Muerante Chapter 2

By Ness

Link awoke with a start. He got up and remembered where he was. He was on a straw pallet in the barn at Lon Lon Ranch. His first thought was of relief. There was no forest, no tower, it was all a dream. Or was it, something seemed wrong. Why had he remembered it with such clarity? The sights, sounds and smells of the forest and tower were as clear to him now as they were in the dream. Something was out of place. Then he remembered the laugh, and one word came unbidden to his mind. Ganon.

Link was shocked. Ganon? He had already taken care of him, there was no way he could be back. He struggled with this realization, trying to think of some other explanation. He couldn't. He'd have to face the truth he just uncovered. Ganon was back.

Link knew that if Ganon was back, he would have to act quickly. But where should I start? He thought.

"How about at the beginning?" piped up a little voice, Navi's voice. She had woken up and apparently Link had been thinking out loud.

Link hesitated. "Well? Don't keep me waiting all day, after all you're the one who's in a hurry." scolded Navi.

Link sighed, and proceeded to tell is fairy companion of his walk through the forest, and the tower. When he got to the part about the book, Navi visibly wilted, and dropped halfway to the floor. Her face was in an expression of dismay. "What is it?" Link asked with concern. "Are you alright?"

"I'm alright. This book reminds me of something, something the faeries have feared as long as they can remember. This could be bad. Very bad if I'm correct." shuddered Navi. "Let's hope I'm wrong."

"Well how do you propose we investigate this hypothesis of yours?"snapped Link. "Should I take a nap and hope I get to read it this time?"

Navi was shocked at the ice in Link's words. She started to stammer out a reply, but Link interrupted her. "Sorry Navi. I hate finding something dreadfully important, and then not having a way to follow up on it."

Navi recovered from her initial shock at Link's remarks, and replied, "Ok, all is forgiven, but we must make haste."

"Make haste? To where?" Queried Link, still not fully aware of what was really going on.

"To the Great Faerie on Death Mountain."


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