The Year Of Robo: Prologue

By Robo

100 A.D. (Leene Square)

Robo had watched Ayla, Kino, King Guardia XXI, Frog, Magus, and Doan return to their respective times. Now it was his turn and he would have to hurry for the Gate was growing weak. His emergency plan was made with Mechoir, no one knew of it, not even his best friend, Lucca. He said his goodbyes and stepped through the Gate. Spinning blue lights formed around him, which he had become so familiar with during his adventure. It took secconds which seemed like an eternity to him. He wondered the possibilities of his future, he was sure that the Mother Brain's evil intentions had been caused by Lavos, and with him out of the picture, everything would be normal. But it waspossible that the Mother Brain's actions had nothing to do with Lavos, in that case there would be trouble. He had worked out a plan with Melchoir just in case, but he hoped it would be enough. The Gate opened. He appeared in the spot where Leene Square was in the future, the site of the Bangor Dome. He was soon about to find out what was in store for the future very quickly.


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