The Year of Robo Chapter 12

May 2300 (2)

By Robo

May 14, 3200

The final repairs were made on Johnny. He was reactivated and saw Belesthar, Davis, Doan, and John. "Hey man, what happened to me, man?"

"You were out for quite a while," said Davis. "You are lucky to be repaired."

"Yeah, it would have taken us a while to find another insane being like yourself," laughed Doan.

"Whatever, man," said Johnny.

"He still speaks goofy!" laughe John.

"He still has the Southern drawl," said Johnny.

"Naw, seriously," said John. "Ya shore won my respect. Ya are as tough as dey come. You are a gin-u-wine tough guy now."

"Well, man, you showed me you care for me, man," said Johnny. "I now give you my exclusive permission to call me Johnny and not 'The Man.'"

"This celebration may be short lived," said Belesthar. "Have you noticed the dark clouds? Something is about to happen."

"What could the Mother Brain be up to this time?" asked Doan.

"I have no idea," said Belesthar. But he didn't think it had anything to do with the Mother Brain.

"Thanks a lot," said Doan.

"What for?" asked Belesthar.

"Have you forgotten, you helped me grow hair!" cried Doan. "You gave me this Rogaine, which grew my hair back!"

"Oh, yes," said Beleshtar. "It is the same product a basketball player named Karl Malone used. In the year 1998 his team was humiliated by the Chicago Bulls. Enough with the history though, most of it came from you adjusting to this new future, but I was glad I could help."

Things were not looking as up for Robo and Rachel as they were for Doan. They were out of the Arris Dome, but had nowhere to go. Robo decided it best to raid the Bangor Dome, since it was a small and relatively unguarded place to resupply.

There was no easy way to enter this time, they could only force their way in and destroy everyone before they had a chance to contact the other domes. The door was locked, but Robo smashed it open with the Uzzi Punch. Inside there were twenty R-Series. They fired lasers. Robo and Rachel ducked, but Robo managed to deflect one of the shots with his Prism Fist, killing the first robot. Rachel charged forward and sliced through two of them, while Robo destroyed another with the Rocket Punch. Rachel cast Ice 2 while Robo used his Area Bomb, casting a powerful Antipode-type spell. The remaining eleven robots were in a panic, but one managed to attack Rachel. He swung his fist, which Rachel dodged. She was able to block its first two but was knocked down by the third. Desperately she threw the Masamune at the robot, killing it. She got up and tried to remove the sword from the robot's chest, but it was lodged in deep. She had to rely on magic. A robot fired Laser Spin at Robo, hitting him and knocking him back. Angered, Robo showed the robot how the attack was properly done, and killed it and the robot next to it with his own Laser Spin. Rachel shot Ice at Robo, who caught it on his fist and took out two robots with the Ice Punch. Rachel cast Ice Water, destroying three robots. Robo fired his Ice Beam while Rachel cast Ice 2, hitting another two with a double ice attack. Robo used the Robo Tackle to hit the last one, and Rachel finished it off with Water.

"Hey, could I have some help here?" asked Rachel. She tugged but could not free the Masamune.

"Oh dear, allow me to help," said Robo. He tried his luck but could not free it. "It appears to be permanently lodged," said Robo. He saw the sadness on Rachel's face, but got an idea. "Miss Rachel, I hope that the Masamune can withstand the power of fire." Suddenly, he used the Area Bomb, which melted the robot, but not the Masamune. Robo picked it up and handed it to Rachel.

"Thank you very much. I wasn't about to part with this sword," said Rachel. "I suppose we should stay here for a few days and recover our energy, then move on to the Trann Dome. From there we can steal one of their boats and ride back to the Keeper's Dome. What a shame our mission has come to a sudden end."

"Well Miss Rachel," Robo said, "your plan is as well thought out as any I could think of. Very well, to the Trann Dome it is. But, what if we find not a way to destroy the army of XR-Units. I cannot think of any way to defeat them without them destroying our lands. What if we find no way to destroy them?"

All Rachel could say was, "Then may God have mercy on our souls."

"Miss Rachel, do you realize that I am a robot? I have no soul," said Robo.

"Way to go," said Rachel. "You just ruined a perfectly good quote to end this chapter."

"My most sincere appologies," said Robo.


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