The Disease Called Evil Prologue

By Novalon

What does one do to be classified as evil? Is it destruction? Or only Madness? Perhaps the subject should be looked deeper upon, as I will tell you the tale of one with such madness, and one with a mind righteous and truthful. Why don't we take this journey of discovery together, as that famous historian of old Ivalice, which is now called Midgar, once did.


The dark dungeon of despair

Not many places of darkness are known to exist in the universe of unwilling time, as many immortal warriors strive to protect the place from evil. However, one such dark one, known as Dark Novalon, has successfully taken over a planet in the universe, and cut off any outside communication, severing the coming of the great protectors of the universe.

The immortal warriors have many names, most with the same name as heroes in other universes that have not achieved immortality.

Arthur: the feared warrior of light and truth and one of the few able to hold Excalibur.

Cloud: the warrior of eternal revenge, fighting for the survival of the ancient race of the Cetra, who have been attacked by a dark being, called "JENOVA."

Sephiroth: the warrior of light and darkness, possessing extreme skill in magic and sword techniques, and is revered in the voices of all who speak his name.

Aeris: the other protector of the Cetra, possesses the true power of Holy, and is the only Cetra to be an immortal warrior.

But... the one who is most known among them, is not even immortal, as it is surprising to most who hear this revelation. He is the only mortal ever to obtain the highest known ranking of Wizardry, and even his mastery of sword skills dwarf Sephiroth's. He is Novalon, the protector of good and the Annihilator of evil.

There are many others, but I hate to drone on.

Now that I have told you about the eternal warriors, it is time that I continued with the story...

The dark dungeon of despair was located near the Supreme palace of unending Darkness, which was 10 miles from Joe's Crab Shack of Woe and Death, which had the best Crabs known on the planet. But beyond the Crab Shack was a place much worse than the others were. Its reputation of evil was spread to even the farthest corners of the Universe. This place had a name, so foul, that only the immortal warriors dared to whisper it. This place is called... WAL MART.

Oh... am I droning on again? Sorry...

His cloak swayed in the black wind as he trudged down the musty, dark pathway. The music of screams and moans intertwined with the shrieks of the souls, which were stolen. It was a symphony of evil to him, his Rhapsody in Death. His hand motioned to the door in front of him, with the faint words "Room of the so-called heroes."

His smile brought terror to the eyes of children, and his laughter was an unending dirge of doom for Adults. To heroes, he was what should have been a myth, almost unstoppable with power.

He looked around in the room, to the sight of those still filled with the hope that they could win, even with their pitiful power.

"You will never get away with this, Dark one. The master of light knows we are missing, and as he is one of the immortal warriors, your plans will soon be discovered and stopped." Though the man's voice had a hint of pride, it was also said almost meekly.

"Well, if it isn't Locke 'the thief' Cole... your pitiful attempt to take my Dark Sword almost was fatal when it discovered your soul was not one of darkness. Aren't you against stealing other's belongings, anyway?" Dark Novalon growled, angry that someone actually had the guts to sneak into his dark palace and still survive.

"I make exceptions with child molesters, Ungrateful Emperors, despicable madmen, and unendingly damned individuals..." Locke paused, gathering his strength, "which you seem to fit all of the categories."

Dark Novalon made no move to harm Locke, he just moved on, as if he never heard the comment. He walked up to a knight in grey armor and lifted the man's head.

Though the man barely had enough strength, he still stared icily at Dark Novalon without a word said.

"Do you know why I revived you from your untimely demise?"

The knight remembered his death well. The Dark lord was there, and his top general was egging him on, to destroy the knight.

And so the knight had a flashback, to the day of his death...


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