Problems Arise Chapter 2

An Attack On Her Mind

By Shadowangel

Frog dismissed his doubts again. Keyra was acting just like she should…now anyway.

She was most likely angry with Magus…I am too, so I canst not blame her for the look in her eyes. But it is most odd that her eyes looked like they contained fire. It is most odd indeed, Frog thought. He glanced back at her, just to check and see if she was all right. She was calmly healing the soldier who was in the worst state.

There, Glenn. There is nothing wrong with her. I must just be worrying too much. But, why doth I have such a feeling? I feel like I art lying to myself. Frog thought as he healed another soldier. Thou art lying to thyself. How canst thy be such a fool? A small, evil voice inside his head sneered at him. He shook his head clear as he moved to another soldier. This one was in worse condition than the last, and stared at him when Frog approached.

“Are you a Mystic? Why are you here, Mystic?!” the soldier demanded harshly.

“I be no Mystic. I am here to heal thee. My appearance has been…altered…by a magician,” Frog told him. The soldier seemed satisfied and chatted with Frog while he healed him.

“This strange virus had started about a month ago. At first it was only a few people…then more and more caught it. So many got it, in fact, that some house on an island had to be used as a hospital. I think that it was that crazy inventor Lucca’s house. Hopefully she cleared away some of the junk that she has around,” the soldier said with a small laugh.

“By the way, my name’s Mark. Should we ever meet again, I’d love to chat with you.” He said.

“Of course I shall. That is, if I ever see thee.” Frog replied. He moved to the next man, leaving Mark to think.


After a few hours of healing the soldiers, Marle and Ayla, who had just finished cleaning up Lucca’s house, replaced Frog and Keyra. They had healed all the people there, so they decided to see how Keyra was doing. Marle knew Frog would be fine, but Keyra hadn’t done very much healing. Besides, Lucca told them to send both of them over to her house. Marle walked over to Keyra, who had just finished healing one of the maids.

“Hey, Keyra. Lucca wanted you and Frog over at her house. She said something about some other stuff she had for you. Better hurry or else she may change her mind!”

“Oh. Sure! I’ll get Frog and we’ll go over there. One of the attendants should fill you in on who needs something now. Some of these guys have had this for weeks,” Keyra explained. She and Frog waved good-bye to Marle and Ayla and headed for Lucca’s house.


When they got to Lucca’s, she was waiting for them outside.

“Hiya! Got some stuff for you, just waitta minute!” Lucca called from her position under the Epoch.

I hope she didn’t add something special and not tell us. My god, I hate it when she does that. I end up in the Ocean Palace or in the middle of the ocean. It’s really annoying. Keyra thought. Once, Lucca had put in some new thing in the Epoch and she ended up in the middle of one of Magus’s practicing areas when he used some new attack he was working on. His attack ended up blowing up in his face when she arrived. He was really…upset…about that. If by “upset” you mean ready to kill someone. She managed to get to the End of Time before he sliced her head of her shoulders. Then there was that other time that the Epoch landed on the Palace Rose Gardens right when the King was going to eat breakfast…but that’s not important. Lucca came back out with what looked like a small, square, flat pad.

“This is my new invention. It’s a pocket Time Machine! I called it the Minipoch. The Mini Epoch!”

“That’ll be helpful. Thanks!” Keyra said, putting the Minipoch in the pocket of her khaki pants. “Anything else?”

“Nope! You better get back to the castle. I’m sure you’re needed.” Lucca said. As Keyra and Frog started towards Guardia Castle, Keyra suddenly stumbled.

What’s happening? Keyra thought, panicked. Something’s in my head! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!! Arrrggh! It’s trying to take over me! Meanwhile, Frog had stopped and watched as her expression changed from shock to horror.

“What ‘tis wrong?” He asked. She didn’t answer him. In Keyra’s mind, she heard a deafening shriek. It was Lavos’s scream.

Give in to me… Let me control you, give me your mind, give me your SOUL!! Lavos screamed in her mind.

NO! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!” Keyra screamed at no one. She tried to get it out of her head. But she failed. She stood up, her gray-blue eyes gone, and strange yellow eyes remained. Her pupils shrunk until they were thin, like cat’s eyes.

“Art thou all right?” Frog asked her.

“Fine. Just fine.” Keyra said evilly. “Now, I have no use for you, frog.”

“What doth thou mean?” Frog asked, his hand on the Masamune.

Something dark just woke up, Masa. Mune said. Frog could hear them.

I know. I’m scared Mune!

So am I.

“Shut up, you stupid sword.” Keyra said coldly. Frog was reminded of Magus. Her hand shot out, and latched itself around Frog’s throat.

“As I said, little froggie, I don’t need you. What I don’t need, I destroy.” Frog slashed at her hand with the Masamune, but this evil demon called Keyra was faster than he. Frog decided that this wasn’t going to work out well, and he retreated. He knew that the only way to get the real Keyra back was to defeat the demon that was in her head.

“Run little froggie. You can’t run from Lavos forever!” Keyra/Lavos crowed. “Go and bring all your friends. I could use the energy.”

Frog ran as fast as he could to get away from the sick, twisted demon that laughed at him. He was running blindly and eventually crashed right into Crono.

“Hey! What’s wrong, Frog?” Crono asked. He knew that Frog wouldn’t just run in a blind panic like that.

“Lavos…hath returned,” Frog gasped. “He hath taken over Keyra.”

Crono was silent. He didn’t quite know how powerful Keyra was, but if she could blow up Magus’s castle without knowing it, he and everyone else was in a lot of trouble.

“We have to hurry. I’ll get Marle, Ayla, and Magus. You get Lucca and Robo.” Crono instructed Frog. Frog nodded and jogged off in the direction of Lucca’s house. Crono headed in the opposite direction.


Crono burst through the castle’s gates. He ran through the entire castle, heading towards the hospital wing. When he got there, Keyra was sitting on a stool, tending a wounded soldier like nothing was wrong. She looked up at him with yellow, cat-like eyes.

“Hello! How are you?” she asked nicely.

Maybe Frog was just paranoid…She looks fine. Except her eyes were wrong. Crono thought. “I’m fine…” He said cautiously.

“Well. I guess we’ll have to do something about that, won’t we?” Keyra asked nastily. She waved her hand and suddenly she and Crono were out in Guardia Forest. Crono had already drawn Rainbow.

“Ooooh. I’m sooo scared.” Keyra mocked. “I’m shaking.” She waved her hand again and the blade was torn from his hand. It flew quickly through the air to her hand. She took the blade, and ran her finger along its edge. It gave her a bright red cut on her finger.

“Still sharp…” she muttered. Then, she stuck it tightly in a tree. “Let’s see how well you do without your precious sword…the sword that killed my old self. I’ll even play fair.” She took her own blade out and jabbed it into another tree. “Happy now?”

“Not quite.” Crono answered. “But, it’s a start.” He rushed at her, trying to get in an attack before she was ready. Before he even touched her, she dodged and slammed him into a tree.

“You’ve gotta to better than that! My new body is much more agile than my other.” Keyra mocked. “Also, this one is more powerful, too.” This time, she rushed at him so quickly that she was a mere blur in the air. She hit him numerous times. A few in the stomach, the face, and then she ripped his legs from under him in one fluent movement. He smashed against the ground, and his air was driven from his lungs. As he gasped to get air, Keyra approached slowly.

“It’s been really fun, I assure you. But, you’re no use to me. What is no longer useful…I destroy. But, don’t worry. Your friends will be joining you soon.” She crowed over the fallen opponent. She was about to slay him when Magus stepped into the clearing. She glared at him with dead, yellow eyes.

“My, my. Mind if I join in on the fun?”

“Be my guest,” Keyra said with a laugh. “If you have a death wish, that is.” Her eyes suddenly looked as though they could see. Then the dead yellow returned, and she began to murmur the words to her spell.

Does Magus know what he’s getting into? Probably not, but hey, that’s Magus for you. Let’s just hope that he doesn’t kill himself or something like that. Lavos is back, and all Heck is going to break loose!

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