Shiro Trigger Author's Notes

By Nightsong and Lynxfire


Since I’m starting the fanfic, I suppose I’ll do the honors of starting the notes for it. I gave a rough explanation of what we’re trying to do here in the summary, but I’ll attempt to elaborate. As you should all know, there was apparently an “entity” involved in the creation of the time gates of CT fame. Lucca theorized that perhaps someone was trying to re-live his life. Well, who could have lived through all of those eras but someone who was present for the events of Chrono Trigger? Some would argue that perhaps some supernatural being was responsible, but the ‘god’ of CT would be unlikely to have interest in screwing with the time-space continuum, in my opinion. But then, if not him, who could it have been. I then went on to think that perhaps one of the heroes – I.E. Chrono – was responsible at some later point in history. However, I was unable to think of a good way to turn this theory into a fanfic, so I had to give it up. I then came upon a third possibility, and this is the one I ultimately went with. What if there had been some other character originally involved that later ceased to exist through some paradox? He could have then created these gates from some other plane, thus incorporating my first theory in a way that gave the entity reasonable motive to do so.

I’ll attempt to update these notes upon occasion, as something unexplainable comes up. My co-author, Technoprophet, may well do likewise. However, in the words of MoxjetFF7 (an excellent author, by the way), don’t expect updates on this often, as many things will have to work themselves out in the storyline.

I pray you enjoy this fanfic. It’s been my greatest work ever, at least from my side of it.



I think it’s time to give good reason for why everyone uses magic like “holy” and “earth” and my personal favorite, “psy”. When Spekkio gave the Heroes magic, he told them there were four basic magic types. Anyone who has played CT knows all about the four types – Fire, Water, Lightning, and Shadow. In consideration, there could be more specific magic types, such as earth, light, life, death, psychic (or mind), and perhaps more. Some people, such as Nanaki, prefer the magic types set by Final Fantasy 7. Personally, that’s fine, but I’d rather be original.

As Nightsong mentioned above, updates here will be infrequent. We both have lots of stuff to do, and explanations may come naturally in the plot. I’ve even had a professional author tell me I’m pretty good, so I’ll keep writing ‘fics, rather than waste time.

I hope, as NS does, that you’ll enjoy this fic. It is, after all, my earliest attempt at writing a real fic.



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