The Year of Robo Chapter 13

June 2300

By Robo

June 1, 2300

Robo and Rachel's short stay at the Bangor Dome ended up to be the rest of the month of May. Nothing else interesting happened in May, other than the fact that Doan became exceptionally skilled in magic, Belesthar planned their defense strategies with him and Davis, and that John still spoke with a Southern drawl.

Robo and Rachel found it nice in the Bangor Dome. They got more of information from the dome's computers in a few weeks than Robo could have gotten from spying in the Arris Dome in several months. They were not discovered, Mother Brain either forgot about the Bangor Dome or assumed it was well guarded. She would hardly care if she knew, for her XR-Series were ready at a moment's notice.

Robo said, "Miss Rachel, have we everything we need?"

"Almost," said Rachel. She was printing a map of the Trann Dome. "We'll go over this map then set out to the Trann Dome, then back home." Robo had a feeling though that he would not be returning from this mission.

The road to the Trann Dome was relatively unguarded, but there was some trouble. It seemed that the last few R-Series were still a little disgruntled about Robo's treachery, so they made it a point to attack him and Rachel. It was no contest, and Robo simply knocked them to pieces with the Prism Fist while Rachel had the Masamune ready if she was needed to join in. They arrived at the outside of the Trann Dome.

"What exactly is our plan to get in? And how do we make sure that we can make a get-away?" Rachel asked.

"We can force our way in," said Robo. "There is a control somewhere in the upper level which leads to the secret lower level. There we will find a computer which operates their speedboats. They are small, so we will each have to ride in our own. Are you familiar with their controls, Miss Rachel?"

"No, but if I made it this far, I seriously doubt that a simple speedboat can stop me at this point," Rachel said. "Are you ready?"

In reply, Robo swung his fist at the door of the Trann Dome, trying to break in. Rachel swung her sword, but could not open it. Robo tried the Tech Missile, which blew open the door effortlessly. Inside were several spider type robots, which fired laser beams at them. Robo jumped in front of Rachel and let the shots hit him. As hard as the robots tried, they could not break through Robo's defense. Rachel washed them away with a water spell. They continued on, spotting a computer.

"Now we shall find the Mother Brain's secret entrance," said Robo. He quickly typed in codes he learned during his trips to the Arris Dome, and was able to access the information concerning the underground level of the Trann Dome. "According to these coordinates, the switch is on the left side of the room, just above the Enertron."

Rachel could not reach it, so Robo lifted her on his soldiers and she flipped the switch. A small door opened, leading to the lower level. The Mother Brain watched this on her monitor in the Geno Dome. "What to do now, Mother?" asked Atropos. "This is a direct and unexpected attack on the Trann Dome."

The Mother Brain smirked. "Atropos, how would you like to settle your score with Prometheus?"

"Would I!" she cried. "Please Mother, let me finish off the sorceress and the foul traitor."

"After careful consideration," said Mother Brain, "I believe the XR-Series are ready for battle." She observed the look of pleasure in Atropos' metallic eyes. "Lead them to victory."

They cautiously stepped into the door, which was actually an elevator. They were brought to the second level where they met a huge machine with all sorts of weapons attached to it. They noticed that two mutants fell from the ceiling, they looked like molds of slime that had come alive. The machine fired bullets and Rachel was hit in the left arm by one of the shots. She tried to cast any spell but was unable to gather the concentration needed. The machine shot grenades and Robo had to push Rachel out of their way to avoid being hit. Robo fired back with the laser spin, but to no avail. The machine fired small missiles again, and Robo was damaged by their impact. It fired laser shots but fortunately for Robo and Rachel, was not as accurate this time.

"I can't believe we made it this far only to be beaten now," gasped Rachel. "I can hardly wield my sword and my magic is not strong enough to handle that thing."

"It would seem hopeless," said Robo, "but in the past we were able to beat incredible odds by putting our heads together. I will try to fire some of my weaponry back while you try to get a blast of magic ready."

Robo, standing on one knee, used his Shock to drive back the cowardly mutants and attack the machine. It did not have as much effect as Robo had hoped, but it stopped their attacker for the time being. Robo used his Ice Beam which also damaged the machine. Rachel gathered all her strength and cast Glacier, her best spell. It wounded the machine, but still did not kill it.

"Miss Rachel, this battle is hopeless unless I can deactivate its shielding," Robo explained. "Will you distract it while I see what I can do?"

In reply, Rachel cast Water spells, which seemed more of a nuisance to the machine than an actual threat. The machine fired a shot at her, but she used all her strength to move out of the way. Robo frantically worked at a computer, trying to break through its codes. It worked and Robo typed in the sequence to lower the machine's shields. "Now!" he cried to Rachel.

She cast Ice 2 which completed finished the machine. Robo used his Area Bomb to kill of the tiny mutants, who had no chance at this point. "Robo, I could kiss you if you weren't made of metal!" cried Rachel. Soon her attention focused back to her arm, and she dropped to her knees.

"Miss Rachel, you may rest while I get the speed boats ready," he said. "They will be at the shore, just west of this dome. Are you ready?"

Before she could answer, Atropos walked in, followed by sixty XR-Series. "So, Prometheus, we meet again. But this time the advantage is mine!"

"That's Robo!" he said. He still was a little sensitive whenever someone called him Prometheus, especially Atropos. "I taught you a lesson long ago and I blew off your arm. I will do even worse this time."

"Mother has repaired me, since your cowardly assault on me. And these units will take care of you and your pathetic new friend," laughed Atropos.

Rachel was furious and leapt forward, holding the Masamune in her right hand and destroying on of the XR-Series. They immediately fired on her, knocking her unconscious. "Don't kill her!" cried Atropos. "I want her alive. And I also want Golden Boy alive."

Robo tackled Atropos, sending her to the ground. He punched on her, damaging her severely with the Prism Fist. He paid no attention to the XR-Series who pulled him off and used their Area Bomb to knock him to the ground. Robo had little chance after the damage he had taken from the previous fight as well as the number that he had to fight now. Even though, he managed to get up again and used his Shock. He wounded a few XR-Series with it, but focused most of the attack on Atropos, who fell to the ground. He ran forward again and used the Fire Beam on her. Before he had a chance to attack again, the XR-Series came to her rescue and once again pulled off Robo. Atropos got up, barely standing. She used her Laser Spin to hit Robo, who thrashed wildly against the XR-Series.

"Hold him down! Deactivate him before he gets a chance to get loose!" cried Atropos. She fell to the ground, hardly able to stand. They obeyed her, and Robo was deactivated. "Excellent," she laughed. "Mother will be happy to learn about this." She left the dome, being help up by two of the XR-Series. They brought the deactivated Robo and unconscious Rachel with them. They were heading for the Geno Dome, where the Mother Brain was eager to have some amusement at their expense.


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