The Disease Called Evil Chapter 6

Survivor of the Lost Kingdom

By Novalon

200 AD
Guardia Castle (Hero’s grave in the future)

Magus let out a sigh as he made his way to his prepared quarters. He opened the door to where he was specified to stay and looked around the room.

To say the room was majestic would be an understatement. Magus marveled at the splendor of the room, and gazed around to the immense bed that was there. He went outside and double-checked the directions to the room, and indeed he had come to the right place. But little did he know; that his friends had rooms that made his very small in comparison, yet he did not care how well their rooms were anyway.

Novalon made his way to the queen’s room, where he was summoned to, and knocked on the door.

“Come in, I have been expecting you.”

He heard the soft voice, and wondered how this could possibly be the same person, as he thought she had died for sure.

He walked in, and saw the look of surprise on the queen’s beautiful face.

“Novalon... is that you? You look more like the description you gave of your master...”

“My Queen... I have changed much since you last saw me, but I see that you have not changed much at all. You are still as pretty as you were before, and now, I am not the only one to call you a queen.”

The queen laughed happily, “Ah yes... back when I was the princess... back then... when my mother held the kingdom and brought it’s downfall... you never acknowledged her as your queen, as she was not the rightful heir to the throne.”

“She had to back down... it was the law... but you were only about 8 years old when your father died, and she was the only one close enough to be able to rule.”

“The hell I had to go through when she found the power of Lavos...”

“And when you were old enough... what torture you had to go through, and I will always remember keeping Dalton away from you. But there was that time when I was gone... and I came back just as the hero of time was eradicated by Lavos...”

“You mean Crono?”

“Yes, and I was about to join in with the prophet to destroy the beast... but I was sucked in to one of those damned black gates, and afterwards I was summoned back to the meeting area of the Magic Using Association...”

The queen turned to him and said with a truthful voice, “But you were the one who saved me during the destruction of the ocean palace... anyway, when you saved me, you looked as you do now...”

“I did?”

“Yes... oh... I’m getting a weird feeling now...”

“You are?”

“I feel cold... it’s hard to describe... but I feel in a way like I almost did when Lavos sucked out most of my energy.”

Novalon sensed this feeling and opened a red gateway.

“I will be right back, my dear Queen...”

“Call me Schala, please, you don’t have to be so damn formal around me just because I’m the queen of Guardia...”

“Okay then, I have two words to say to you...”

Schala hoped that it wasn’t an insult, but decided that Novalon wasn’t like that anyway. She questioned his statement.

“What’s that?”

“Janus lives.”

She stared in shock, and almost screamed when Novalon jumped through the gate. She gazed through the rip in time, and saw something she feared since many years ago.

She saw the Ocean palace on the other side, and a cloaked figure taking a curled up bundle through a blue gate. The red gate then closed and she made sure not to be sucked in, as she wouldn’t have to relive that horrible incident.

“Thank you, oh Wizard, Divine. You strength is surely what keeps the Universe together.”

She thought back to what the guard had said about the one he had described as that horrible prophet. Could that possibility be true? If he had some sort of relation to her, then she knew exactly who he would be, as he resembled a man she had seen before when she was younger.

“My god... if I put what I now know together... that means that...”

She almost shuddered at the thought, but realized that she was more relived than she had thought.

“My little brother is the prophet.”

She decided to question this revelation and summoned the prophet to her quarters. She heard a knock a moment later.

“Come in... I have been expecting you...”

She saw the door open, and a pale faced man came in. His eyes were black as coal, and she sensed that his heart might have been as well. But she felt something else...


The man made an indignant snort, much like how Janus used to make, so alike, yet so different.

“That’s not my name...”

She questioned him further.

“Then what is it? Perhaps Novalon might know the answer to that...”

She felt his emotions, they were not dark, and she had felt his emotions in the past. They were all the same when he was around her, and his emotions were also the same when he was around Zeal and Dalton.

“I am known as the Lord Magus, well... I’m a former Lord... I have nothing to do with the mystics anymore...”

The Mystics? The evil menace that had surely just been an aggravation to the kingdom, with them away on their own little island, hating human kind forever for some odd reason?

“The Mystics? Don’t make me laugh!”

“They may be weak now, but under me they were strong... but I did not lead them under my own mind. Their strongest, one called Ozzie, had mind controlled me and made me do his evil bidding. He made me into what I am now.”

She decided to shift this conversation into what she wanted to know.

“Who were you before?”

She saw the look of surprise on his face, yet she felt the same emotion he always had in her presence... love.

“I... I... just can’t bring myself to say it. Will you hate me? Ridicule me? I fear both of those, especially from you...”

Again he did this, trying to lead the conversation away. He had no manners with royalty... but this was probably because he was royalty at one time or another.

“Your name isn’t really Magus, that ‘Ozzie’ fiend gave it to you, didn’t he?”

She saw his surprise again and she laughed.

“I can read you like a book, oh dear ‘Magus.’”

She saw his mouth come open, but no words came out. But then he spoke.

“I can’t say it... I just can’t... I have to leave...”

She watched him go, but she thought about her situation, and... (as I would say) laid out her trump card.

“Always the stubborn one, aren’t you Janus?”

She saw him stop, so suddenly, that she was sure that she knew the truth.

“Did you just call me...”

“That’s right... Janus.”

She saw a tear fall from his eye, and she began to cry as well.

“Why couldn’t you tell me?”

She ran up to him and wrapped her arms around him.

“I thought you would hate me for what I have become...”

Schala sighed.

“It doesn’t matter. You’re my brother no matter what happens.”

She felt a strange tingling feeling coming from her brother and she stepped back.

He was glowing a bright white, and the darkness was taken over by this great power that could only be described as... holy.

His face began to fill out, and color came back to it. His pointed chin became wider, and his eyes went back to their normal blue color. The blue hair shortened and became a darker color. She stared at the new figure before her, and could only describe it as the brother she would have, had he not been with Ozzie.

She saw him look around suddenly, and watched him run over to a mirror.

“Oh my god... I’m human again, like once before... I’m no longer with the mystics anymore. Their awful stench of power has left me, and I feel that I could be just like Novalon is...”

He saw the happiness in Schala’s eyes and he embraced her once again.

“I hope that now I’m the brother that you would prefer...”

Again, she said her answer, the same as before.

“It doesn’t matter, you are my brother anyway...”

Schala detached from the embrace and looked her brother in the eyes.

“There’s someone I want you to meet, Janus. I’m sure they would be very happy to meet you.”

They walked to a room where a young girl was inside. She was braiding her long, blue hair, and finished when she heard someone come in the room.

“Janice... there is someone I want you to meet.”

The girl turned around at the sound of her mother’s voice.

“Who is it, mother?”

Schala turned and pointed to the man beside her.

“This is your Uncle Janus, I’m sure you have heard much about him.”

The one formally known as Magus was surprised when the young girl almost tackled him when she latched around his midsection.

“Oh! Dear Uncle Janus! There is so much I’ve heard about you! Come, let’s go introduce you to my brother!”

Though he was strong, Janus was jerked off where he was standing and was brought to another room, where his niece promptly opened the door without knocking.

He saw a young boy in the room, about the age of 12. The boy’s eyes went from his sister, to the man whom she was dragging behind her.

“I presume you are my Uncle Janus?”

“Why yes I am.”

The boy walked towards Janus, his dark brown hair staying in tight formation on his head. He was quite muscular, for one of 12, and for one who was royalty. He had grasped one of Janus’ hands and shook it.

“It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Prince Crono Kajar Guardia, and I see you have already met my sister, Princess Janice Elaine Guardia, who I believe was named after you.”

The boy’s uncle smiled and said warmly, “You take after the hero Crono, whose name you have, and I only wish you could meet him, but he was defeated in battle by...”

He was interrupted by his sister who said, “ He was defeated by Lavos, the parasite whom I have loathed much, and one you have come to hate.”

He turned towards her.

“Dear sister, Crono was revived a short time after, which I participated in doing, and we went and destroyed Lavos, and the risen Ocean Palace, also called the Black Omen, as well.”

She was speechless.

“And, an evil mastermind known as Dark Novalon has captured him and held him captive in some dark fortress of his.”

He was upset when he saw his sister cry out, and he saw her two children run to her.

“Oh, the one so diabolical has ruined all those who have a special place in my life! Dark Novalon killed my father and I never forgave him for that! Now he has taken Crono, who is alive now... the Dark master must be stopped!”

The other three heard the anger in her voice and nodded, looking towards the sky, hoping that Crono would be returned safely, and for Dark Novalon to be destroyed.


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