The Disease Called Evil Chapter 7

The Queen is Saved

By Novalon

Guardia Castle: During a turning point in history

Janus came out of his new room; one five times the size of the one he stayed in before. He heard the blaring of trumpets and ran towards the entrance to the castle as fast a he could.

He found crowds of people gathered around a man who Marle’s father looked very much like. He guessed that this must be his brother-in-law, the king.

The man turned his gaze from the crowd, to the blue haired man staring straight at him. He watched this sort-of strange looking man (but the man looked much like his wife, so he did not dare to comment) hesitate and bow low, in an old style of bowing not seen in many years.

“You truly know how to make a king feel humbled, oh familiar one, but what brings you here to my kingdom?”

Janus thought for a moment, and decided not to tell him who he was just yet. “I am a prophet who sees the future. The kingdom of Guardia will grow strong and prosper. And your descendants will rule in peace and tranquility until there are times of war. At that time, they become harsh to the enemy, and accept no surrender and take no prisoners. The Guardian army becomes the greatest in the land, and it lasts for many millennia.”

The king was taken aback, but looked into the man’s eyes and sense peace. “That has pleased me greatly, I think I know who will be sitting at the head of my grand dinner table tonight.”

Janus bowed, humbly, “Oh, you flatter me, kind sovereign. You will live long and prosper.”

An hour later

The dinner table was set and the guests came into the room. The king looked over the guests and stated, “Now that the day has passed, I believe that I shall not sit at the head of the table tonight. That spot is reserved for an honored guest.”

He turned to three people who were kneeled before him, the prophet, the Wizard Novalon, and a young woman with orange toned hair. His wife, Schala, chose them all.

“It is hard for me to choose between the three of you, but I would like you to tell me who you all are, who you really are, what you have to do with me, and maybe that will help me choose.”

He turned to the black cloaked Wizard, “Why should I choose you, Novalon, please stand up and tell me.”

The Wizard stood up.

“I am Novalon, protector of good and annihilator of evil. I served your wife for many years, and even when she was a princess, while her dear father was dead, I called her my queen. Before a palace under the ocean collapsed on her, I was able to open a gate and take her to the safety of this era.”

“That is good, Novalon, now young lady, who might you be?”

“Um... My name is Marle.”

She paused, frightened in the presence of one who was so great.

“Speak up, young one. Is that your real name? Why don’t you tell us your full name?”

Novalon spoke up, “If I might add, you might want to hear her title, too.”

He saw her give Novalon an angry look and he said, “Title? Are you some kind of important person?”

She spoke up, “My name, and title, is Princess Nadia Elaine Guardia.”

She saw the king get a look of much surprise, and he asked the others, “Does she speak the truth?”

The many that came with Marle to this era all nodded their heads in simultaneous succession.

His eyes went wide, “I am greatly taken aback by this news, this means that you are a descendant of mine?”

She answered, “Yes, I am the daughter of the 32nd king of Guardia... my mother passed away when I was 6 years old...”

The king had a sad look on his face, “I feel so sorry for you and for your father, it must be hard to lose someone like that... I surely wouldn’t want my wife to die while my children were still young.”

At last, he turned his gaze to the prophet, “And what about you, prophet?”

Janus answered truthfully, “I not only see the future, but I am also related to you as well. I am Janus Alan Enhasa, prince of the former kingdom of Zeal.”

The King was also surprised from this news, “I am taken aback as well, but I understand how that is possible. You, my brother-in-law, shall sit at the head of the table tonight.”

That night...

Sleep did not come so easily to Janus, as he lay awake thinking of what was to come. His thoughts drifted to 1000 AD, a time that looked fitting to him. But who there would like a dark mage like him?

His thoughts were unfortunately given a rude awakening when they focused on the black wind. This wind was screaming once again, and it could only come from one person.

He got up and reached for his scythe, and also put on battle gear. He opened the door and followed the dark power.

He saw the Dark Wizard standing outside Schala’s room, and he didn’t even notice Janus at first.

“Leave my sister alone, you cretin, come and face me."

The Dark Wizard jumped in surprise, and turned to Janus.

“I did not sense your dark power! Why... oh no, you now have pure power, don’t you?”

Janus only moved his hand a small distance and a beam of white erupted into the Dark Wizard and blew him back twenty feet.

The door to Schala’s room opened, and there stood an extremely pissed off Queen of Guardia.

“Alright you motherf?^er, I’ve waited many years to face you again.”

Dark Novalon turned to her.

“You gotta be kidding me! I have twenty fold the power that I had once before!”

“And so do I...”

He stared with surprise as she brought her hands up to the air and a beam of great holy power erupted under the dark Wizard and propelled him out of the castle.

“Holy shit Schala... that was pretty damn good...”

She ran outside, barely hearing what her brother said and she saw the crumpled figure of Dark Novalon.

“I can’t believe it... you’re so god damn strong...”

He got up and drew his sword.

“But I know you don’t have enough power for another blast like that.”

He ran up to her and kicked her in the legs, bringing her to the ground. He then brought his sword down as quickly as he could, going for the deathblow.

Schala lay in silent fear, and watched as the sword was brought down, but stopped inches before her head.

She saw the hood of Dark Novalon blow off, and she saw the face of one who looked so much like her friend, Novalon.


She watched his black eyes go back to their normal blue color, and his sword was brought away from her body.

“What’s going on? The last time I took control of myself again, I almost killed master Novalon...”

“You almost killed me, dumbass...”

He looked around, and talked with fear that was absolute.

“Run Schala, an undefeatable power has taken control of me, and I think that only master Novalon can help me retain control again.”

“Are you the same Novalon that served my father?”

“Yes... why?”

“If you see what you have become, I believe that you killed my father not long ago, before you came here.”

She watched his eyes fill with tears as he looked down upon his dark robes.

“Oh my god... the power of Satan even corrupted me to do that? He must be stopped, I must obtain the pure power...”

His eyes took on a black glow again.

“What? Why aren’t you dead?”

He was stopped from getting his answer when a beam thirty times the power of Schala’s hit Dark Novalon with unbelievable power.

Schala turned to where the power came from, and saw her loyal servant standing there.


“I think you better let me take it from here Schala.”

The dark one jumped through a red gate, and Novalon summoned the other members of who he came with to come outside.

“Alright everyone, this is our fated hour, one even greater than the one you had before you faced Lavos. We are going into the heart of the Dark one’s lair, and there’s no going back. Lavos is as weak as a newborn kitten compared to this guy, so be on your guard. We leave in 1 hour, prepare like you’ve never prepared before.”

And so, a time that would be remember by all of history, was put into place, and a lone figure watched over the team, and nodded with satisfaction.

“And only they can enter the dark realm from where I am now... The End of Time.”


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