The Starman Perspective Chapter 1

Last Resistance

By Ramblin Mushroom

"Come on, Ult, put on a happy face. Master Giygas has taken control of the Universe! It's a joyus time!" Starman finished his statement by blowing a noise maker into Ultimate Starman's ear.

"I understand your enthusiasim, Starman," the spikey warior replied, pushing Starman away, "you fought valiantly through it all, but there are still factors to be dealt with......"

"You're talking about Buzz Buzz, aren't you? Listen, Ult, we stopped him before he could fully distort," Starman stopped with a proud pause, "he's safely behind binders as we speak, and anyway, what are the chances that the legends were true?"

"I suppose you're right, old friend," Ult took a sip of galactic wine, "but it all just seemed to easy......" He ended with a long sigh.


Buzz Buzz lay on the cold floor of his energy prison, broken and bruised, but he still retained a proud stature. The strongest in Giygas resistance movement and one of the last to fall.

In the final days of the battle, he had been studying the any and all record books he could find of this planet "Earth" that seemed to be where the legend of the four chosen was said to have taken place. He was also looking into the coveted skill of Giygas's of Phase Distortion, one of the key elements of his domination. He thought if he could somehow put the two pieces of knowledge together, he could end Giygas's reign before it began.

Buzz Buzz read nothing in records of anything of three boys and a girl making any resistance at all, but he did learn that Earth was the center stage of Giygas's conquest of the Universe.

As the legend goes, the four were supposed to emerge at the beginning and dispose of the beast before his terror could spread, but for some reason or other, this never happened. So Buzz Buzz put it together and declared that he must find the leader of the legend, the boy named Ness. Though after several attempts at it, he decided that Phase Distorting himself was near impossible, so he came up with a new plan, that might just work, but would come with a high price.

He lay, unmoving, for sometime, conserving what little strength he had last, he was preparing for what he knew would be his and the Universe's last resistance. Slowly, he rose to his feet, he stared past the energy binders. He took a deep breath and slowly started to shrink.

Ultimate had tried to enjoy himself at one of the parties, but found that he could not, for he still had an eakling of suspicion that something was going to happen tonight, something bad. He slowly walked through empty halls of an old temple of a planet Giygas had turned into a command post, he recalled the Batle of Astral Turn, the fall of the resistance, the fall of Buzz Buzz. He kept seeing how easily Buzz Buzz had fallen in this battle when Ultimate knew how strong he was. Buzz Buzz had survived through many other battles, much harder than Astral Turn. Yet there he almost seemed to give up...........

It hit Ultimate like a metorite, he saw it, in his minds eye, he saw it, Buzz Buzz's slight but confident smile. He is up to something. He needed to check on him fast, it could already be to late. He ran full speed to the high security confinement camp, he ran past the door guard, into the inner blocks, a small bug past his ear, though he took no note of it, he came to the open door of Buzz Buzz's cell, he walked in to find the guard lieing unconcious on the ground and the cell devoid of any life.

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