The Second Saga Chapter 2

What About the Turks?

By Shera

Reno jumped but quickly whacked his head on a low hanging bar. He rubbed his throbbing cranium. His eyes squinted in the darkness. Where was he? Elena? He thought, "Elena!" He screamed. His voice was hoarse but sufficient for a yell or two. A rat scurried, then silence. He caught onto the bar before him and pulled himself up in to an old air vent. What just happened? Let's see, I was playing cards with Rude when we saw Meteor.Meteor! It's gone! Reno stopped short realizing that Cloud had succeeded in his mission. He smiled and quiet smile knowing that they were alive and safe. He continued his journey down the vent. He never really hated Cloud, just thought that he was annoying and was doing what he was told to do. That brought another thought into his head. Shinra? Shinra's gone.this means I don't have to listen to that dumb kid Rufus. "Yes," Reno whispered. The air vent tilled upward and he came to a dark room. It looked familiar.

"Elena?" he asked again. "Rude?"

"Help!" Came a voice from the corner. Reno ran to it and felt around.

"Who are you?" Reno asked and came across a hand. The hand gripped and Reno pulled. Another hand found its way to Reno's arm and he pulled harder.

"I'm stuck," it whimpered. It was man's voice. "My legs are stuck, I can' t feel them."

Reno felt along the man's arms and came to the source of the problem. "I'm gonna try and see if I can lift this up," He said and got a good grip.

"Thank you sir," the voice said and tried to pull himself out.

Reno gripped and lifted, no purchase. He tried harder, something moved. Again harder, his hands hurt, his muscles ached, but soon the man pulled himself out just as the whole pile collapsed. Reno fell backward, his arms sprawled out waiting for the burn of the muscles to leave his body.

The man scooted to where he was, "Are you all right?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'll be fine," he answered breathlessly.

"Thank you, sir. I was afraid I would have died there without your help. An I'm getting the feeling back into my legs, I think I'll be able to walk in a minute of two."

Reno never thought of that! Elena and Rude might be dead! A wave of fear crossed Reno's face and into his stomach. He shook the thought.

A light filtered down through the new whole that had been made by the avalanche. "Light!" Reno pointed.

The man turned toward it. His face was illuminated by a beam, "You're right!"

Now Reno could see his face, it was clean, but scratched. The man expertly jump onto a pile and climbed up out on top of the rubble. Reno followed. He looked out across the plain of fallen plates and half the Shinra building missing. Dust floated around risen by the fall. The sun was coming up, its rays clearing away the darkness. Reno wiped his face and remembered his bruised head. How much it hurt.

"Home." the man whispered.

That brought Reno's attention to him and he noticed what he was wearing. He was from SOILDIER. His hat was missing, his left shoulder torn and the bottom of his pant leg. But the rich blue shown through the splattered dirt. He ran his fingers through his black hair. "Wow, I thought Meteor was going to blow up the whole Planet! Not just Midgar."

"It must've had a vengeance." Reno murmured in reply.

"Well, let's get out of this junk-hole," The man jumped toward the closest grassy field.

Reno turned to follow, when he remembered his friends, they must've not survived. That feeling brushed him again. A tear came to his eye and a lock of red hair fell to intercept his vision of another avalanche in the junk field. He turned away and saw the man had made his way to the field and was waiting for him. Finally Reno turned and jumped grace fully to the man.


Rude pulled Elena up out of the hole to the wreckage that littered to top of Midgar Plains. She was unconscious. He wasn't even sure that she was still alive. He hauled her onto his back and jumped slowly from one piece of garbage to the other. In all his hopping he just didn't notice the two others ahead if him in straight view, he was watching his step. He stopped and looked up, Elena was a heavy load for him. In front of Rude, about a hundred yards he saw a short man, but skinny man, jumping along the rubble like him. His red pony tail bounced and he landed on his feet. Rude brightened, "RENO!!!!" He screamed loud enough to wake to Sephiroth from his new eternal slumber.

Reno stopped and turned to see Rude bounding toward him. Rude's adrenaline rushed. Elena seemed as light as a feather, he seemed to fly along the artificial ground. Reno turned and bounded down into the grass. Rude stopped at the edge of the rubble and handed Reno Elena. Reno set her down carefully. Rude could barely contain his joy that his best buddy was alive. The caught each others right hands and hugged.

"Hey, she's alive!" The former SOILDIER yelled.

Elena sat up, her blond hair messed and a smile on her face to see the two boys.


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