The Disease Called Evil Chapter 1

A Noble Sacrifice

By Novalon

Denoradoro Mountains
590 AD

The knight turned his gaze upwards, to the enemy, the Lord Magus. His eyes narrowed and he turned back to his Green haired friend.

"You ready, Glenn?"

Glenn nodded, he wasn't an apprentice knight for nothing. He turned back to Magus, who stood at the peak of the mountain, whose gaze was one of pure hatred.

"Then we must initiate combat."

Cyrus merely stated the obvious, to make sure situations were as he saw them.

Magus stood at the ready, his dark senses tingling, as Cyrus was not a knight to be taken lightly. He drew his scythe, but heard a voice, a voice of calm.


He froze, and looked around, and saw that Cyrus was not the owner of the voice, yet he had met Cyrus before.

Just before he had met Ozzie, Janus had been taken into the home of a man by the name of Toma. Toma was a kind man, who made sure Janus got acquainted with the other children of the village. One, namely, Cyrus, was one of the few friends he ever had.

No... this voice belonged to someone else...

"Janus... promise me..."

He thought he heard the voice projected from a rock, he looked in that direction.

"The stone spoke?" he whispered, hoping that the two wouldn't think him to be mad.

"Janus... promise me... promise me you wont stray onto the dark path..."

"Novalon?" Magus whispered, and looked to his opponents, who stood at the ready.

"You'll break your promise... I know you will... You're just like your mother... why do you not listen to me?"

"No... stop it... STOP IT!" Magus build his voice up to a yell. He looked to the other two. "I can't do this, I can't fight you... oh my god..." he held his head with a pained look and whispered, "Schala... what have I done?"

Cyrus stared with a look of wonder, he had heard that name before... a kid he once knew would cry that name out in his sleep, which he had heard while outside, and he wondered who that person was.

"Janus...? Is that you, Janus?" Cyrus questioned to Magus.

"Oh my god, Cyrus, I've failed her... I've failed my family... I even failed Novalon..." He looked with shame, as the dark power seemed to seep from him, and he almost gained his true humanity back, until...

"Lord Magus? Why have you not disposed of these pifitul humans?"

Ozzie... the fat assed mystic general. He was almost like a father to Magus, but then again, so was Toma.

"I don't know... something is stopping me..."

Ozzie looked with disgust, "Magus? You better not be going human on me now... Janus is gone, gone forever, and so is your sister Schala..."

Cyrus nodded, so that was who Schala was, the sister of a pitiful child who was raised by Mystics.

Magus saw a ghostly apparition appear, it was Novalon.

"Janus... why did you break your promise?"

Magus snapped, and the evil power returned to him. "Leave me alone!" he yelled, and tried to cast a spell on the ghost. It vanished, and Cyrus was pulled into the spell, instead.

Cyrus gave a yell, and tried to pull out, making the mistake of pointing his sword at Magus. For he was soon attacked with such a fury, that he was sprawled on the ground within seconds.

Cyrus saw blood, and he knew he had seen this blood before. It was his own blood, and seeing it run freely out of his body like this only meant that he was about to die. He turned towards the knight’s apprentice whose face had a mask of shock on it. He whispered the words that he hoped would avenge his death at a later time.

"Glenn... I'm dying... run..."

Ozzie strengthened his control that he had over Magus, which was the only reason why he attacked innocent people. He made Magus cast a fire spell on Cyrus, and watched the body incinerate.

Glenn drew back, and tried to run, but Magus had fully retained all that was evil about him, and cast the spell of Frog on Glenn.

Glenn fell down the mountain and lay at rest for many hours, before finally getting up and leaving, with the hero’s medal in hand. He gave it to a small promising boy by the name of Tata ten years later, but for now, he left to wallow in his own pity and self doubt, first deciding to protect the Queen of Guardia.

Yet, Cyrus felt a strange sensation, even while dead. He felt his body get pulled out of the land of the dead, and before he knew it, he was in a castle, the old castle of the first Kings and Queens of Guardia.

And he saw a frog, Magus, and a young red haired boy soon appear at what looked to be his gravesite.

The frog croaked in a very familiar voice, "Cyrus, I hath returned, I hath avenged thee..."

It was Glenn! But if what he said was true...

Magus looked at the grave with sadness in his eyes. Cyrus saw him turn away and utter a soft muffled sob. He almost laughed when he saw the red haired boy almost jump with surprise.

He then decided to speak. "Glenn, thank you... I... I am glad to see what a fine knight you have become... sort of..." He gave an icy stare at Magus and looked back. "And the Masamune is in your possession... that means you found the sword-smith which the twins had mentioned, that would repair any damage done to the sword."

Glenn let out a small croak and said, "Here... the Masamune be truly yours..."

"No... I must leave... I will eternally protect Leene... Become a fine knight... Glenn..."

But the spirit of the knight was not transported to the dead. Some tainted, evil magic had found other uses for his body and his soul, and he found himself whole, in a dungeon of near-total darkness. Face to face with a Dark Wizard who made Magus seem like the meek child he once was.

"Ah... the great Cyrus... so great to have you for my collection. And the beauty of it? You're 100% purely alive! No need for cloning, just a simple spell..." the Dark one said.

"I wont let you... keep... me... here..." Cyrus said, before he was knocked out and chained to a wall.


The dark dungeon of dispair

“So you do remember your death.” The Dark Wizard said, with absolution. “Well... I want you to be my Knight. That’s all... nothing more, if the team that destroyed Lavos comes my way, you WILL kill them. I will make you into the finest Dark Warrior ever, but I advise that you agree to this.”

Cyrus laughed, he laughed harder than he ever had before. Tears poured out of his eyes, and even though his body hurt when he did so, he still laughed. “I... (chuckle) can’t believe you expect me to do that! Never would I stoop to the level of Magus, as he was a pawn in Ozzie’s doing! If I became dark, I would be going against everything I believe in... so my answer is and will always be NO!”

“I admire your courage Cyrus... but you can destroy Magus if you side with me.” Dark Novalon persuaded, knowing that revenge was quite a strong thing to many people.

Cyrus laughed yet again, but quickly regained his composure. “You really are as stupid as you look. I do not hate JANUS... I only pity what he became, a pawn of Ozzie’s mind control... you have lost like I hear Ozzie did.”

The captive Toma XIII nodded, feeling the Dark Wizard may have lost his one chance of ridding the world, the one Novalon was currently on, of the heroes that defeated the beast that Dark Novalon was going to take control of.

“You may all believe I have lost, but this setback only means that I use a little mind control... and if you thought Ozzie was badass at doing this... you haven’t seen anything yet!” Dark Novalon stated and warmed up some Dark energy.

The last thing that Cyrus saw was a swarm of red washing over his eyes, and then blackness.


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