The Second Saga Chapter 4

Spirit Materia

By Shera

The sun glittered the dew that laid over the Planet. Tifa walked in looking refreshed.



"Are you ready to go?"

Cid looked up. He thought she was delirious last night. "But.I thought."

"Cid, you don't trust me do you?" She asked walking carefully into the room.

"I trust you I just thought that you were delirious last night and didn't really think that your plan would work out or not," Cid stood up. "There is a very unlikely chance that what happened with you and Cloud will happen again."

"Then we must find a way so that something like that will happen," Tifa sounded doubtful.

"We need information," Cid brought up shaking a finger at her.

"And we will get that information," Tifa looked as if she was going to cry again. Her eyes feel on Cid's feet. "Though.I don't know where."

Cid didn't know where either. "Look, we'll find a way."

Her glazing eyes starred up at him. Her hopeful tear fell from her delicate cheek. Cid lifted his arms to rest on her shoulder catching the tear before it's fateful fall.

"I don't know how, but, I promise you," he lifted the other arm and grazed her chin with his thumb bringing her eyes again to his face, "he will hold you again." It was a hollow promise, but Cid had an intuition.

She flung her arms around him, "Oh, Cid! You always know what to say!" He wasn't sure about that comment, but, the action pleased him. She continued, "I know you really don't believe you can keep that promise, but, somehow I know that we will, everyone will, pull threw.even Cloud. She let go of him and walked out of the room.

Cid rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment, and decided that maybe it would be best if she wouldn't hug him so much. He didn't want to change his mind on how he felt about her.


"And how do you propose we find this information we want?" Red asked.

"I was thinking about that one guy who lives in that cave by Midgar, You know who sleeps all the time." He smiled miserably. "Hey, It's an idea." Cid lit a cigarette as he walked up to the cave. He stopped in front to patiently rock on his heels. Tifa followed him. And without a look or even a stop of her feet, she briskly strode into the cave. Cid, satisfied with this, followed independently.

Tifa had stopped in front of the man, "Hello?" She asked quietly.

The man stifled a snort and turned. Cid lifted his eyebrows, amazed and filled with sarcasm, "Wow, what a great answer!" he threw a bored look at Tifa.

Tifa caught it and looked pathetically down at the man. The cocked her head in fascination, "Do you think a Princess should kiss him to wake him?"

"Who? What Princess? Rufus?" Cid giggled as a jet of smoke played out of his mouth.

Tifa smiled. She knew he had a sense of humor in there somewhere.

".materia." the man muttered.

"We know!" Cid screamed, then said lamely, "Huge materia needs high level materia."

Tifa smiled at his dumbness, "Cid.shh!"

"Spirit.materia." he turned onto his stomach and breathed pillow.

"Is that what we need?" Tifa looked hopefully up at Cid.

"Save Cloud!" The man screamed. But the pillow quieted his roar.

"That's it!" Cid concluded. "Spirit Materia?" Cid stroked his chin.

The man snored and turned over. "Where.where lifestream meets Planet."

"Do you think he's uncomfortable?" Tifa asked.

"Mideel!" Cid snapped his fingers energetically. "Where the Lifestream surfaces from the ocean! Let's go get it!"


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