The Disease Called Evil Chapter 4

The Frog, The Mage, And The Pure

By Novalon

600 AD
The Haunted Forest

The Epoch came into the past with terminal velocity, and slowed greatly to a cruising speed in which it then touched down near a small forest.

The two passengers got out of the marvelous machine and walked through the forest, taking notice of the monsters that did not try to hurt them, and instead ran in fear this time, as many other times they attacked.

Marle laughed with happiness. “I see they finally get the point that they’re no match for us!”

Even the Nu who resided in the forest acted much differently. It talked with great distress and fear.

“The Dark one has come! Can the Knight of Green save us, or will he meet his demise at the hands of the Dark Sorcerer’s Knight?”

Lucca talked with uneasiness.

“That Dark Wizard is strong... will Glenn and Magus be enough help to stop him?”

Marle answered.

“We will beat him as we have others. Good will prevail! His power is strong, but we have strong friends! The strongest of us will survive, and we’ll fight him four on one!”

They stood in front of the entrance to Glenn’s home (a bush) and we down into the den.

There was a loud noise, of a sword being unsheathed, and a Frog jumped down from above with sword in hand, but quickly put it away when he saw the two women.

“Madame Lucca, and Princess Nadia, how do thee fair?”

Try as they might, the women could not keep the Frog from being so polite and noble. The related the story of the Wizard of evil, and Frog became an ugly pale-green color.

“Be this true?” he asked.

“I wish it wasn’t so,” Marle, the princess, said. “But all of it is true.”

Frog decided that this evil must be Magus, but was told, then, that this Dark Wizard was related to Magus in no way.

After many hours of worry, and hope, the three set off to the Epoch, and took off towards the castle of the Lord Magus, former prince of Zeal.

“The Epoch crashed and they all died! The End!” Marle yelled, joking with Lucca, but she only succeeded in making the pilot angry.

“Marle... what the F*** are you trying to do? And what’s with this ‘The End’ shit? This isn’t some damn story here...”

Frog noticed her vulgarity, but said nothing, as he was too noble to be one to comment.

They landed near the castle, and got out, hoping to find out how much Magus would know of Novalon, the dark wizard.

Lucca walked in first, and immediately found the Dark energies of Magus, all situated almost directly above the entrance to the castle. She saw no one, so she figured that Magus might try to lay a trap for them, as his true feelings about the team were always unsure of.

She calculated a potent fire blast to hit the epicenter of the origin of the dark energies; at about the time she signaled to the others that it would be safe to enter the castle.

They came in just as Magus fell to the floor, with minor burns covering him. His face had a look of sadness and regret; his expression surprised everyone there.

“What...? Lucca... why? Why did you do that?”

Lucca immediately regretted doing that, so she told Magus her reason.

“I was on the lookout for... Dark Novalon.”

Magus got up after a quick healing spell from Marle.

“Did you say... DARK Novalon?”

The three answered at the same time, “Yes.”

Magus cursed the answer and looked around with fear. “Have you met him?” he asked.

Marle began to cry, “He... he was like something out of a nightmare. He summoned the ghost of Cyrus and ... made it attack Crono. But Crono’s sword skill was so great, that not even Cyrus could get the best of Crono. So all those who say that Cyrus was the best had better meet Crono. But... Dark Novalon almost killed Lucca and I, and took Crono through a portal while he had his back turned... it was so awful!”

Magus looked over to a portrait on the wall, one of one of the greatest Wizards of all time. He sadly looked at it, from the tip of it, down to the bottom.

Lucca looked at the picture as well, “That looks exactly like him.” She said.

He wore a cloak of Black, and a hood covered his face. But Lucca noticed something else.

“Aren’t there many little pentagrams on the back of his cloak?”

Magus looked on. “No ... the last I heard from him, there were many crosses on the back of it... he said he was a Divine Wizard. Or, anyway, that’s what his letter said.”

“Can I read it?”

“Go right ahead, knock yourself out.”

She opened the finely created letter, noticing a strange insignia on the return address.

“What’s this... Magic Using Association?”

Magus answered her.

“Evidently, that is some organization that he is the head of. He wrote it to me about a week ago.”

Lucca began to read the letter.

Dear Janus,

In my hopes of further protecting your world, I came upon a most interesting fact. It seems that my dark nemesis has been taking heroes of many different planets, and I fear that he will strike yours next. Be on your guard, and I will come as soon as possible when I get word of the trouble.

If you run into my nemesis, be warned. His Dark powers are one hundred fold that of yours. Only face him if your friends are around and do not try to face him alone. If you do, he may try to mind control you and the only way to break his mind spells are with a strong central blast of energy, which I do not think I can muster. I hope to see you again, and maybe we can talk.

Sincerely, Novalon: Divine Wizard

Lucca wondered what to think now. Thinking that Dark Novalon was the nemesis of this Wizard, and that there may be more on her side.

“Magus... I think that your Novalon is not the one that I saw.”

Magus jumped.


“I believe that your Novalon may soon visit us, and help us stop this evil one, because I think his Dark nemesis is the one who took Crono.”

“You could be right.”

However, the hope in which they thought of was considerably dimmed when almost half of the castle was sucked into a black hole.

As everyone held on to what they could, they saw the hole subside, and a dark cloaked figure come out.

Magus stood and felt his cape wisp around.

“The black wind is screaming... you are the one whom I must stop.”

“Stop me? The Lord Magus thinks he can stop me? What a load of shit. Get on your guard Dark Mage!" The cloaked man yelled with fury.

Magus swiped in with his Scythe and fell through the apparition of the Dark Wizard. He stood up and came face to face with a Knight in black armor.

The knight growled, “I will destroy you Magus, not for Guardia, but for my own vengeance!”

Glenn’s small heart skipped a beat.

“Cyrus... the evil has taken you... damn that Wizard and his dark magic’s, DAMN HIM TO HELL!”

Glenn charged the Wizard with the Masamune, and penetrated through his Dark barrier, making him jump back.

“Ah! Another sword that can kill me! Oh yeah, I love a challenge!” The dark one yelled.

His cape blew back and his hand flew to the air. The dark energies went around him, as Dark Novalon called up the strongest dark power. He shot out the energy and caused white pentagrams to envelop everyone including Magus, who was immune to the Dark power.

Magus absorbed the power, and tried using it on Cyrus, with more power added to it. He was amazed as Cyrus shot to the air, out of the castle, and landed some odd paces from Ozzie’s former fort.

However, Magus knew he was not going to win the duel against the dark Wizard, with no way to penetrate his barriers. He decided that since he could not win, we would be on his guard, and try to absorb all the magic he could.

“So Magus, just you and me... dark vs. Dark. Who will win? Me, I always win.”

Magus countered, “What? So who is this Novalon I hear about? The one who foils most of your plans? And I hear that goody little two shoes is the real badass of all Wizards.”

“Take that back!”

“Make me.”

Dark Novalon summoned up his greatest Dark magic and threw it at Magus. Magus stood there and absorbed all the energy, not even flinching.

“Well then... I guess I’ll just have to use my sword.”

Magus leapt back in fear, forgetting about the sword of darkness that the Wizard held. He clasped his hands together and prayed. For once, he prayed to God that if he should survive, that he would strive to be just like Novalon, and serve the Pure instead of the darkness.

Glenn looked up and heard the speech of Magus.

“Be it thus, that even one I thought of as a spawn of Satan, be one to pray to God. T’ is the day that hell has it’s worst blizzard. May thine goal be reached, Magus, for mine vengeful heart will be content when the embodiment of evil known as Novalon is gone from this planet. Mine words are mine pact, and that way, thus, is how I shall think evermore.”

Magus smiled to the form that lay on the ground.

“Your words have touched me, I only wish I knew a curing spell.”

The Frog thought silently and looked back up to one that he saw as a friend now.

“Mine power has faded, perhaps if thou could try, thine soul may take the pure and move it outwards to us.”

Magus looked to the sky.

“There is no try. I will either do it, or not do it. I choose to do it!”

Magus waved his hands to the air, Novalon grew silent as he saw this and stopped trying to attack.

The intricate weaving of the arms sought out power pure as white, and moved to reach it. They found no power, as he could not call it. He tried as hard as he could and he tried a praying form.

“God... if only there was a way that we could be helped... I would be a changed man. I will even drop the curse of the poor Frog then, if I live through this battle.”

Glenn felt a lone tear fall from one of his eyes.

“Now thine words have touched me, I only wish that Ozzie’s damned power had not reached its dark fingers to you.”

Magus prayed longer and suddenly a large beam of white that was of purest power, destroyed the other half of the castle and went to the Dark Wizard at a blinding speed.

Dark Novalon shuddered, “Oh F*** ... not pure magic...”

The Dark Wizard was hit hard as all his defenses were breached and destroyed. His eyes began to burn and smoke rose from his body, yet he saw an end to the magic as it finally dissipated.

Magus watched the weakened form of the dark wizard lay on the ground.

“I guess God can help even those that should be damned for their sins.”

Magus heard a voice, much like the dark wizard’s voice, but with almost an angelic tone to it.

“In God’s eyes, everyone is forgiven, unless they choose to ridicule God.”

Dark Novalon tried to stand.

“God sits on his lazy ass, and blames everyone’s sins on the free will that he gave them. He uses free will as an excuse for everything... he doesn’t deserve to be a God.”

Novalon paid no attention to the words and began to heal the three who were unconscious.

Dark Novalon tried again.

“You know who deserves to be a God? I do! I would make everyone fear me... and I’ll demand sacrifice! All would tremble before me!”

The original four looked at him with disgust, and Glenn said some very profane words.

“Be it mine damnation to speak this way... but thine mind be F****ED up beyond compare...

Thine mind be a sorrow to see,
Be’ ith what I say is wrong,
To you, God will not see,
How your darkness has a right song...

So shut your F***ING face!”

The others gasped at the words they heard from Glenn. But they saw that they could not find the Frog anywhere, but heard his voice instead.

A brown/green haired man continued what the Frog had said.

“And in that light, a hero will come shining true, he is Novalon, the hero anew. I do not speak, like I did anymore, I speak with normality like never before. And in this, I still say... F*** OFF!”

Again the others gasped, and Lucca spoke up.

“Who are you, oh hunk with the shining sword?”

Novalon laughed, and the man answered her.

“Call me Glenn, oh beautiful Lucca.”

Dark Novalon began making gagging noises.

“Glenn? Oh damn it. That means I can’t go out with a hunk like you, it would cause a paradox.”

Glenn’s human features gave a quick wink to Magus and said, “I’m sure there’s a descendant of mine that lives in your time, perhaps he is a hunk like I am!”

Marle laughed, “No one is more of a hunk than Crono!”

Novalon suddenly realized the problem, “Oh dear... the only descendant of yours that is close to Lucca’s age Glenn... is Crono.”

Marle was very amazed, “Wow! I’m the lucky one who has the hunk boyfriend! Oh... sorry Lucca.”

Dark Novalon had trouble following the conversation and threw around a few random Dark Holy magic attacks.

Magus absorbed the attack and Novalon ran up to Dark Novalon and tackled him.

Dark Novalon got up and egged the light one on.

“Ha... I’m bad ass... and you’re good ass! Goody little two shoes, goody little two shoes!”

Novalon held an ever-growing ball of white magic.

“Good... bad... I’m the guy with the pure magic.”

Dark Novalon took the full brunt of another huge beam of white, and fell to the ground yet again.

“Can’t you play fair, pure boy?”

Novalon scoffed, “Not with you, I’d give any second-rate swordsman a fighting chance.”

“Second-rate? Do I not fall into that category?”

“Cyrus doesn’t even fall into that category, I’m up there, but there are better swordsmen than me, as I am better with my magic than anything else.”

“Damn you, you were always the brave one... see how brave you’ll be when I go and kill off ‘your Queen’.”

Novalon threw a pure beam but missed, as his anger began to cloud his mind, “You wouldn’t dare!”

Magus did not like the way this fight was going but stood and watched, not saying a word.

Dark Novalon continued, “Oh yes, and I’ll kill her husband too! It’ll be the end of the whole Guardia line! Ha! Come my black knight, we must make swift work and go kill off the other survivor of the crash of the Zeal Kingdom!”

Cyrus appeared and nodded, yet he shed a tear and tried to fight back the power as best he could, but to no avail. “I... I... will do as you say, my dark master...”

A blue gate opened and the two stepped through, not even noticing all the pure magical blasts trying to rip them apart. They were gone in a flash leaving the others to formulate a plan for their destruction at the ruins of the castle of the former lord of the Mystics.


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