The Year of Robo Chapter 9

April 2300 (2)

By Robo

April 11, 2300

"This cannot be happening! This CANNOT be happening!" screeched the Mother Brain.

"Mother if you please calm down," said Atropos. "Please stop screaming at me."

"How could you have let them out of control like this?!" said Mother Brain. "One magic user is bad enough. Two is trouble. But three?! How could you let this happen?!"

"Mother, please," begged Atropos. "I hardly think I can be blames that descendants of ancient magic users survived. It is beyond our control. But we have not a thing to worry. You said the XR-Series were ready for battle."

"Yes, but do you really think I should use them yet?" said Mother Brain. It was not really a question. "The answer is not yet. We still have domes full of robots that have been in training for decades. Let them go first, clear the way for yourself and the other XR-Series. Then we will get that ancient magic user, the two traitors, the sword wielding knight reject, the old fool Davis, and that hillbilly that speaks with the Southern know,"

"John?" asked Atropos.

"Yes! All of them will perish!" said the Mother Brain. "Order the attack at once."

In the Keeper's Dome, everyone made their good-byes to Robo and Rachel. Even Johnny deserted his post at Lab 32 so he could show up. Robo made his good-byes, "I will miss each of you, but we know that the importance of my mission. I have put this off as long as I could, but now I must say good-bye. Good-bye Belesthar."

"Good-bye Robo, we will fight until you return," said Beleshtar.

"Good-bye Johnny," said Robo.

"You'd the man, man," said Johnny.

"Good-bye Doan," said Robo.

"I will eventually miss you," said Doan. "Probably not today, probably not tomorrow, but some day I will miss you."

"How rude," said Robo. "Good-bye General Davis. I learned a lot about combat strategy from you."

"Good-bye Robo, I also learned a lot about how to take out those blasted robots from you," said Davis.

"And John, dear John, I would like to give this to you before we go," said Robo. He handed him a book of grammar usage.

"Thanks fer der joke Robo," laughed John.

"What joke?" said Robo.

"Good-bye, Doan," said Rachel.

"Promise you'll return in one piece," said Doan sadly.

Davis flew them as far as the Proto Dome. "Sorry, I'd take you further, but I need to return and bring Johnny back to his post," said Davis. Robo and Rachel stepped off, and the Epoch flew off back to the Keeper's Dome.

They walked past the Factory and into Lab 32. There were a dozen humans there to keep watch, but Robo thought it wasn't the same without Johnny. They walked down the highway and Rachel drew her sword. From this point on, they were no longer in the safety of the other humans. Robo scanned something. "It appears to be some of the Mother Brain's scouts. This shall be a good time to practice my new techs."

Rachel held the Masamune in attack position, but put it away. "No, I will use my magic for this battle. There will be too many opportunities for me to use my sword."

There were eight robots, fairly large, walking down. Rachel cast Water, knocking them off their feet. She switched to Ice and froze one of them. They ran toward her and she mixed water and ice, casting Ice Water. It destroyed another one, but she had no real combat experience with magic. Robo, fortunately, was ready to try his newest techs. He fired the Fire Beam, melting one robot. He used the Bolt Beam to blow up another. He fired his Ice Beam and froze yet another's circuits. He used his newly developed Tech Missile to destroy another. Rachel joined quickly and shot water at a robot, and continued until she completely soaked his internal circuits. Robo tried out his new Prism Fist and smashed the leader of the robots with a single hit. Rachel shot ice at Robo, who charged at the last robot. It was froze solid in a block of ice, the result of their Ice Tackle.

"That was fun," gasped Rachel. "Too bad there aren't anymore."

"It seems your wish was granted, Madame Rachel," said Robo. "Thirty more are approaching. This was not a scout unit, this is an invasion unit!"

"We have to help!" gasped Rachel. "The humans will need us to win the battle."

"No, we cannot allow this to distract us," said Robo. "We will sneak by them, and allow the humans to engage them."

"I hope Doan is still in the Keeper's Dome, and did not get caught on this continent," said Rachel.

"Worry not about him," Robo explained. "If our mission should fail, or should these units defeat the Proto Dome, the Keeper's Dome will provide no safe refuge for Doan and our friends."

Davis had dropped Johnny off, and they saw the units approaching. "Go back, man! Get out of here!" yelled Johnny.

"I will stay behind until these units are defeated!" said Davis.

"We can handle them! Just warn Belesthar and Doan!" cried Johnny.

"But what about the units?" shouted Davis.

"I'll worry about the units, man! You go and warn the others!" cried Johnny. Davis lifted off, and flew to the Keeper's Dome as fast as he could.


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