The Disease Called Evil Chapter 2

Crono And The Dark Wizard

By Novalon

Truce Square
1000 AD

“Time... your time is coming, young one...”

The young man heard the voice and shivered. He looked towards the voice but saw nothing. He said nothing and walking on, and he put his hand closer to the sword, sheathed at his side.

“It seems that time is always so short... don’t you agree? Oh... but you’re the warrior of time... and it seems that time is easy for you to pass through...”

His red hair stood a little stiffer, and his blue eyes quickly went back and forth. His loose fitting clothes swayed as a gale of wind began to approach.

“Ah... the black wind is ever flowing when I am around... have you ever felt it?”

The young man was knocked off his feet by a gale of sub-zero temperatures. His hands dug into the ground as he tried to find his adversary.

“You are so close to home... yet far as well... can you face the void with the same courage that you had when you faced Lavos?”

The young warrior stood up, and a green tinge entered his eyes. The ground lit up around him as he lifted to the air, gathering green iridescent lines of energy. A white dome enveloped the surrounding area, and hit the enemy with full force.

“That’s good, Crono, but have you heard of Ultima? Luminare is so weak now, so it is foolish to even think you can beat me with that.”

Crono worked his vocal muscles with ease now, as for some reason, it had always been hard to talk before.

“Luminare is always a good opening move... perhaps you haven’t heard of the Zealean wrath, 1st wave?”

The dark voice let out a laugh of pure evil.

“I don’t study attacks of dead civilizations, they died, so they are weak."

Crono smiled, while looking around for the person.

“Ah... but the Kingdom of Zeal was ‘sucker punched’ as someone would say. They were hit by a cheap shot. If Lavos wasn’t here, the Kingdom of Zeal would still be around.”

But the evil one persisted.

“The Kingdom of Zeal would not exist if Lavos never came here. Enhasan rule would still spread over the land, and Guardia would just be the dream of a so called commoner named Prometheus Darin Guardia.”

“The first king of Guardia?”

The evil one made his smile known, through energy.

“Ah yes, you have studied your history, quite surprising for such a strong warrior. But did you know the name of his wife?”

Crono thought back to the book of history that he read.

“All I remember is that she was from a far off kingdom... but Guardia was the only kingdom there at the time...”

Crono got a large surprise as the evil wizard continued.

“Her name was Schala, damn it. Schala Elane Enhasa Guardia. Princess of the kingdom of Zeal, and first Queen of Guardia.”

“But why do you ask me this?”

“To see if are as smart as people say you are.”

Crono wondered if Magus was here for revenge, so he laid out his trump card.

“Well, Magus. I see that you have grown stronger... but can you defeat a descendant of the wielder of the Masamune?”

The Wizard laughed again.

“I’m not Magus, you fool. I am called Novalon.”

Crono thought back, he had heard that name before. It was in an old scroll, written about the servants to the throne of Enhasa.

“You were the advisor to King Kajar Enhasa?”

“I was not... but someone with a similar name was...”

Crono remembered a story, it seemed to be science fiction. It was about another dimension in which the forces of good and evil would collide, and that the strongest of the two sides had similar names.

“You wouldn’t happen to be a representation of the antagonist in that fictional story, ‘The Eternal knights’?”

“That wasn’t fictional, dumb ass.”

Crono rethought his question.

“Are you Dark Novalon?”

“I am.”

“Not the creator of that place of darkness and evil, that only the Eternal Warriors would dare to speak its name?”

“You mean WAL MART?”

Crono gasped.

“Yes, I am.”

“The master of all dark magic?”

“I am.”

“The one who got his ass kicked many times by the warrior Novalon?”

The evil one came into being, and glowered, though a hood covered his head from being seen.

His cloak of Black signified his study of the dark arts. But on the back of his cloak was a small, simple Pentagram of Red.

“It’s time that I did what I came here to do... take you away from this planet, and send my knight of darkness to kill off Glenn, and also take control of the mind of Magus.”

“You’re sick...”

“I am Dark Novalon.”

Even then, two other heroes in the vicinity of the Square already noticed an evil one such as him. Though they were only teenage girls, they possessed a greater magic power than any person had known on the planet.

Dark Novalon immediately noticed the two.

“Ah... Lucca, the bitch of eternal helmet hair. And Marle, peachy princess and the bitch to this warrior that I talk to.”


“Anyway... I’m here to take your beloved Crono away.”

Lucca’s purple hair swayed as she brought her gun out in a quick motion and shot the dark figure that she saw.

“You missed.” Was all that the evil one said.

Marle cast an ice spell quickly, but found it was deflected off to space.

Crono drew a great broadsword, a sword much stronger than his Prismatic Blade.

Dark Novalon seemed very surprised by the sword.

“Illumina? I didn’t know it was on this planet as well...”

“This is my father’s sword. My mother gave this to me yesterday, and I was hoping to find my father, as I sense that he still lives.”

Dark Novalon decided to hell with reason, and charged out of the darkness, immediately bringing out a sword of pure evil.

Crono parried the thrust and sliced downwards, injuring the Wizard.

“You skill is good... have you heard of Cyrus?”

“A great knight, with sword skill that was unmatched.”

“Then I’ll summon my Dark Knight to contend with you.”

“Bring it on.”

A gate of Black opened up, and there stood a knight in black armor. Crono saw his face and immediately was on his guard.


“Ah... he has become one with my darkness. He is what Cecil the Paladin should have stayed. He is the Dark Knight of Guardia, and the destroyer of the innocent and pure.”

Cyrus stood there, his muscles twitched and his eyes took on a blue glow, as the darkness seemed to have been overpowered for a mere second.

“Young hero... I beg of you to stand your guard... this evil one took control of me and I...”

His eyes changed back to their original black color.

“...Am here to fight you and kill off your friends.”

Crono stood his guard and brought the Illumina to the position of the Zealean’s Khala: Phase 4, a symbol to honor the opponent.

Cyrus brought up his sword, the Dark Chaos Blade. It was a sword that was said to have been forged by Satan himself.

Crono watched as the sword was brought into a position known throughout all the knights of Guardia. Destruction from Cyrus: 5th position.

They were enveloped in a dance of death. One who studied the ancient Zealean sword arts, and the other whose made-up arts were probably the finest in the known universe.

A strike: deflected by the other.

A parry: which was caught by an attack.

On and on they fought, none being the better, until Cyrus let out a feral yell and charged Crono.

“Now is the time to face death!” his voice reverberated, the darkness building up, “Reverse Nirvana Strike!”

Crono jumped back from the charge and was suddenly caught in a strange energy vortex, which had been created by Dark Novalon.

He looked over and saw that Dark Novalon had already sent Marle and Lucca to the ground, and had knocked them unconscious immediately.

Dark Novalon opened the vortex further and sucked Crono inside, then he followed.

Cyrus, on the other hand, waited a second and threw two revives to the women before leaving, a faint blue showing in his eyes. A lone tear of his hit the ground before the darkness consumed him once again and he was forced to follow his Dark Master into the vortex.


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