The Year of Robo Chapter 6

March 2300 (2)

By Robo

March 8, 2300

The Mother Brain did not have to wait for Atropos to arrive to learn of Robo's treachery and the robot's humiliating defeat. She had pondered what to do. The humans were stronger than ever. Since this Doan character had arrived, the humans had learned something about him being from "an alterate future" whatever that meant. She wished her spies and scouts had picked up more information. Now they had an actual surviving member of the Guardia family, a curse she had thought she had ended centuries ago. As for Belesthar, she thought there was more to him than meets the eye. Supposedly magic was extinct long before humans started recording history, and the only other group that used magic were the Mystics, who had vanished centuries ago. She knew there was only one thing left to do.

"Mother, Atropos and her units have arrived," reported a small robot.

"It has taken them long enough, let them in," said Mother Brain. Atropos walked in, angry and frustrated.

"Mother, I told you Prometheus could not be trusted. Now, all is lost," she began.

Mother Brain interrupted her. "I agree, this is a disturbing turn of events, but I still have an ace up my sleeve." She activated a red button on her computer, which signaled other robots. "The R-Series are no longer adequate. Those surviving series will be put to the front lines, nothing more than mere foot soldiers." Several silver colored robots entered. "I present now, the XR-Series. More effecient and deadly than the R-Series. They contain every weapon that you or Prometheus have. There are now one thousand of these series made, with more to come. They are in your command."

Atropos knew that Mother Brain had a back up plan, always. These new XR-Series alone outnumbered all of the humans put together. At this point, Robo could only be a nuisance. "Thank you Mother, we will at last crush the humans. But one question remains."

"You may procede," said the Mother Brain.

"What about our units of Lab 32, they were originally supposed to help in our failed attack of the Keeper's Dome, but they had been forgotten after Prometheus' sudden reapperance. With our new units we have no need for them. What can we do with them?"

"Ahhh, I see," said Mother Brain. "They serve no usefull purpous, but send all six of them to attack the Factory and Proto Dome. It will make a nice surprise attack and even though they will most likely be defeated quickly, it will make sure the humans will have to time to gather their strength before the real attack. Contact their leader, what was he calls himself? Jimmy? Jacky?"

"I believe it is 'Johnny,'" helped Atropos.

"Yes, 'Johnny,'" said Mother Brain, thoughtfully. "Have him attack tonight. Those humans will get a mere taste of our new strenght tonight."

Atropos began her orders that very instant. "This is Atropos-XR of the Geno Dome."

"Yeah, babe?" came Johnny's faint reply.

"Lead your units in attack on the Proto Dome, tonight."


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