The Second Saga Chapter 3


By Shera

After going to Kalm, visiting Marlene, and loading and getting ready for the next adventure, the crew, again gathered to talk about the recent mishap.

"Maybe we should watch Cloud and see if some of his words are evident," Cid asked.

"Fine, I'll take first watch," Tifa obediently stood up.

"Are you sure?" Barret asked concerned as much as she. "If we find out something you will need to have your rest to be able to save Cloud."

Tifa stood tall and took her ground, "Don't worry, with Cloud in his position, I will not rest until he is talking to me and I'm in his arms!" With that Tifa sat down heavily and masked her face with soft hands. Her sobbing could be heard in the ears of all the members in the room.

Yuffie jumped and ran over to her, "Oh, Tifa, it will be all right! I'm volunteering to come with you no matter what!" She grabbed a hold of her friend.

Cid disliked this matter, though being as soft hearted - which he regretted - as he is, he walked softly over to her and gave her a soft pat on the back. Yuffie looked up at him in dismay.

"Is that all you're going to do!?" She cried. "The girl has just lost - er - is losing a loved one!"

Cid was taken aback by this.

"How would you feel if Shera was in his condition!?" Yuffie stomped her foot.

Cid lowered his shoulders, he didn't know what to think if Shera was in Cloud's position. He was confused, "I don't know!" He screamed the most possible answer.

"Let's just get it on," Tifa's tear stained eyes looked up at him.

"you're right, losing Cloud has gotten to us all." Cid turned on his heals and walked out of the room.

Later that night Tifa walked wearily into Cloud's chambers. She sat in a on a box placed beside the bedside for that purpose. His mumbling rang in her ears. She remembered fighting Sephiroth. She remembered his great power, and how it surged in her veins at his mighty touch. Tifa's knuckles grazed Cloud's warm cheek. Her heart pounded, his jaw moved. The time seemed to fly like a flock of gulls. She found herself being weighted down by sleep. Her eyes were heavy yet Cloud's jaw moved on, he never seemed to tire. Then she dropped off to sleep.

Tifa awoke to find her self in dark room. She looked up, her eyes glazed the darkness, although not even penetrating it. Her eyes fell across another being. She crawled up to it, she recognized the figure. Cloud! Footsteps disturbed the silence. She turned quickly to notice a man. His long silver hair curved around his body. A stern face set off power inside. His green eyes pierced the very darkness he stood in. A blade, slightly curved, ran it's way from his strong hand down past his feet.

Tifa clutched Cloud, she could feel his fear, she could feel his soft hands rubbing her back, bringing her closer to him. Sephiroth brought up one of his palms, a light emerged from the center. It slammed into Tifa. Her brace with Cloud ended with a bang. Cloud tried to reach Tifa only to be sucked up by Sephiroth's grasp. He stood tall with Cloud's neck braced against his mighty sword. Cloud's blue eyes burned with rage and fear.

Tifa stood. Her knuckles ready to strike a nasty bruise. She started a sprint but only to be whacked in the face by an invisible object. She fell to her back. Sephiroth grinned and pushed his sword harder to Clouds neck. Cloud brought his hands up to Sephiroth's Sword and tried to push it away. Tifa watched helplessly as the sword cut his soft skin and red blood flowed. Cloud's eyes wavered, then he fell. Tifa saw his pure blood run down his neck.

She jolted awake, the box skipped on the floor with her suddenness. She looked at Cloud, still mumbling. She heard the footsteps again. Her head jerked to the doorway.

Cid appeared. He leaned against the door frame. "It's late, get your rest. I think he might be suffering from that Mako Poisoning again."

Tifa wearily stood up. And walked over to Cid, "Is that what they think?"

"He seems to have the same symptoms."

"Well, then, maybe I should have a little look-see inside his mind again."

Cid thought she was going insane from lack of rest, "Why don't you get some sleep?" He suggested.

"Cid, I'm not going crazy. There is a way I can get inside his mind and make things right. Just like I did last time to fix his memories."

Cid had no way of fighting with her, "Fine, we will look into it in the morning." Cid laid his hands on her shoulders and softly coaxed her out of the room.

He sat down on the box and put his rough face into his hands. Hoo-boy, I know I'm just gonna fall asleep on the spot. Cid looked up at Cloud. His mumbling interested Cid. What is he saying? Is he talking to someone? Cid put his ear down to Cloud's mouth. Just as Vincent portrayed; nothing was of this language. Cid sat back and listened closer. The words, he found, were of this language. But too slurred to understand. It was like he was talking in his sleep. Cid listened for the rest of the night. Does he ever shut up?


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