The Second Saga Chapter 6

Cloud's Return

By Shera

Cid sighed, his heart raced, what was it like in Cloud's head? "Are you guys ready?" He asked.

"Whenever you are," Reno murmured.

"I'm ready." Tifa remarked.

"Okay, Equip them." Cid ordered quietly as a chinking sound filled the room. He sat there for a second to get a grip on his nerves. He pulled to get up, success, he had succeeded. He looked down at himself. What!? Where was he? He mentally slapped his face with his hand. And formed himself of his spirit matter. Of course, his own spirit had no obvious shape, he had to adopt it. He noticed the others were donning their shapes. Reno, with a little trouble, managed.

They all clasp hands and walked over to Cloud. Tifa kept hold of Cid's hand as she laid her spirit down to rest into Cloud. Hesitantly Cid and Reno did they same.

It was dark. "Well I guess this is where we start." Tifa remarked while Cid and Reno quickly pulled away from each other. They all walked on. Cid felt odd, he felt uninformed, he felt like nobody loved him except for Tifa. He shook his head, no! That wasn't him! The group stopped and looked at the scenery. Reno struck a conceited pose, he looked oddly like Cloud standing as such.

"These must be his memories," Tifa raised a hand. Certainly, pictures passed by, some blurred and the newest memories were crystal clear.

Reno jumped, "Hey there's me!" he pointed.

"Yeah, getting whooped as usual." Cid also pointed out. "And you're starting to bother me! You're standing like Cloud all the time!"

"You know guys, I've been feeling pretty weird lately. I've came up with a notion that we might have adopted different aspects of Cloud. Reno, evidently donned Cloud's conceited side." Reno smiled crudely and gave a thumb's up. He quickly corrected himself from being like Cloud and stood there glumly. "Cid, I don't know about you," Cid shrugged independently and realized he was doing that dumb thing Cloud always did, "but I think I adopted his ability to think about things and actually have free will, unlike Reno's aspect."

"Wha-?" Reno asked.

"Exactly my point."

The group continued their journey. Finally they came upon a figure. It was Cloud himself. He sat there bobbing his head evidently tired or beaten.

Tifa squatted down, "This is so different from last time."

"Last time?" Reno asked.

Another figure appeared in the not to far distance. A sword glinted as the figure walked closer.

"Sephiroth!" Cid shot back in surprise.

"Wake up!" Sephiroth yelled and shot a beam of light at the group. They shot back and fell limply to the ground. "Heh, heh, heh," he laughed. "Did you think you could defeat me so easily! I will be back in due course! If you hadn't of come I would not have to waste my time killing you."

"You can't kill us, we are only souls." Tifa had gotten up with her fists clenched.

"Ahh, you know well. No, I can't kill you. But if I put you in a state I put Cloud in your body will soon starve and die." He smiled viciously and jammed his sword into Tifa. No blood flowed for it was only her soul. He wheeled around and flung her into the corner leaving immobile. "That was easy."

Cid stared, a burning rage rushed through him. He clenched his spear and ran for Sephiroth. Sephiroth swished his sword and cut it in half. Cid stood there unarmed awaiting Sephiroth's deadly blade. He brought the sword up ready to strike when Reno attacked quickly from the back switching him in the butt.

"Ouch!!" Sephiroth's eyes glared at Reno.

The small man collapsed, "Don't kill me!"

Sephiroth turned ignoring Reno's plea. The Masemune - his sword - raised in Sephiroth clasp. It came down on Cid's head. Cid dodged and grabbed Cloud' s sword. The thing was heavy and clumsy, though it didn't matter to Cid, he was mad! Cloud's fury added to Cid's own balled rage, they mixed and he let it out on Sephiroth. Cid felt like he had been using a sword his whole life, Cloud's mind had taught him without being aware of it. A light blinded the two and Sephiroth knew he was done for.

"I will be back! I don't care what you think! You will see me again. Just.Wake up!" Sephiroth Disappeared. Into the light.

Cid found himself a sight to see when he woke up.

"What happened!?" Yuffie demanded.

Cid put himself together and pushed past the group to find Cloud and Tifa embracing. A smile crossed her face. A tear laughed as it sailed down her cheek. Cloud grasped her closer. "Thank you." he whispered.


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