A Once Distant Memory Chapter 16

Interlude: Dead Hero

By Shaun Curran

I finished the story and gazed out at a small crack in the foundation. Light was pouring through it; it was growing light out. The door to the cell opened gently, and I expected Dalton to walk through and take us out. This was it.

And here is what I thought I saw happen. Dalton walked in, and undid our shackles one by one. And to my horror, he simply sat down in the middle of the room, staring blankly at the far wall of the dungeon.

"What the-" Magus started to say. There were footsteps and I turned around to see a dead hero.

"Shikeo!" I cried. He rushed to Dalton and tied the man up, Schala hugged him gently.

"I'm sorry," said Schala," but I do not know who you are. I know you are Shikeo; I just do not know how." Shikeo gave me a glance.

"Later," I said. Dalton snapped out of his trance. I stood in front of him. His face went from confusion to hate.

"Go on, you brat!" Dalton screamed," kill me and get it over with!"

"Not so fast," I replied," I need this." I took my pendant off of his neck and placed it in the center of the room. Somehow I knew this was a ritual, but I was doing everything with the help of someone else; it wasn't me controlling my body. The red stone in the center of the pendant took on a bright red hue, and then beams of light struck each of our foreheads: Schala's, Quelchen's, Magus', and Sarbll's. Mine too, was struck with the light and I felt a sense of knowledge flowing over my body.

"What happened?" I asked just after the beams disappeared.

"That's what I want to know," said Shikeo.

"Oh," Schala said," you broke the spell!" she hugged me tight.

"What spell?" asked Shikeo.

"Later," I said. Shikeo groaned, in the dark. He looked at Schala.

"I will explain later," she said," I promise.


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