The Year Of Robo Chapter 21

September 2300 (2)

By Robo

September 2, 2300

At dawn, the armies of Guardia rode forward with a new determination. They were going to rid the world of an evil that had plagued mankind for over a century. Only this time, the humans would surely be victorious.

Davis frantically tried to maintain control of his soldiers. With great difficulty he arranged the soldiers into columns of several hundreds. It was important not to get too arrogant, because in these last few battles Mother Brain was going to throw everything she had at them.

"Here is our plan," said Robo to Rachel. "Belthasar, Doan, and myself stayed up all night arranging it and we believe it to be our best bet."

"We will attack Lab 32 from behind," said Doan. "It will come as a surprise because the robots there have only planned for a direct attack from the Proto Dome. The only way soldiers from the Keeper's Dome could attack the Factory would be if we used the Sewer Access, and they still think it's inaccessible to us. They do not know that the Sewers were cleared out, courtesy of Robo and yourself," he said with a smile at Rachel.

Doan interrupted, "I will then lead our forces to the Proto Dome and defeat the robots attacking there. Then with the combined soldiers of our dome and the Proto Dome, and any machines we can manufacture in Lab 32, we take down the robots' forces. They should fall like dominoes!"

At about noon the last of the soldiers had made their was through the eerie halls of the Sewer Access. Davis led them to the east side of Lab 32, where security was extremely light. "Rachel, myself, and Doan will go on," he said to Robo and Belthasar. Follow behind when we give the signal. Robo nodded and they walked forward,

The six robots guarding there were surprised to see three humans walking up to them, along with a human invasion unit behind them.

"Intruders!" came the digitalized voice of one of them. "How could they have reached the eastern side of the highway!?"

"We must make our way to the other end of the highway and warn our forces there!" cried another.

Davis lifted his gun and blasted the two of them before they got away. Rachel cleaved another in half. "Well, this is it," said Doan to himself. He held his ancestor's Rainbow Sword in both hands. "This is where I see if I am a true warrior, or just a fool. I can either impress Rachel or make an idiot of myself." A robot ran up to him and fired energy beams at him. Doan barely jumped out of the way to avoid them, but landed flat on his face. When the robot fired again, Doan lifted the Rainbow and blocked the shot. He was amazed at himself, then ackwardly swung the sword at the robot. He missed but tried again. Yet again he managed to miss the robot. He closed his eyes and swung one last time.

When he opened them, he found that the robot lay dead at his feet. He also saw Rachel looking straight at him, shaking her head. "Did I get it?" asked Doan.

"No, after Davis and myself took care of the other three guards, I found you here swinging your blade wildly around in attempt to hit this guy," she said, pointing her sword at the dead robot. "I stepped forward and killed it myself," she said as she put away her sword. "You had better learn how to use your sword before you get yourself and the rest of us killed," she said.

"I just had to get the hang of it, that's all," said Doan. "I'm used to this sword now, I swear!"

"Sure you are," said Davis, giving the signal for Robo. The robot led the troops forward, followed by Belthasar.

"Next time, keep your eyes open," Rachel told him. They continued forward and ran into more and more robots as they made their way west through the highway. Their next battle was against twelve robots, twice as many as before, and led by a huge robot with a laser canon mounted on its left hand, as well as an axe on its right.

The soldiers fired and the robots began to fall. Rachel was fighting with their leader, but could not manage to get in a shot at her opponent. Doan ran up at once to assist her. "Not now," she said to herself. "Doan, you're going to get yourself killed, as well as me. Get out of here!"

Doan ignored her and stabbed his blade into the robot's chest. He swung his weapon again and stabbed the blade through its leg. It shot its laser at Doan, who had to jump back to avoid being hit. "Stay back," he warned. Rachel backed off in confusion and Doan fired a bolt straight into the robot's head. The head exploded and the robot fell to the ground.

"Not bad," said Rachel. "I think I underestimated you."

"No time for romance," Robo called out. "That was still only the first of many battles, the largest of which we will run into briefly. They walked forward and cut through all opposition in their way. The battles were larger and harder the further west they traveled down the highway. Slowly they advanced foward until they met true opposition.

They traveled all the way through the highway and had made their way to the east end of the lab. The vast majority of the robots were there, most were facing east, observing their attack on the Proto Dome.

"How goes our attack?" asked one robot.

"Not well," replied another. "Without the leadership of Death or Atropos, we can hardly make any progress. All but a handful of our XR-Series were destroyed in our failed attempt to destroy the Keeper's Dome. We are currently at a deadlock with their forces, but the moment the forces of the Keeper's Dome come to assist it all will be over."

"They still have no idea we're right behind them!" Doan whispered. He gripped the hilt of his sword until his knuckles were turning white.

"Well, are we ready?" Robo asked.

"We're as ready as we're going to get," Davis said.

"Then let the attack begin," cried Rachel out loud. The soldiers ran forward and shot dozens of robots before they even knew what was going on. The leader of the robots tried to gain control but to no avail. The robots fired back but they were no match for the soldiers.

"Here comes trouble," said Doan. He pointed and they saw twenty of the surviving XR-Series coming their way. "They can still turn the tide of a battle."

"Let us see what we can do," said Robo simply. He ran up them and swung his fist overhead and knocked several of them down with an Uzzi Punch.

Davis pulled out his fire blaster and let loose flames. "How about a little fire, scarecrow?" he said, laughing. "Well," he said to himself, "I never thought I would quote The Wizard of Oz but I guess I proved myself wrong." He melted the units that had tried to attack them. He laughed as the let loose another blast of fire and sent a group of the XR-Series fleeing.

Using his magic Belthasar summoned fireballs and launched them at the XR-Series. They tried to counter attack but the flames ingulfed them and set them ablaze. The XR-Series decided it was time to literally fight fire with fire. The remaining ones concentrated and hit Robo with their Area Bombs. "Must...fight it!" cried Robo. He managed to roll out of the way and used his Cure Beam on himself. He used his own Area Bomb against the XR-Units and they fell to the ground. He fired again with the Fire Beam and killed the last few XR-Series.

The three of them ran up to Doan and Rachel and found them putting their swords away. At their feet lay five dead XR-Series. "Not bad," Robo commented. "Not bad at all, if I do say so myself."

"Let's see," said Doan. "I killed three, which means Rachel killed only two. Hmm, if you do the math, I have outdone you, Rachel."

"He gets a little beginner's luck and thinks he's hot stuff," Rachel grumbled to herself. "Do the other soldiers need our help?"

"I don't think so," said Davis. They looked to the right and saw the human soldiers destroying the last of Lab32's guardians. "We've got Lab 32 back, and the Geno Dome will soon be next!"


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