The Year Of Robo Chapter 24

November 2300 (2)

By Robo

November 30 2300

"Prepare for impact!" cried Davis.

The new Lavos crashed directly on the Geno Dome, followed by a blinding flash. Seconds later, the smoke cleared, and the new Lavos was staring at the four of them, above the ruins of the Geno Dome.

"You three get out of here!" Robo shouted. "I will stay behind and try to stop it."

Rachel and Doan drew their swords and got off the boat. "We can't let you face this alone," Rachel said.

"Yeah, if I'm going to die, I'm taking that thing down with me," Doan said.

Belthasar started to get out of the boat but Robo stopped him. "We cannot allow all of us to risk our lives. Belthasar, you must go back with Davis and restore order. I'm sure the other humans are panicked." Belthasar nodded.

"We'll come back for you!" he shouted as the boat sped away.

Robo, Rachel, and Doan walked up to the Lavos and drew their weapons. "Look at the size of that thing," gasped Doan.

"Twice as big as the original," Robo said. "And it appears this one is also of greater power than the original," observed Robo. "It's power readings are off my charts."

Rachel struck first, casting a simple ice spell. The monster shrugged it off and countered with an unknown form of energy it seemingly pulled out of thin air. The force of it hit Rachel and drove her back. Doan fired lightning bolts, which hit the Lavos with incredible force and sent explosions all over its body, but when the smoke cleared, the beast appeared relatively unharmed. Robo fired his Fire Beam as well as the Laser Spin, but the Lavos proved to be immune to fire and Shadow magic as well.

"Our magic can't hurt it," cried Doan.

"Then we'll have to beat it the old fashioned way," Rachel called out. She leapt forward and swung the Masamune, and sent it down in the middle eye of the creature. It let out a blood curdling scream, then laughed as it summoned an unknown energy and healed itself. Doan stabbed the creature in the shell with the Rainbow, but could not pierce its armor with his first or second strike. Finally the third strike went through, but almost as soon as the damage was done the Lavos would heal itself.

Robo swung his fist several times and hit the Lavos square in the head, but it kept using its powers to heal itself. "Fascinating," he observed. "Its healing factor is remarkable." When he jumped forward to strike again, the Lavos sent out blades of energy and knocked the trio back. As they got up, the thing let out a roar and they could feel the ground sink below them. Robo had to literally push the other two out of the way to prevent them from falling in the pit.

"It's hopeless," Doan said.

"Maybe so," answered Rachel. "But if I'm going to die, it will be on my feet, swinging my sword." She ran forward, charging with the Masamune. Doan followed behind her, wielding his sword as well. Together they met the Lavos head on and stabbed their blades into its thick skin. The creature screamed again, before healing itself and unleashing a beam of fire on the two of them. Neither of them could move.

"If I do not think of something, I too will meet that fate," Robo said. He desperate ran off, trying to stay hidden from view while the Lavos glanced around, trying to find him. As he frantically ran around, he stumbled over something. "Of all the times to trip over a rock!" he muttered to himself. Until he realized that it was not a rock. "That is a bomb," he said to himself. "A partially buried bomb, it must have been unearthed by the crash of the Lavos." He pulled it out and realized just what it was he had discovered. "A nuclear bomb!" he cried. "It just may have the power to destroy this thing."

"Oh no you don't!" came a voice. A figure stepped forward, a metallic pink robot. "It seems you have discovered the weapon I have intended to use to wipe out the human race. I'm not going to let you have it."

Robo did not have to turn around to know who it was. "Atropos-XR," he said. "I should have known you would have betrayed the Mother Brain as soon as it served your purpose."

"As I plan to detonate this bomb to serve an even greater purpose," she said. "You aren't going to waste it here and now."

"But if we do not use it to stop the Lavos now, there will be no world left to conquer," Robo pointed out.

"No! Once I eliminate the humans, the Lavos shall kneel before me, and worship me for the goddess I am," screamed Atropos. "The Lavos only want to eliminate biological life. However, I will accomplish that task for it, and it will serve me in gratitude!"

It was obvious to Robo that she had lost all sanity. "I do not have time for this," he said simply. He struck out with his fist and knocked her to the ground. Before she had the opportunity to respond, he picked her up and threw her against one of the few walls of the Geno Dome that still stood. She crashed into it, and the wall began to shake. Atropos let out a final scream of sheer terror as the wall came tumbling down and crushing her body.

"It appears Atropos is dead," Robo said, delivering a brief eulogy. "We are richer for having lost her. Now, I shall see to activating this bomb." The nuclear weapon was simple enough for Robo to set off. He set the timer to go off at one minute. "Now, the final matter at hand is to place this next to the Lavos and find a hiding place."

There were fifty seconds left on the timer when Robo approached the Lavos and tossed the bomb next to it. Robo quickly scooped up the unconscious bodies of Rachel and Doan and scurried away, barely missing the white beams of light fired by the Lavos.

"This looks as safe as place as anywhere else," Robo said. He jumped down into the crater that was formed when the Lavos created the earthquake. There were now thirty-five seconds left on the timer. "This crater is over thirty feet deep," Robo observed. Twenty seconds left on the timer. "With any luck, it shall be sufficient to survive the blast." Fifteen seconds left. He looked around and said to himself, "The Mother Brain is destroyed. Atropos is destroyed as well." Eight seconds left until detonation. "And soon this new Lavos will be destroyed. Now there is nothing left to do but wait." The timer reached zero, and the weapon went off.


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