The Disease Called Evil Chapter 9

The Battle For Right

By Novalon

The pillar opened up and spit out the heroes into a seemingly nice area.

“What is this place?” Janus asked, afraid of what the answer would be.

Novalon looked around at the many hauntingly familiar sites, noticing a possessed happy face, many blue signs, and the same words were being repeated: “Can I help you?”

“Oh dear lord...”

Janus, Glenn, Marle, and Lucca began to back up, Janus saying the words for all of them; “I’m too scared to even wet my pants.”

Novalon backed up with them, “Just relax, and it’ll come.”

They ran towards the entrance and left as fast as they could, turning back and staring at the large building.

Novalon watched in absolution, “He is sick... I can’t believe he would have a WAL-MART be put here...”

Janus looked behind in fear; “I just soiled my pants...”

The others, save for Novalon answered, “Me too...”

Novalon only looked back at the building of hell-spawn, and let out a feral yell. The energies inside of him built up and the place was enveloped in a dome of bright white light. Many meteors fell from the heavens and hit it with great velocity, also hitting the crab shack not far from there. The spell hit with burning intensity, growing in power each time, as Novalon grew angrier. When he felt he was done, the building, and all in it, save for the sealed pillar, were decimated.

The others looked towards Novalon in amazement and followed him speechless.

Janus voiced for all of them; “Damn Novalon, that kicked ass!”

Novalon said nothing as they walked towards a looming structure in the distance. As they neared in, Novalon began to slow his pace, staring with his mouth wide open at the dark “palace.”

“A WAL-MART Super center? I can’t believe he’d do this.”

Janus turned towards the dark dungeon. “Shouldn’t we be going there?”

Novalon shook his head. “No, it seems all the living are kept in this castle, while the dungeon is used as a decoy.

The others nodded, “Very smart indeed...”

Novalon stopped walking and raised his hands to the air, summoning a very large storm.

“What’s that for, Novalon?”

He answered their question; “This will find Crono.”

The storm hit the castle with great fury, and an image formed in front of Novalon. The image showed many different heroes, including Crono.

“Let’s go, for the wishes of our forefathers!”

“For the wishes of our forefathers!”

“Wait...” Janus stopped, “Shouldn’t we name the group? It’s good luck to name your group.”

Marle spoke up, “The Time Strikers?”

Novalon shook his head. “I don’t want to have a lawsuit on my hands...”

“The Chrono Defenders?”

“The Knights of Justice?”

“The Defenders of Guardia?”

Novalon came up with a good name, “The warriors of Light.”

“Good name!”

“I love it!”

“That kicks ass!”

Novalon got up front, “Okay, fighters up front, spell casters in the back, I will be the only exception, because I am both. If we get separated, we meet at the entrance.”


He charged in first, completely destroying the doors. They followed him, killing a few of the dark one’s minions along the way.

At last, they came to a room, with a large Ogre with a whip, ready to smack around a guy who was chained to the wall, having two dragons attached to his back as well.

“If only I could reach... my twin Holy swords of Farewell...”

Novalon tackled the Ogre, and drew his sword, ripping into the beast’s black heart. He then picked the two swords off of a mount in the wall and cut the brown haired warrior loose.

“Thank you... My name is...”

Novalon already knew the man’s name, which greatly surprised him. “Your Name is Ashton Anchors... Heraldic Fencer.”

“You are correct, so you already know Ururun and Gyroro?”

“I certainly do.”

The others were completely baffled, but were happy when the man enlisted his help. As one more to the team always gave them a better chance of winning.

They passed into a next room, where a cloaked man had a blue haired girl chained to the wall.

“Ah yes, fight it, but soon we will control you, and then the power of Althena will be ours!”

Ashton stepped forward, “Why don’t you leave her alone, and pick on someone who can fight you.”

The black cloaked man turned around and saw Ashton, but also saw Novalon and the rest of the group and said, “I will fight you then.”

Ashton charged forward and began to go into a flurry of sword-strikes.


As the man tried to block them all, he fail and was sprawled onto the floor. In a flash, Ashton took his two swords and simultaneously severed the man’s head from his body with both swords.

He cut the young woman out of her chains and made sure she was all right.

“Thank you, kind swordsman, my name is...”

Novalon surprised the woman and the entire group yet again as he said, “It’s good to finally meet you, Luna.”

“My, are you the one called Novalon that nearly brings the dark master to insanity?”

“I am.”

Luna was shocked to meet someone who she heard had power possibly even greater than Althena’s. She joined the group, hoping to take down dark Novalon once and for all.

Novalon went to the front and peered around the corner of the door, seeing a vast room in front of him.

“Here is where the real battle begins.”

They moved in, and hid behind some of the many giant pillars, seeing what was going on.

Dark Novalon moved towards his chained up prey, and laughed sadistically like he always does. He looked at each of the heroes that he had chained up, and noted who they all were.

Crono Darien Triggara: The hero of time who destroyed Lavos, a beast fit for its power to be absorbed.

Toma XIII: Not really a hero, but a treasure hunter nonetheless. He and Locke seem to have a lot in common, even though they come from different planets.

Locke Arion Cole: The “thief” who was always looking for a better treasure to be found. He went just a little too far when he tried to steal the dark sword of Novalon.

Nanaki: AKA RedXIII. He is one of the few of a very important race of creatures. Almost like a hybrid of two creatures, he seemed worthy to be a research specimen. However, not taking it anymore, he almost killed the doctor who had studied him.

He walked over to the white haired man, who was trying to reach his legendary sword, the sword Excalibur.

Cidolfis Orlandu: Possibly one of the hardest to catch. He possesses great skill with his sword, and unfortunately is immune to mind control, because of the damned accessory he has on that prevents it from happening. He was not the only one from the same place who he captured.

He turned to a man, who was much like Cyrus, dead, but had his soul intercepted by Novalon. This man was...

Zalbag Arron Beoulve: The older brother of Ramza, the hero of the lion war. What a sad family, to have killed their own relatives, as Zalbag was killed by Dycedarg Beoulve.

Seifer Almasy: He was taken control of by Dark Novalon to begin with, and he has served him ever since.

And he had many other captives as well... but they had already died, having not been heroes or at the peak of their strength.

And now, Dark Novalon loosened the bonds of Zalbag’s chains and set a dark power to wash over him, there, yet another to serve him.

Novalon watched, and realized the dark one’s plan, that he would make his dark army of the best heroes in all time and he would set them on their own planets to take control of them for him, and his vast dark empire would finally be real.

He could stand it no more and let out a feral yell, startling all in the room. Seifer could only say two words.

“Oh shit...”

The room was suddenly ablaze in many different types of magic attacks, all of them coming from Novalon. The others with him decided to join in the battle, and fight against the dark power.

Dark Novalon summoned a large amount of monsters to try and hold off Novalon, but with no luck. He decided to let his veteran warriors fight in the battle.

Locke finally picked the lock of his chains and quickly began to work on the chains of the one closest to him: Crono.

“Here, I think they’re here for you, anyway, most of those people are as you described them.”

Crono waited patiently as his chains were picked, and as soon as they were he stared at Dark Novalon with determination in his eyes.

His sword was there, in a broadsword sheath on the dark one’s back, correction: his father’s sword.

He ran up and tackled Dark Novalon, also taking the sword back.

“Damn you... Cyrus! Take care of this nuisance!”

Cyrus walked up and drew his sword.

“Time to die, hero of time...”

Crono immediately struck with fury, piercing Cyrus’ armor, but not harming him. Cyrus fell to the ground, but he got back up with anger in his eyes.

“I am the best there ever was... your mastery of the sword-skills are impeccable.”

Crono charged again, doing a multi-strike sword technique on Cyrus.

“I call that technique: Omni-Slash.”

Nanaki heard the words, and shook his head, amazed how some people can be so much alike.

Cyrus countered with a three hit strike that missed completely.

“I call that Nirvana Strike, but my skills seem to be of no match...”

Seifer walked over to their battle and joined in.

“You know what? I think my dream has finally come true. I never wanted to be a sorceress’ knight; I wanted to be the servant to the greatest evil power in the universe. Now, my Hyperion blade shall make quick work of yours.”

Crono fended off the two with difficulty, but still managed to gain the upper hand, sprawling the two to the ground.

Seifer swore, “Damn...hey Zalbag, a little help here?”

Zalbag strode over and drew his sword; “Did you know my father was a heavenly knight? Possibly the greatest swordsman ever known... and he taught me most of what he knew...”

Crono had even more difficulty fending off just Zalbag, Seifer and Cyrus watched in amazement.

Seifer nodded; “The guy’s got spunk.”

Cyrus turned to Seifer, “What the hell is that?”

The three swordsmen who were under Dark Novalon’s power came up to Crono, all aiming for fatal points on his body.

“Looks like the end, Crono, if only you could’ve served Dark Novalon.”

However, they were stopped when a voice yelled out above all the battles.

“Oh the Almighty Tria!”

They turned watching Ashton’s sword’s come together and become empowered by the two Dragon’s on his back.

“Overthrow all the enemies!”

Cyrus shook his head; “I don’t like the looks of this...”

“Tri-ACE! Heeyah, gyah, cheeyah!”

After he yelled the killer move, he swung his sword three times saying incoherent words to somehow boost the strength of his swing. Green energy rippled off the sword as he swung it and on the final blow, every evil person in the room was hit by a large burst of energy.

Seifer, Cyrus, and Zalbag kept their attention to Crono, as he had more power. They drew their swords and moved in again. They all attacked Crono, but saw the blue haired girl near Ashton suddenly get empowered by a large energy.

“Oh... power of Althena! Show the enemies their reckoning... Godly flash!”

A huge energy filled the room, one even greater than the one Ashton used, and all enemies were knocked to the ground yet again.

Seifer threw out a mega-elixir and healed the other two with him. They began their attack yet again, but stopped when they heard movement behind them.

There stood Thunder-god Cid, himself, along with Locke and Nanaki. Cid lowered his sword and began to speak.

“Heaven’s wish to destroy all minds...”

Zalbag turned to the other two and said nonchalantly, “We’re screwed big time.”


They, being all lined up, were all hit by beams of white energy from the sky, and were brought down quickly.

Locke smiled, “Well kid, we couldn’t just let you die to some mindless freaks like these guys.”

Nanaki nodded, “Yet, if only there was a way to return them to their original state.”

Orlandu turned and saw a wave of monsters coming in, he yelled to the others.

“Battle positions! Let’s do this one right!”

They clashed with the monsters, injuring them, but getting injured as well.

Novalon decided to end this fight, and return all those under the dark one’s control back to normal.

“Power of God, return those to their original minds! Control Break!"

All of Dark Novalon’s controlled minions began to hold their heads, and the original color began to return to their eyes. Novalon began to up the power output, hoping to rid all of the dark one’s control.

The most amazing thing that happened was that Dark Novalon began to hold his head as well. Crono watched as Dark Novalon began to yell aloud.

“Get out of me! Your dark power can’t hold me forever!”

He was being controlled by some greater power! Much like those who were controlled by him!

Novalon tried to bring the output even higher and he asked the dark Wizard a question.

“Who is controlling you?”

“Luc... Lucifer... the dark prince... Satan...”

The spell was broken and Dark Novalon stood up.

“Your power can never break Satan’s! His power is immortal! You sad mortals can never live up to his power!”

Novalon shook his head and watched as the dark one left through a gate, having no one to follow him. And the world became desolate, save for the heroes who had saved it.

Seifer snorted, not really caring about the Dark Wizard, “What a little chicken shit, having to mind control me, just so he could stand a chance against his enemy, we all know who the real master is...”

Cyrus turned to him, “Who?”

“Novalon, duh!”

Novalon opened gates, telling everyone where they went to, finally everyone had left, save for the team and Cyrus.

Cyrus turned to Glenn “Glenn...” then he turned to Janus “and Magus... both of you worked together to save me and Crono?”

Janus turned to him with a look of anger; “My name is Janus... Magus is gone forever, but the memory of his evil power will always stay.”

Cyrus nodded, sort of understanding what Janus was saying, but then he asked; “So... what made you become Magus?”

He answered, “In a nutshell, I was separated from my family as a young boy. That helped Ozzie be able to mind control me better.”

Cyrus shook his head, “That beast must be stopped...”

Crono looked at him with a look of pride on his face, “Well... guess who stopped him?”

Cyrus needed no answer to that rhetorical question, as he guess someone with better sword-skill than his would have no problem.

“Then... let us go back to the people that mean the most to us.”

Novalon led them back to the pillar and unsealed it, letting the others in first. He sighed and spoke again.

“My, what an interesting mission it’s been. I feel that master Novalon is calling me from somewhere, and it is about my next coming to a greater power. I only wish that some day, I can achieve the rank of Heavenly Wizard, for my life’s work would not have been in vain.”


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