The Year Of Robo Chapter 25

December 2300

By Robo

December 8, 2300

In a dark room, a lone figure awoke. He found himself alone and confused. He had no memory of who he was, or what was going on. The door opened, and in walked three men. "Don't worry," said the first one. He was an elderly man, but it was impossible to see his face in the dark.

"Do you think we can save him? He has lost most of his body," spoke up the second man.

"Don't worry, we have the right man for this job," said the first man. "If anyone can get the job done, its him As for body parts," the man laughed. "We had a few who were willing to become donors."

The third man walked up, also an elderly man. "Let's get started," he said.


December 10, 2300

"All finished," said the third man. "Let's see if I was successful."

They turned a switch, and the patient lying on the bed awoke. He looked around for a minute. "So, how are you feeling?" asked the first man. "Do you remember who I am?"

"Please, Master Belthasar," said the patient. "I am a robot. I remember everything I am exposed to."

"I can see he pulled through," said the second man. "So how do you feel?"

"I have no feelings," the patient answered. "Honestly Master Davis, you should know better."

"He's fine," laughed Davis.

"I am curious," said the patient. "How was I repaired?"

"You can thank this man," said Belthasar, as the third figure stepped forward.

"Me-Melichoir?" the patient asked. "This in an unexpected surprise."

"It has been a while Robo," Melichoir said with a laugh.

"How can you be here?" Robo continued. "You live in the year 1000 A.D."

"And we just happen to have a time machine," answered Belthasar.

"You brought him here?" Robo asked.

"Yes," Melichoir answered. "It was great helping you and the others during the journey, but as soon as it was over I became bored with the life as a lonely hermit once again. I was surprised to see Belthasar of all people knock on my door and asked if I wanted to come to the future again. I wasn't terribly attatched to my life there, so I accepted. I said some good-byes to my friends there, and here I am," he said with a smile.

Slowly Robo remembered the Lavos incident. He was not eager to know the results, but he knew that did not matter. He sat up and asked, "What exactly happened after the explosion?"

"You mean the nuclear explosion?" asked Davis. "That's something we couldn't figure out. Where did the nuclear weapon come from?"

"Atropos planned to use it against us," he explained. "However, I used it to destroy the new Lavos instead."

"Clever idea," Davis admitted. "Well, you succeeded. All that remained of it when we came back was its charred shell. We found you there, but most of your body was lost in the blast. However, your memory files were still intact, and that was what was important. We were able to recreate your body with the thanks of some some volunteers."

"Volunteers?" questioned Robo.

"Six of the R-Series survived the blast," said Davis. "With the Mother Brain destroyed, they were pretty much wandering zombies. We reactivated them and installed the computer chips that gave them independent thought. They realized that the Mother Brain was wrong, and joined us. One of them even donated his body so that you can be repaired, and the others have found jobs as soldiers in the military."

"This body I now possess is that of one of those R-Series?" Robo asked.

"Yes," Belthasar answered. "But between the three of us, we did a pretty good job of fixing you up."

"Yes, all the R-Series are nearly identical," Melichoir said, adjusting his sunglasses. "We just gave you a coat of gold pain, and reinstalled your weapon systems and memory files. You probably would have never know this wasn't your original body had we not told you."

Robo remembered something else. "What happened to Doan and Rachel?" Robo asked, not wanting to know the answer.

"Doan was dead when we found him," explained Belthasar sadly. "We were able to bring Rachel back here, but she soon died of radiation poisoning."

Robo nodded in understanding. "It is a tragedy," he admitted. "How bad was the explosion?"

"The whole island of the Geno Dome is severely contaminated with radiation," Davis said. "We'll probably never use that island for centuries. Even getting you out of there was a risky operation. Other than that, not bad. The fact that the blast was located in an isolated position prevented the spread of radiation."

"That is good," said Robo. He turned to Melichoir, "You are a brilliant man, no matter in what time period you are in."

"Well," Melichoir said, "Before I left, I did make visiting Lucca a habit, and learned about her inventions and modern technology. Had in not been for that, I would probably not been capable of fixing you. Which reminds me, Crono and Marle send their regards. And Lucca gave me this to give you," he said. He handed Robo a small package. Robo would have smiled if his body was capable of such a function. He opened the wrapping and saw that it was a book, titled Chrono Trigger. "It was a book that she wrote along with Marle and Crono," Melichoir explained. "It tells of their adventures against the fight with Lavos."

Robo opened it up, and read chapter 1, which was titled The Millennial Fair. "Fascinating," Robo said. "It follows the actual story word for word." He flipped through the pages until he stopped and said, "Here it is. Chapter 7: The Factory Ruins. This is where Lucca first found and repaired me. Too bad I cannot send her a thank you note."

Belthasar laughed. "That's okay. But first, why don't we take you on a tour of the dome." Robo stepped out of his room and stared at amazement. The buildings within the domes were beautifully decorated. The clear glass walls that surrounded the domes had been cleaned, and provided a pleasant window for the beautiful winter scene outside. People walked freely around in the streets and children were playing outside without fear. "We did a little renovation," Belthasar said. "Now just this dome, but the Proto Dome as well. And we've already started rebuilding the Factory. The Bangor, Trann, and Arris domes have just been cleaned out, and soon people will be able to live there as well."

"We are trying an experimental new government form," Davis added. "It is called a republic, where the citizens of the country elect officials to represent them. So far, Belthasar and myself are running for President of Guardia. You can run if you wish, you would probably win hands down."

"I thank you for your offer," Robo said, bowing. "But, I do not really fit in here. To tell you the truth, I do not feel like I fit in anywhere or at any time period in this world..."


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