Year of Robo Chapter 7

March 2300 (3)

By Robo

March 8, 2300 (later that night)

Robo was having a discussion with Belesthar, and asked the one question he needed answered the most. "How did you know I would join with you and the humans?"

In reply, Belesthar handed him a faded piece of paper, hundreds of years old. "Read this, and everything will be explained."

Robo read the message:

To my dear friend Belesthar,

Rest assured, the Epoch you designed so long ago in Zeal was sucessful. With it, the group of heroes who appeared in the Ocean Palace were able to defeat Lavos. Sadly, the Epoch was destroyed as they entered Lavos' shell. It will most likely never exist because you live in a different future and will never invent it. Although Lavos is gone forever, the future may hold dangers still. In the future of Lavos , a renegade group of robots were a small threat. Now that Lavos is gone, the robots may pose a serious threat in this future. If this is the case, lead the humans until a man named Doan, who is a descendent of the royal family and rightful heir to the human throne arrives. Also, one of the heroes from the Ocean Palace is also a robot. He has been sent back and will pretend to work for the evil robots. He can be trusted and will betray his fellow robots during the course of a major battle. Enclosed is what remains of the Rainbow Shell. Give it to Robo, he will know what to do with it. Take care.

Your friend,


"So our plan worked," said Robo. This was the very letter he dictated to Melchoir in the year 1000 A.D.

"When I arrived, the humans were in disorder," explained Belesthar. "With the help of Davis, I organized the humans, so that we could fight back. One day they gave me this letter, saying it had been kept for almost one thousand years and was to be delivered to Belesthar. I think this is for you," he said, pulling out a chest.

Robo opened it, and inside was the ever sparkling Rainbow Shell. "This will be quite useful. If I could create a weapon for myself, it will surely increase my battle efficiency."

"Well, I leave it in your hands. I was the inventor, not the blacksmith," chuckled Belesthar.

Doan, Davis, and John ran in. "We have a lot of trouble!" said Doan. "Proto Dome is under attack."

"Calm down," said Belesthar. "How bad is it?"

"I shall check," said Robo, as he punched in access codes in the room's computer.

"Now dis is unheard of," said John. "I ain't never heard of 'em startin' a new attack dis soon after a defeat like dey suffered."

"It is strange strategy, but possibly a dangerous situation," said Davis.

"Relax," assured Robo. "It is only six units. Wait a minute, Mr. John is correct. This is unheard of. I fail to the Mother Brain's logic."

Belesthar looked grim. "This is only the beginning. The first of many, many more. They were sent to distract us."

"The only thing we can do now is take care of these intruders. We can only worry about them right now, then we can try to figure out what Mother Brain intends to do in the long run," said Davis.

Only John, Doan, and Robo were sent. Using the Sewer Access was out of the question, so Belesthar teleported them to the main continent. There they saw a huge army of humans, and six robots. However, their leader, Johnny, was crazy enough to cause serious damage before he was taken down. He shoved his five units forward who fired on the Proto Dome. Their weapons hit it straight on, but the dome's shields held up quite well. Robo fired his Laser Spin taking two of them out. Doan shot one down with his gun and Doan blew up the remaining two with his gernades.

Johnny used the distraction well, and charged the front lines. Six human officers surrounded him. Johnny grabbed one of their guns and wrestled for it. He kicked the man in the groin and sent him to the ground. He fired in the air, backing off the humans then swung it around him. As Robo approached, Johnny swung it and said, "Babe, you aren't going to catch this dude!"

John laughed. "He's a talkin' mighty goofy!"

Robo punched Johnny in the stomach, who groaned. He threw him to the ground but did not kill him. He opened a small hatch on Johnny's back and removed a wire which deactivated him. He signaled to John and they both carried Johnny to the Proto Dome. They began to repair him.

"Why did ya wanna save dis freak?" asked John.

"When I looked at him, I saw myself long ago," explained Robo. "Lucca's once said, 'robots aren't evil. People just make them that way.' Well, maybe Mother Brain and Atropos were different, but Johnny was not evil, that I do know. He was almost our friend in another future. I believe the Mother Brain was controlling him."

They examined his interior and John found a small computer chip. "I ain't never seen dis type of chip 'fore. What do ya reckon it is?"

"I thought so," said Robo. "Johnny isn't much different from me. He, unlike the other robots, has independent thought. He does not have to obey the Mother Brain's commands. She knew that and used this chip to prevent him from rebeling against her." Robo carefully removed it. "Now let us reactivate him."

They switched on the power and nothing happened. "I almost forgot," said Robo. He inserted the wire he had removed from Johnny during the battle. "Now let us try it."

They turned him on, and he jumped up immediately. "Hey! What am I doing here?!" he was ready to strike down the first moving object. "Wait a minute, this isn't Lab 32, man. What the hell is yours truly doing here, babe?"

"He shore could use some grammar lessons," laughed John. "He ain't even able to speak nice and proper."

"Nice Southern drawl," Johnny shot back.

The two were about to beat each other when Robo broke it up. "This is going nowhere. Neither one of you pocess proper grammar skills. As for you, Johnny-"

"Call me 'The Man,'" said Johnny.

"Very well," said Robo. "You were under the control of the Mother Brain. We were able to put a stop to it. Your units were destroyed in the battle and the humans from the Factory and Proto Dome were able to take control of Lab 32."

"Hey man, what battle?" asked Johnny, or as he would perfer, 'The Man.'

"Mother Brain forced you to attack us," said Robo.

"Is that bitch still around?" fumed The Man. "I remember challenging her long ago, then, wait a minute! You're right, man. She did take control of me! Well, I make her pay! When she goes to hell, she can tell them that Johnny sent her."

"Now jes a minute, I thought yer name was The Man," said John.

"Only I may call myself that, man," said Johnny, I mean The Man.

"Who is in control of this dome? I would like to speak to him or her," said Robo. "We will need to prepare transportation to the Keeper's Dome."

"I am in charge here," said a woman walking up. She stood out as being one of the few females who was in the the upper level of the dome, where the soldiers and officials planned their strategy. Robo noticed a very familiar sword by her side.

"Excuse me, Madame, uh, what is your name?" asked Robo.

"Rachel," she said.

"Yes, Madam Rachel," continued Robo. "Would that blade you carry around happen to be the Masamune by any chance?"

"Yeah, don't make fun of me," said Rachel. "You might find it strange for me to use a less advanced weapon, but I wouldn't part with it for anything. This sword has saved my life on more than one occasion. Besides, it's a valuable family heirloom."

"Yes, then there is no doubt," said Robo. "You must be a descendent of Frog."

"Who?" asked Rachel. "You aren't making much since. I've never heard of someone named Frog."

"Appoligies," said Robo. "Perhaps you may know him as Glenn?"

"Glenn, why yes!" exclaimed Rachel. "I've always been told stories about my ancestor's fame. How would you know?"

"I once worked with him," said Robo. "He was a valuable member of our team."

"What are you talking about?" asked Rachel. "I've never been told about his adventures, except his journeys and battles against Mystics."

"I see that he has kept it secret," said Robo. "Come with me to the Keeper's Dome and all will be explained."

"Ya comin along?" asked John. "We ain't got all day."

"Yeah, man. I'll just follow the babe," said The Man, walking behind Rachel.

The four of them walked to a teleporter. It was not the most practical or easiest way of transportation, but right now it was the only means of transportation between the continents. Rachel was tall and slender, with a constant look of determination on her face, but also a softness about her. Like her ancestor, she had green hair, which seemed to run in the family. The strange thing was, she had a tint of purple to it. They arrived in the Proto Dome, where they saw Doan, Davis, and Belesthar. They began a very long explanation...


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