they will charge you a little extra. You can keep what is left over as payment for your help. You will also have use of any of my things you find, except for the history. That book is for the town officials only. I also have a map here for you so you won’t get lost. Use it in good health. If you have any more questions, Taft will be glad to answer them. It’s getting late, so I’m going to have dinner and go to sleep very soon. I don’t get much these days. Very troubled… But anyway, I would recommend gathering your things and going to the inn. Come back here tomorrow after you buy what you need. Thanks again for your help," as he talked about sleeping, there was a glint in the mayor’s eye Link failed to notice. He bade Link be on his way, and escorted him to the door.

"Will I see you tomorrow?" asked Link as he was being ushered out the door.

"Probably not, I have a lot of duties to attend to," answered the mayor.

"Alright then, have a good night. I shall do my best to aid your village," replied Link, but the mayor had already shut the door.


The walk to the cave was uneventful, as was the walk back to the town, and the inn. Link had no problems finding the inn, it had a large sign that was easily recognizable by the painting of a bird. It seemed to be ever vigilant, with its sharp eye keeping the inn’s common room peaceful.

Link went up to the innkeeper, and inquired as to his room and a meal. He was ushered upstairs to a private dining room, and treated to a very nice roasted chicken. His meal being quickly consumed, and it not being too late, he went downstairs to the common room to see what he could find out about the village.

He found that the inn was rather popular, and there was a large bouncer making sure there was no problem. He sat down at the end of a table where two men where engaged in conversation, and bought himself a drink. He only occasionally sipped from his cup, he wasn’t too fond of it. He also ordered a little bit of bread so it didn’t look like he was just sitting there, people would know he was eavesdropping. The two men were apparently involved in a discussion about the mayor.

"The mayor is not crazy, so he has problems sleeping," argued one man "That doesn’t mean anything."

"Oh yeah? I hear he has nightmares in his sleep," countered the other. "No one else here does."

The two men kept going like that for a while, and Link decided that there was nothing else to be learned here. He went up to his room, flopped onto his bed, and went to sleep.


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