The Disease Called Evil Chapter 3

Power That Is Divine

By Novalon

Unknown Area
1000 AD

Marle awoke to the sound of crying. She opened her eyes and saw the figure of Crono’s mother sitting in chair and shaking, with Lucca trying to comfort her.

She went outside and looked to the sky, feeling a wind colder than any she had ever felt before.

“Is this the black wind?” she asked, with uncertainty.

Lucca walked out as well, not feeling the wind of black, and shrugged.

“Well, we’re F***ED now.”

Marle’s eyes grew wider, but she was becoming used to the obscenities, as Crono had been one to say things like that.

“How so?”

Lucca eyed Marle.

“Don’t you get it? That wizard beat the shit out of the strongest warrior we know. And he smacked us around like we were his bitches. What the hell do we do?”

Marle stared at the sleek machine of time that was parked near the house. She went over to it and sighed.

“I’m still thinking of that answer...”

Lucca looked with Marle at the machine they had saved time with, the one she never dismantled.

“Well... why don’t we take this thing for a spin?”

Marle stared onward.

“Sure, whatever you think is right... but where do we go?”

Lucca thought for a second and laughed.

“We’ll go to the time that has two powerful warriors, who could probably defeat this guy, unless he’s a lot stronger than that...”

Marle let out a chuckle.

“But we’re already here and we got beaten... oh wait... you mean Magus and Glenn...”

Lucca hopped into the drivers seat and Marle jumped in beside her.

“That guy got the best of me once...” Lucca started, “But no one can beat up Lucca the great and expect to do it again!”

The wings of time took off and made a resounding sound, breaking both the light and the speed barrier in an instant, going to their next destination: The home of Glenn, the best swordsman... well... swordsfrog of Guardia.


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