The Second Saga Chapter 1

Why Cloud?

By Shera

The Highwind soared high over the wreckage of Migar. Meteor was gone. Aeris was gone, though; the acceptance was too gone. The passengers of the Highwind were silent, as dead as Midgar.

Cid licked his dry lips. He slowed his breathing not to disturb the first time silence in the while he had been with this comical group. His leather gloves padded his fingers as he stroked a bar before him. He looked up and saw Cloud stir. He was certainly uncomfortable with this whole situation. Cloud breathed in, shuddering. His once spiky, jubilant, blond hair now lay in shambles. Scratches, bruises, and cuts covered his delicate skin. Blood, splattered against his face in battle, dried on his clothes. They all knew what it was from. He dropped his shoulders and collapsed. The silence was broken by a thud, and Tifa left her gaze at Midgar to fall upon Cloud. She fell to her knees and checked his pulse hopeful he was all right.

"He's alive," she said quietly.

Cid sighed. What a dork. He thought to himself. Faints at the sight of a fallen Midgar, but not at the sight of blood like lots of people.

"He hasn't fainted," Tifa looked up sincerely at Cid like she could read his mind. "His eyes are open."

"Well, some people sleep with their eyes open." Cid raised his shoulders.

"Cid!!! If he fell asleep and also fallen on the ground don't you think he would've woken up!?"

Cid looked swiftly to the side and felt slightly uncomfortable, he knew what was coming. All he wanted to do was go home and work on his car. But no, he knew they would have to figure out what was wrong with Cloud and try save the poor little thing. "I have no explanation what-so-ever on this odd happening," He answered quickly.

"Please, Cid, we need you!" Tifa pleaded.

It's not like he didn't want to save the tyke, but that he just didn't want to go through all the trouble, "I'm not a damned super hero."

Tifa looked back at Cloud, her eyes brimmed with glistening tears and turned a dull gray. Her smile and bright lips straightened. On her cheek a tear dazzled the light of Highwind.

Cid's stomach knotted, he knew he had to help Cloud, Tifa would never be happy again. "Fine," he whispered. Tifa's head whipped around and before Cid knew it he was in her warm embrace.

"Thank you," she whispered in his ear, "thank you." Cid was surprised. She was soft, her aspects brightened with mirth, but still the depression of their lost leader hung in the air. She gave him another squeeze and swiftly let go. Cid stood dazed and the thought of a woman like her holding him like that for so long.

"Barret help me move Cloud to a bed," Tifa walked over to him and crouched by his head. Barret strutted over and lofted Cloud onto his shoulder and stumbled off.


Soon they all gathered in the meeting room. Cid stood at the front of the room, "So?" He asked. "We need a leader."

Yuffie fidgeted, "Well.what about you Cid?"

"Me!? I can't keep track of a damn thing!"

"Yes, but you have good leader skills and you fly Highwind, so being a leader is a kind of official thing for you."

Cid couldn't argue, but he did anyway, "What about Tifa? It's her mission!"

"I will take responsibility, Cid, but I am not qualified for leadership. I shall follow you directions, but will also make decisions for myself and group."

"Fine, does anybody know anything about Cloud's condition?" Cid looked around the room. Vincent looked to be in great distress. He eyed him, "Anybody."

"Well," Vincent started, "When I was walking beside Cloud's chambers, I heard him talking, so I poked my nose inside to see if he had awoke. He was talking alright, but nothing was decipherable. Also. He was speaking in two different tones, one was his and the other I did not know. It was like he was having a conversation with something.

"We'll look into that." Cid brought his hand to his chin.


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