To Forgive Prologue

By Rozalynn

Once everything had calmed down after the destruction of meteor, Cloud and Tifa went to say their final good-byes to Aeris in the city of the Ancients. It was only the two of them, alone, by the small lake Cloud had set Aeris in to rest. To him though it seemed she wasn't there anymore because he could no longer see her slender form in the water. Even though he felt this way he still placed the bouquet of flowers onto the waters crystal like surface.

Silence filled the area as if nothing was ever going to make a sound again. But soon a noise came. It was faint at first but steadily grew louder, until Cloud and Tifa could hear it. It was the sound of someone giggling.

Then a voice spoke; "Cloud you're not imagining things, I'm not in the lake."

Aeris appeared from behind one of the white leafless trees. She looked just the same as she had the last time he'd seen her.

Her hair was undone from its' ponytail and her face was still as beautiful as before. The only difference was the wound from Sephiroth's sword was gone.

Both he and Tifa were stunned to see her. Before she could stop herself she began to cry. Cloud, being the strong guy that he was, held back his tears as best he could.

"How…?" he began but was stopped by Aeris' readied reply.

"After Holy failed to work, I used the lifestream to destroy it. The planet then returned the favor by bringing me to life."

After that they all embraced each other in a long group hug. Tifa was the first to break away from the hug. She grabbed her PHS with shaky hands and began calling everyone to tell them the wonderful and unbelievable news.


Subsequent to their finding of Aeris, Cloud decided to sell his villa in Costa del Sol and use the rest of his money that he had gathered on their adventure *, to build a house in Kalm. Once the house was completed, Cloud proposed to Aeris, which she happily agreed to. He also had enough money to build a new bar for Tifa, to make up for his decision to marry Aeris. She was glad to have something to occupy herself with and started working right away. Within a few weeks the bar had became the most popular in the slow growing town of Kalm. Cloud, as well, had an extra large room attached to their house for Aeris' flower shop. Her flower shop was their only source of money when Cloud didn't have any work.

He purposed that Tifa be the godmother of their first child, Sora, who had just been born a year after meteor, and be like an aunt too. After

Seven years soon flew by and only once did Shinra try to rise up again. The group gathered up once again and defeated them. This brought on the rise of a new company called Avalanche corp. Reeve was the owner and the president. It didn't start out well, but in the end it was the only company that had found a new source of energy: running water to make electricity. This way of getting electricity was very effective and it didn't drain the planet's energy.

* * * * * *

After fourteen years had past nothing happened, no more threats in the world to deal with, no more Shinra, and no more anything. There seemed to be no action in the world. It just seemed too quiet to stop worrying about the obvious foreshadowing of the future…

On that peculiar day, it was Sora's thirteenth birthday. It was on that day when everything was going to change. She had always wanted to cut her hair short and get new cloths like shorts or pants instead of a dress. Her mother, Aeris, had promised her they would get her new clothes and a new haircut. Cloud had also been talked into giving her his old buster sword so that he could train her to fight. What they didn't know was that Sora had her own plan as well. That day she would go to the Midgar ruins to do some training of her own.


*(Author's note: It's not even funny how much money I had at the end of the game, the Cloud in my game, was like a millionaire.)

Author Notes-

If a little star is in the middle of a sentence it means there is a little note from me at the end of the section.

How do you like it? I hope you don't think it's that bad. It is a prologue you know. It was hard to choose how I would tell people what happens from the time they find Aeris to Sora's 12th birthday. It probably seems kind of rushed, but it's the best I can do, I'll try to add more detail. I also had to think of a way to have Aeris come back without having her be resurrected, with human help. I didn't want people to think that this was a resurrecting Aeris story.

At the end of the game it seemed Cloud had gotten over her death in the part when he and Tifa are talking about seeing her again or in other words say goodbye. I also remember that at the very end of the cut scene they show a picture of Aeris opening her eyes. That part led me to believe that she might be alive even though it could be her in the lifestream.

Chapter 1

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