The Disease Called Evil Chapter 5

For Guardia!

By Novalon

600 AD
Mystic Castle Ruins

Magus sighed, but said nothing and prayed silently. He raised his arms to the air, and called out in a rhythmic tone as he cast his spell.

“Dominus Aurelius Aura anol,
Feed this one, and purify his soul.
Latishka Fortuna lina alay,
Give him his power, for pure is the way.
Ashlana Forelius akila ator,
See as I see, and prepare for...”

He pointed towards the Wizard standing near him, with his sword sheathed.

A column of silvery white enveloped the black cloaked wizard. The wizard, Novalon, smiled as the pure magic washed over him, the energies of the Cure 3 magic sped around him for a second and then vanished.

“And there you have it, Janus. You have successfully cast a Cure 3 spell, and I believe you may be able to summon other holy magic. You have the makings to be a Holy Wizard, Janus, if you try harder. And someday, you may become a Divine Wizard like myself, but that is a day to come.”

Marle raised her voice, trying to get the wizard’s attention after not speaking, being afraid that the Wizard might harm her.

“Are we going to save Crono anytime soon? Wait... let’s save this ‘queen’ of yours first, because I think my life may be in danger.”

Lucca let out a most atrocious noise (a raspberry) and said, “Always thinking of your self, oh pampered princess...”

“Oh... why don’t you just shut the F*** up, Lucca?”

“That’s not a way for a princess to talk...”

Glenn drew the Masamune and threw it in between them, almost hitting and killing them. They turned towards him in shock.

“If you two don’t shut up, we’ll never leave and Marle will probably be disappearing soon!”

They shut up and watched as Novalon had begun to mess with the system of the EPOCH.

Lucca watched as his hands intricately moved to switches and shot small beams of light at them, and they changed to seemingly better versions of the previous ones.

The EPOCH began to glow and soon it stopped as the modifications were completed.

Novalon pulled his cloak around him as he said, “My work is done, and your machine now does much better than ever before. Dalton may have been a fool... but I like his modifications.”

Magus yelled aloud, “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s do this... let’s do this for Guardia!”

A yell arose from the others, “For Guardia!”

Novalon got on the front of the machine and waited for Lucca and Marle to get in. He then watched as Magus and Glenn kept fighting on who was going to stay outside of the device.

He broke it up with a simple phrase, “Janus, get on the EPOCH now, Glenn, sit inside.”

The EPOCH took off when everyone was in place, Novalon stood still and watched the flowing waves of the continuum be breached while Magus held on tight to the EPOCH so he wouldn’t fall off (What? Did you think he’d be afraid of heights? I doubt that!)

The EPOCH came out over a small island, with many small monsters on it. Novalon pointed to a direction and the EPOCH coordinated to his movements, while everyone else was surprised as the EPOCH began to be controlled.

Novalon spoke to everyone.

“This is a time back when dreams came true and people began to think they could do this world a lot of good. Many heroes sparked from this era, and their descendants were heroes as well. I welcome you to... 200AD.”

Everyone gasped in shock, knowing that this time was unreachable beforehand, but then realized that almost anything was possible with the help of the Divine Wizard.

“I see that the Dark one has not reached here yet... oh dear god... he’s...”

What Novalon had realized was that the one who had almost destroyed the Kingdom of Enhasa, was probably Dark Novalon.

“He killed my friend! Kajar... no!”

Magus looked over to Novalon in shock, “That wizard is the one who killed Schala’s father?”

Novalon’s face (covered by a hood, so the others didn’t notice this) grew red with anger.

“That Bastard! He’ll pay for this treachery! Come on... we must go to the castle of Guardia now!”

Novalon broke into a sprint and the others followed. They soon came to the sight were the Hero’s grave would be in 600AD and 1000AD.

Marle gazed at the castle in wonder.

“This is the future resting place of Cyrus... oh wait, he isn’t dead. Anyway, this is where the hero’s ruins would be... wow...”

They walked forward, but were soon stopped by a guard.

“Hey, what the hell do you think you are doing? Has the king called you? If not, I suggest you leave, or face my blade.”

Novalon studied the guard, seeing some strands of brownish hair come out of the helmet. He immediately recognized this person to be an ancestor of Glenn’s.

“I want you to listen up,” the wizard began, “I want you to tell my Queen that Novalon, the Divine Wizard and servant to the former throne of Enhasa, has come to see her.”

The guard looked perplexed.

“Are you serious?”

Novalon made a ball of fire form in his hands.

“I suggest you tell her right now... otherwise, I think you know what’s going to happen to this fire in which I hold.”

The brave ancestor of Glenn’s almost soiled his armor and ran inside as quick as he possibly could in a full suit of armor.

The Queen’s personal quarters

The guard knocked at the door, hoping that he would not die for disturbing the queen.

“Yes?” a cheerful voice came from within.

The guard relaxed, as hearing the queen’s voice was enough to calm anyone down.

“There is a Wizard outside that would like to speak with you...”

Her Royal Highness opened the door, and the guard immediately made sure that he did not look so happy to see her face.

Her long, blue hair may have seemed weird for the area, but it looked as beautiful as the oceans themselves. Her eyes were also a light shade of blue, and face was a beautiful as the sun, as the king was known to mention.

“Did he mention his name? Was he accompanied by anyone?”

The guard answered her with the honest truth.

“My Queen, this wizard is one to fear. He calls himself Novalon, the Divine Wizard. His companions are many, and one of them seems like the reaper himself, with a sickle that could impale three people at once. There is a man with hair of Green and Brown together, and he carries a mystical sword made from ancient dreamstone. There are also two women. One with strange headgear and a small weapon that looks like it propels some type of item. And the other resembles you quite well, but with blonde hair, emerald eyes, and a crossbow of great power. The only other thing I noticed is the wizard carried a sword much more powerful... than any I have seen in the entire kingdom. A strange power radiates from it, and it gives off a warm feeling... what shall I do with them?”

The guard noticed his Queen had a look of complete shock, and he continued with a final sentence.

“Novalon also mentioned that he formally served the throne of Enhasa... a kingdom that I remember to have been in many ancient scrolls.”

The queen regained her composure and gave her orders to the guard.

“Bring all of them in, do not even bother to take their weapons. Make sure the one called Novalon is treated well... never mind, give all of them that treatment, except the one you have described to be the reaper. Be hospitable, but be on your guard, for I don’t know what his true intentions are.”

“May I speak freely, your majesty?”

“Go right ahead.”

“The one who I described to be like the reaper, looks much like you. His hair is almost the same color, and he seems to have a look of sadness in his eyes. Either he could be a relative of yours, or something else, I do not know, but I sense something similar between the two of you.”

“And how would you sense this?”

“My ancestors commanded a power known as magic, which I sense in you, as well. There is little left, as it begins to subside when not used over time.”

“You are dismissed then, just be careful.”

“My honor is my word, your majesty. You will always be safe, when there is a warrior by your side.”

The queen sighed as she watched the guard leave.

“Not as safe if that warrior is as evil as Dalton or Lavos...”


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