A Once Distant Memory Chapter 15

The Pendant

By Shaun Curran

Schala and I rushed to the top deck to find Magus and Dalton still fighting. I was a little disturbed; I hoped my brother was able to make it off the ship before anything bad happened.

"Schala, jump!"

"Where are the others?"

"Who?" I asked, sounding stupid.

"Quelchen! Kamus!"

"Oh-" I faltered, looking around. "I don't know!" Indeed, I didn't; they were nowhere to be seen. I simply took my sword and jumped to the highest point of the ship. Lunging, I cut a gash into the gas bag and came down onto my knees, hearing the angry snarl of escaping hydrogen.

"Magus! Come on!" I shouted. Magus feinted, and jumped off the ship. I fired the Armageddon Cannon even as Dalton was rushing for me. Schala in my arms, we jumped off the ship.

The gas bag exploded in fury. Dalton- well, he was on the ship for all I knew; he may be dead, and he may not be. The Blackbird, propelled by some divine wind, kept on its course, finally crashing into the water at Zeal Harbor. It would be about an hour before it finally reached the bottom.

"Quelchen?" I asked, reminding myself that he had not been visible on the Blackbird before I pulled the trigger on the Armageddon Cannon.

"Here!" came a cry fifty yards away, on the shores of Mirana (I think).

"Janus!" cried Sarbll. I turned and looked. Sarbll at the wheel, she had pulled the Doreen alongside, throwing down a rope.

Before I could even grab it, my leg was pulled, and I sank from the view of the Doreen. Gasping, I looked to see who was pulling me under. Dalton! I kicked him as hard as I could. He grabbed me by my throat and began to choke me. Spots began to appear before my eyes as my brain was denied oxygen. Suddenly, his grip on me faded and I shot like a beanstalk to the surface. Next to me was Magus.

"Thanks," I wheezed.

"For what?" asked Magus, confused. I didn't think about anything else until I got to the deck of the ship. Alfador came up to me, and I cuddled him gently.


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