The Year of Robo Chapter 5

March 2300

By Robo

March 1, 2300

"The final attack will take place tomorrow, at 7:00 P.M," said Robo, instucting all the R-Series. "We will take the Keeper's Dome, and execute their leader, swiftly. Without him, the other humans will surely surrender." He raised his arms in salute, and the other R-Series returned the salute.

Everyone was proud, except Atropos XR. She just glared at Robo in the background. "This is not the Promethueus I remembered," she muttered to herself. In the past she had been the second in command, while Prometheus would be her assistant interest. This "new" Prometheus that had returned showed no interest in her, and had taken her coveted position as Mother Brain's second in command. "Why she keeps her, I do not know," she whispered. "He has failed the last three attacks he had planned. Not to mention the attack he led on the Factory. His defeat made me ashamed to be a robot."

To say the least, she was skeptical, and she had enough of it. She walked to Mother Brain's quarters. When she stepped into the room, the computers activated themselves and a projection through the main computer appeared, Mother Brain herself. "Welcome, Atropos," she said. "Should you not be planning for our final battle?"

"That is why I must speak with you, Mother," said Atropos. "He is not the same unit as I remember. He is clumsy, stupid, and innefficeint. At this rate, our 'secret weapon' just may cause us to lose the war."

"Hold your tongue," hissed the Mother Brain. "He's more important than you think. His weapon systems, unlike your own, can be transfered to the rest of the R-Series, creating an invincible army of death! I will not let your personal objections get in the way."

"I meant no blasphamy, Mother," replied Atropos. "He will provide valuable research, but to lead in our final battle? We finally learn their secret base, it does not seem intelligent to let Prometheus lead the attack. I shall take his place."

Mother Brain laughed. "You never did see the potential behind him, did you? Remember, he predates you, and are the reason you exist. He was supposed to become a great leader, but I made the mistake of holding him back and letting you step up and take his position. So he became your slave. What was the result? We started to lose the war. While Prometheus led the units, we were unstoppable. But you convinced me that I owed it to you to let you lead, because you had saved my memories. And what happened? We lost battles, while Prometheus began to lose his ability. It was your fault that you did not plan that infamous battle well, and he was lost. Now his abilities have suffered. It is your fault, not mine!"

"Mother," Atropos begged. "Let him become a soldier, but he has lost all ability as a fighter. I would be a superior leader for such an important battle."

"Prometheus will lead tomorrow, not you," replied Mother Brain. "It's the principle of the matter, he our future, and he will lead this epic battle. You are excused." With that, the hologram of Mother Brain vanished, and Atropos left.

In the meantime at the Keeper's Dome, Belesthar was holding a banquet of great importance. No one knew what the occasion was, but he insisted it was important. For the last several weeks, he got to know Doan well, and let Doan in on his secret. He had liked Doan, for they were in the same boat. He was from another time, and Doan was from another future. The only thing was that Doan was a descendant of the Guardia family, and if the war was won, he would take Belesthar's place as leader of the humans. He had long talks with Davis as well, learning information about how the front lines were. He knew that the deciding battle would not be far away, but he could not guess who would win.

Doan, Davis, and John walked together. Davis and Doan respected John, who was a young man really making a name for himself. Despite his rude behavior and Southern drawl, they both liked having him around, sometimes. The banquet was silent, Belesthar had ordered no one to eat anything yet. Everone thought this to be very strange, but they obeyed.

A few minutes later, the computer screen in the room came to live, and they found William, leader of the dome's security, on the screen. "Belesthar, we have the enemy coming in to attack! They are only minutes away from the dome." Belesthar smiled. "Sir," gasped William, "this is no laughing matter. We're in serious danger if they have found this dome."

"Indeed," laughed Belesthar. "It is a turning point in the war. Go, go send our troops to meet them. Yes, a fight it will be then, a fight."

Everyone thought Belesthar was acting very wierd, but had no time to ponder his behavior. They ran out and saw a swarming army of the Mother Brain's strongest robots approuching. The humans fired their weapons, striking down their front lines. John got a gernade and laughed as he threw it, for he loved battle. It blew up several robots to tiny pieces.

Robo stood in the background, ordering all the troops to move in at once. "This is no battle strategy!" said Atropos. "They will finish us off very quickly. I must go to the front lines, at least."

"You will stay here," said Robo. "I know what I am doing."

While Doan and John were fighting, and Davis directed his troops, Belesthar just sat back and smiled. Finally he looked at the robots' leader, Robo, and nodded. Robo nodded back. Robo walked to the front lines, leaving Atropos by herself. All the humans saw the leader of the hated robots and prepared to fire, when Belesthar yelled, "Cease fire!" Everyone looked in amazement, but for some reason, Belesthar did not want anyone to fire anymore shots.

Robo walked up to one of the R-series, R-13Y. He raised his right arm in salute to Robo, and Robo punched him in the face, denting the robots head. Robo fired his Laser Spin and destroyed the robot. Belesthar smiled, and Robo raised his right hand in salute to the humans. Davis gave the order to continue the battle.

One of the robots shouted at Robo, "You will pay for your treachery!"

"Coward!" responded Robo. "Come and fight me yourself!" He ran up to meet Robo, but as he approached, Robo tackled him, sending him to the ground. Before he could move, Robo used his Area Bomb to complete melt his opponent. A small robot, hovering in the air, shot an energy net in attempt to catch Robo. He ducked and puched the flying robot, sending it crashing to the ground.

The humans continued to defend their domes, and the robots were literally helpless. Their leader had betrayed them, they were outnumbered by the humans, and had no means of escape. Belesthar decided to let the other humans in on his secret, and walked up to the battle. He remembered his magical powers he had in Zeal, and concentrated. He send forth a flury of flames at the robots, driving them back. He summoned an immense tital wave, and the robots were soaked. Then he fired lighting spells, which ran wild over the water and the robots' metal bodies. He saw Robo surrounded by four of the R-series, and sent forth a spell of ice, freezing them. Robo swung his fist, shattering the ice, and the robots crumbled to pieces.

Atropos was furious. She stepped forth and said, "What is the meaning of this, Prometheus. You said you knew what you were doing!"

"I knew exactly what I was doing," said Robo. "And do not call me Prometheus anymore, my name is Robo!" He fired his arm laser at her, blowing off her left arm. She screamed, and ordered the surviving robots to retreat via the Sewer Acess.

"Think any of 'em are gunna survive down der?" asked John.

"I think it's safe to say they will have some difficulites," laughed Davis. "I still can't believe what I just saw! Belesthar, you were right, tonight was a turning point for us."

"Of course, I knew him before he was a hero to us," bragged Doan.

Belesthar smiled. "Come, now we will resume the feast that we started before we were so rudely interrupted. For we have something important to celebrate now."

And so, Robo, Belesthar, Davis, Doan, and John, together, walked into the Keeper's Dome toghether. None of them knew it yet, but the turning point in the war had begun.


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