The Disease Called Evil Explanations & Notes

By Novalon

Well, it’s the end of a story, and you probably either have liked my story and reached here, or had some confusion with the many parts to it and finally endured coming here. I decided to do a recap before the epilogue, as it seems easier to do so.

Prologue: The narrator begins the story. Comparing this journey through the story like Alaslam Durai once did. It begins in Dark Novalon’s dark dungeon, where he first put his heroes before moving them to his dark “castle.” He talks to a famous hero of Final Fantasy 3 (Locke) then moves on to a knight in grey armor, Cyrus.

Chapter 1: Shows Cyrus at the scene of his death. After he died, he goes to the hero’s grave and the Masamune is later fully empowered. Dark Novalon intercepts his soul and a large mind control spell is put on him.

Chapter 2: Crono fights Cyrus and almost wins because he is so god damn good! Dark Novalon knocks out Marle and Lucca and traps Crono in an energy Vortex.

Chapter 3: Lucca and Marle get pissed that Crono was taken. They decide to go to 600AD, enough said.

Chapter 4: Marle and Lucca enlist the help of Glenn, they go to Magus’ castle. Magus turns out to be not so bad after all, and Dark Novalon attacks and almost wipes them all out. They get saved by the badass Divine Wizard, himself, Novalon.

Chapter 5: Novalon messes around with the EPOCH so it can head to 200AD, what they think is the dark one’s next target. However, he attacks somewhere else, but a certain Heavenly Wizard that we don’t hear about (guess who that is!) saves that place. They meet a descendant of Glenn’s and soon they meet the Queen of Guardia, as the king is away.

Chapter 6: Janus believes he has a very nice room, but what he doesn’t realize is that everyone else who came with him has rooms that are 4 times as good. Novalon is summoned to the Queen’s chambers, and they talk. He then realizes who saved Schala from the destruction of the Ocean palace, and quickly leaves to that time. She summons Janus to the room, knowing that he is alive and that “the prophet” is her little brother. She gets him to spill his guts, and a change undergoes in him. He meets his niece and nephew, and he tells Schala that Crono is still alive. She breaks down and cries when she hears that Dark Novalon still lives.

Chapter 7: Janus meets the king and introduces himself as a prophet. He sits at the head of the royal dinner table, and the king later learns that the prophet is also his brother-in-law. Later in the night, Dark Novalon attacks and is almost beaten by Janus and Schala. We learn that Dark Novalon is under the control of the prince of Darkness and Novalon comes to scare off the Dark Wizard.

Chapter 8: The group goes to the end of time. Spekkio makes a Cameo appearance in this story, and you learn that Spekkio is actually Sephiroth. The reason that Sephiroth actually took on the form of Spekkio is because he had a curse put on him by the angel Gabriel. Because he was evil, he was going to help heroes destroy evil by giving them magic. And the only way he would ever get his original form is if he ever saw the Divine Wizard Novalon again. The group enters a pillar of light for the final showdown.

Chapter 9: 5 new characters introduced. Ashton (from Star Ocean 2), Luna (from Lunar), Seifer (from Final Fantasy 8), and Zalbag and Orlandu (both from Final Fantasy Tactics). Locke picks the locks off of himself and the rest of the captives. Dark Novalon is defeated and he runs off yet again.

Now you’re probably wondering, why did I add more characters from other games? Because I think it adds flavor to a fanfiction and makes the story already more enjoyable than it would have been before.

And the Spekkio/Sephiroth thing? I honestly did not see that coming myself, as I was writing the chapter, a good idea came to my head on explaining the origins of Spekkio. Lo an behold, Spekkio is actually that famous General of SOLDIER. And the idea with Novalon being an “Admiral” is just something else I thought of. Novalon evidently had to be of a high SOLDIER rank, and possibly one higher than Sephiroth’s if Sephiroth was going to know him or remember him at all.

I now leave you to the Epilogue, I hope you don’t find it too weird or corny.


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