The Disease Called Evil Chapter 8

The Fated Hour

By Novalon

Janus took a deep breath as he started up the Epoch. He looked back to the other sitting in the cockpit, both Marle and Lucca and to the front where Novalon and Glenn stood, bracing for takeoff.

“What I want to know...” asked Janus, with utter annoyance, “Is why don’t we always have the same pilot for this thing?”

Lucca glanced towards the blue haired wizard; “It’s because I don’t feel like flying this time... Marle always bugs me when I fly, she won’t bug you.”

Marle gave an exasperated glare, “I do not bug you!”

Lucca retaliated, “Yes you do, you get so immature sometimes, and you always want to fly, but it’s really much more complicated than it looks... I’m afraid that you’d crash and kill us all.”

Novalon gave a backward glance, “Is that really why you don’t want her at the controls?”

Lucca snarled, and said nothing else. Novalon noted that she probably liked flying it anyway, but didn’t like to be bugged.

“Engage...” Janus stated, and was confused when Novalon looked back towards him when the word was said.

“You sound like this person I know... except you don’t have the overacted voice.” He mentioned, thinking of an old television series he once watched.

“Yeah, well anyway... Cockpit closed...”

Lucca answered him from her reclined position, “Check.”

“Time Dilation Hyper Drive online...”

Lucca gave him a confused look, but continued, “Check.”

“Please put your tray tables up, and keep your seats back in the upright position as we near for takeoff. You have been flying Janus airlines, have a nice day, and enjoy your flight.”

Lucca said nothing and just stared speechless as Novalon suddenly burst out laughing.

“Now that was perfect! You’re ready for takeoff Janus!”

The machine lifted up and fuel (yeah, what fuel? I never figured out what it ran on) was burned as it shot up into the sky. The machine shimmered out of existence as it shot off, activating a quantum particle inhibitor, making it able to travel through time. The EPOCH had its coordinates set to the point of least resistance: The End of Time.

The legendary guru of time lifted his head as he saw his old friend’s masterpiece land at the dock.

“Oh good, they’ve come back, and they brought another old friend too.”

Novalon stepped off first and walked up to the guru.

“How has life been treating you, Gaspar?”

“Just beautiful, Novalon, there’s someone in the back room who’s been dying to see you again.”

“You don’t mean the master of hyperactivity himself?”

“Ha! That’s funny! Yeah, Spekkio want’s to see you.”

Novalon opened the door while the other group members had waited outside, save for Janus, who was always interested in training with Spekkio.

The Red Nu turned, and saw a cloaked man come into the room. His figure began to change from the Nu Form, and his body lengthened. His face thinned out, and clothes appeared on his body. His new look was one that just about everyone knew, as it was legendary.

Novalon looked on the master of war with awe, “My god, Spekkio, it this your true form?”

Spekkio had just about fully changed, he sprouted long silvery white hair, and his clothes lengthened to form a long, black cloak. His eyes gave out an emerald color, and a sword appeared in a sheath at his side.

“Why yes it is, Novalon... and thanks to you, I am finally able to retain it once again.”

“Sephiroth... you look just like Sephiroth.”

“That’s because I am... in order to fully serve the Eternal Knights, I was stationed here to train budding heroes to reach for their dreams and defeat the evil that would surely bring the world to it’s apocalypse.”

Janus watched the swordsman in utter disbelief, “So do I call you Sephiroth now? That name sounds so much better...”

“You may, and I suggest you bring all your friends in here, not-so-young-anymore prince.”

The rest of the group came in and noticed the creature at the middle of the small room was completely different than ever before.

Novalon introduced him, “Everyone, you may have known him as Spekkio before, but this is his true form. I would like you to meet the former general of a great army... Sephiroth.”

They all greeted the “Master of War” warmly, but could notice that Sephiroth seemed to treat Novalon with great respect.

As they left the room, Glenn asked Novalon about Sephiroth, “Why does he treat you with great respect?”

“Well... when he was General of the Army... I guess you could say that I was the... Admiral...”


“Yes, but once I realized how evil all the elite SOLDIER warriors really were, because of the cells of the being Jenova within them, I left, sending in my resignation, and turning my attention to monitoring a small rebel group called AVALANCHE.”

Still even as they heard the answer, they were all just as confused, not really knowing about a ranking system like the one he was talking about. They paced over to a bright white pillar coming out of a new room close to the EPOCH dock.

“This is where we go in. and here is where hell shall finally have its match."

After Novalon said these words, he walked in, and the others followed suit, gathering their strength for what could possibly be their greatest battle.


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