The Second Saga Chapter 5

Turkish Help

By Shera

Reno pulled, the sun beat on his bare back. He kept pulling, he wouldn't let this piece of garbage win.literally. It budged, he pulled harder ignoring the sounds coming from behind him. It let loose, he fell with a plop to his rear, still holding the twisted metal he had pulled.

"What a pity, picking up the garbage of Midgar. Picking up your own mess." Vincent leaned over Reno.

"Hey! Who do you think you are!?" Reno stood up heroically. "All the people you see here, my friends and I saved."

Vincent smiled darkly, "Oh, really?" He quizzed.

"Yeah, why are you here?" Reno asked back.

" friends and I -" Vincent was cut short.

"Vincent! Over here!" Yuffie bounced excitingly in the background behind them.

Reno peaked his nose over Vincent's shoulder, "Whoa!" He screamed and ducked down to hide safely from the group's site. Vincent lowered his shoulders and looked at him.

"You're a dork." With the comment fresh in the air Vincent turned on his heels and left Reno for all to see.

Reno got up and dusted himself off. He picked up the metal he had pulled and walked carefully over to Elena. There he set it down. Elena was tending to wounds, the worst the wound, the more attention from her. Reno wanted to bang his head against a tree. She never talked to him since this, she was too busy.

Elena finished with a child and set him off running. "Hello Reno." She said.

Reno smiled. She talked to him! "Hi." He choked. What's his problem!?

"Going through puberty again Reno?" Elena cocked her head to the side to smile sweetly at him through the air of her joke.

Reno violently shook his head, "I'm not going to be Mr. Squeaky anymore!"

Elena smiled again. She seemed to gaze at him. He met her gaze. A warm feeling ran through his body. It was a realization. She was looking at him! No, he already knew that. Elena inched forward, Reno grabbed her hips. Then, she lustrously flew her arms around his neck and kissed him.

At first Reno didn't know what to think. All time seemed to stop. His brain seemed to stop, all he could feel was Elena's soft touch and movement of her lips. He relaxed, being short, they weren't uncomfortable, they were the same height. Reno wrapped his arms around the rest of her back. She played innocently with his hair. They were happy.

Cid brushed against scrap metal and fallen pieces of the once glorious Shinra Building. His eyes spotted Reno and Elena. The pilot shot back in surprise. He squinted and ducked behind a piece of rock.

Elena and Reno broke their embrace to find more people needing attending. Reno stood their dazed. His head had fallen slightly to one side and his eyes glittered with tipsy delight. A smiled crack on his face shooting to one side as he took a healthy sigh.

A figure broke Reno's view of Elena and Rude carrying some guy to a flat piece of sheet metal. Reno straightened and his face crossed to see Cid standing before him, spear gripped slightly. This scared Reno, he didn't want to get beat up again by these brutes, especially since they just dissipated Sephiroth. Reno quickly dropped to his knees:

"I'm unarmed!" He yelped and through his arms around his head.

Cid drew up an eyebrow, "I was just protecting myself from your attack," Cid explained letting go of his weapon.

Reno elevated and arrogantly dusted himself off. He wasn't afraid much now that he knew that Cid would only counter his attacks.

"What do you want?" He asked.

Cid quickly shrugged, "You were just here. I decided to come and see how the people who escaped Midgar were."

"Well, there perfectly fine!" Reno answered sum-what defensive.

Cid was shocked, "Take a nap." He walked off.

Reno snorted quietly. Where was Cloud? Reno had turned since Cid walked away and now turned back around. He didn't recall seeing the squirt in the group. What happened to him? DID HE DIE!? Reno shook his head violently. For some reason he hated that idea. It's not like he hated him, it's just that it was his job to hurt him. Instead Cloud kicked his butt. But.still, he didn't want to hear Cloud had perished. He nerved himself, "CID!!" He yelled.

Cid turned from the group he had joined. He walked slowly over to Reno, ".Yes?" He asked slyly.

Reno sighed, "Where's Cloud?" He asked afraid of Cid's becoming answer.

"Why do you give a damn?"

"Because.I want to know. I want to know if the squirt got what was coming to him." That hurt Reno. He really didn't mean it. It's just that Cid didn't like him, and he wanted to look tougher, not like a wimp.

"He is indisposed right now." Cid answered darkly.

"What happened!? Um.I mean.What happened?" He tried not to sound too worried.

Cid laughed, "You really care about the kid! Well, this is different. I thought you hated his because he whooped your damned ass and your little @%& machinery and just about everything you threw at him!"

Reno looked at his feet, embarrassed.

Cid bent down to become eye-to-eye with him, "Round up your friends and you can come see him."

Reno lifted his head. He felt oddly happy, like a schoolboy at Christmas time. "Fine, I'll see you at Highwind." Reno reported the news and everyone took off for Mideel.

They disembarked on the small island. " We'll split up and look for the materia."

"We're looking for materia?" Elena asked.

"Yes, It will enable us to save Cloud somehow." Cid answered.

Cait Sith, , Red, and Vincent, joined together and looked around.

Red sniffed around, "Hey! What's this!" Red poked his black nose at a bush. Vincent ran over and stuck his hand viscously in.

"I can see it. I just can't reach it!" He yelped.

Cait waddled over, "Let me try!" He got cautiously off his Mog. Walked into the bush. And on his hands and knees he crawled over to the shiny rock. Cait held it in his paws, it was beautiful. The color was a magnificent green-blue. He clutched it closer and crawled slowly out of the bush. The group walked over to meet his entrance back into the world. "Look!" Cait shone the shining piece for all to see.

Cid picked it up out of Cait's grasp. "This piece is big enough to be cut into three. I was afraid only one of us was going to go.

In getting the piece cut the group learned how to use it. They would equip it and their souls would be able to disengage from their physical state without being sucked into the lifestream. The group would be Cid, Tifa, and Reno. Surprisingly, he just had to come.


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