The Year Of Robo Chapter 8

April 2300

By Robo

April 1, 2300

"Belesthar, I believe Rachel may need your help," said Robo. It had been a long and difficult month, but at last Rachel's and Johnny's past were cleared up. And as much as the humans did not like it, all they could do was wait.

"I cannot imagine anything that I could help her with. She is incredible with a sword, a great fighter, I wish we had a few more soldiers like her to tell you the truth."

"That cannot be denied," Robo said. "But she has a great potential none of us may have realized before. Maybe you can train her in the ways of magic."

"I'm sorry, but I could not do that," said Belesthar. "Magic has not existed in, well, ages. I am not Spekkio. As much as I wish I could, I can not simply give people magic."

"She comes from a family of magic users. Her ancestor, Glenn, had water magic. Come to think of it, so would Doan, him being the ancestor of Nadia," said Robo. "One of the things the robots fear the most is our magic. If we could have two more magic users, it can become very hard for them to gain an advantage over us."

"Yes," said Belesthar. "But their ancestors lived hundreds of years ago. It is very unlikely that the potential for magic would still be present in them, but you have a point there. I will investigate the matter."

Later that day, Belesthar was concentrating hard, trying to see if any remote potential of magic existed in Doan or Rachel. He did not have to search hard. "This is unheard of!" exclaimed Belesthar. "I cannot believe it, but here it is. All it would take is a little training, but they can develop excellent magic abilities. But how could this be?"

"I could possibly explain for Doan," said Robo. "I have a suspicion that he is the descendent of not only Nadia, but also of Crono. The fact that he is a descendant of two magic users could explain why he has potential."

"But what about Rachel," said Doan. He had gotten to know her, and was quite fond of her. "Does she have magic abilities?"

"That is even stranger," said Belesthar. "She does. I cannot explain this."

"True, Glenn did not have the most powerful magic, and how it was passed along from each generation is a mystery," said Robo.

"That is not it," said Belesthar. "Something strange about her."

"I never knew who Glenn married," said Rachel. "Is it possible that he married a magic user as well?"

"Yes, that would explain it, but there is an aura about you," said Belesthar. "One that I have not felt since...But no. It couldn't be..."

Robo, Rachel, and Doan looked at Belesthar, not knowing what to make of this reaction of his.

"Let's get down to business," said Belesthar. "Rachel, water magic is your best bet. It seems, from what we know right now, what has been passed along. Doan, you must make a decision. You come from a family who has used both water and lightning magic. I would recommend that you chose one, for it would be easier to develop one type of magic completely than to overwhelm yourself with multiple types. Your choice, water or lightning."

"That is a difficult decision indeed," pondered Doan. "Lightning or water? Lighting or water? I think I'll go with the lightning."

"I suppose it would be best to begin training them now," said Robo. "I must excuse myself and make plans."

Several weeks later, Rachel and Doan felt confident with their magic abilities. Rachel mastered her own special magic, using a variety of ice, water, and even spells which combined both. Doan mastered lightning every bit as well as his ancestor, Crono, had. He had mastered the basics, and even the most difficult spells. They were not the only ones. Robo developed new techs, and spent his spare time making a final weapon out of the Rainbow Shell, the most powerful weapon he had ever seen, the Prism Fist. Johnny, who had been assigned to guard Lab 32, was bored in his spare time and often practiced his shooting skills. Davis, when not training troops, practiced his targeting skills and hand to hand combat techniques. John practiced hard as well, although one might feel that his time would have been spent better if he developed some grammar skills and dropped the Southern drawl.

It was then when Robo decided to not just wait for the Mother Brain to come to them. He told everyone his plan. "It is time to put an end to the Mother Brain. I am quite concerned that we have not heard from her, or her cronies. They have something big planned, I can assure you. That is why we must strike her first. Beleshtar, do you still have your blueprints for the Epoch?"

"Yes I do, but why do we need time travel?" said Beleshtar.

"Epoch has potential for a weapon of war," explained Robo. "Build it according to your plans, then add these plans to it," said Robo. He handed Belesthar a set of blueprints. "When Dalton captured the Epoch, he made some adjustments. Fortunately, I made these blueprints of the adjustments."

"The Epoch flew?!" gasped Beleshtar. "It had laser cannons? I never thought it could be improved upon, by Dalton of all people, but here I stand corrected."

"It will at last provide easy transport between domes, but the Sewer Access needs to be cleared out of monsters. I will travel through all the domes, make a raid on each of them. It will give me a chance to know what we are up against, and will weaken the Mother Brain's troops a little before the battle. I will travel through the sewers on my way home, and put an end to these mutants once and for all."

"You can't be serious!" exclaimed Beleshtar.

"I agree wit der old timer," said John. "Jes Robo 'gainst all dem robots? I don't think so. It can't be done."

"I will take one of you with me," said Robo. "Trust me, I will be able to pull this off."

"I will go," said Rachel at once.

"You can't do that!" exclaimed Doan. "This is no job for a lady. It's dangerous! How about Johnny, he could take her place."

"Johnny is needed to protect Lab 32 from invasion," said Robo.

"Then Davis! Or Belesthar! Or I'll go! My magic is every bit as good as hers," lied Doan.

"I think we can only send Rachel," said Belesthar. "Doan, you are now the leader of these people. You are needed here, not taking unnecessary risks. Besides, Davis, myself, and you will need to plan our strategies. None of us can leave here for the time being."

"I agree wit Doan," said John. "Dis is no mission fer a lady. Let me go."

"I am sorry, but when I said that I must take one of you, I actually had Rachel in mind," said Robo. "Her magic combined with my technology will be the best bet to survive the mission."

"I have faith in my abilities," said Rachel. "I am not the least bit afraid. I have magic, Robo has his techs, we have the Masamune and prism fist, how could we not succeed?"


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