Revenge For Our Fathers Part 1

By Dave Church

(This is about a week after Lavos was defeated)

The man in the cloak lied in wait. He was in a perfect spot to ruin their plan.all he had to do was wait....


Crono woke up. He got out of bed, strechted, and looked outside. It looks a little later than usual, he thought. Oh well. He walked downstairs, expecting to see his mother preparing breakfast. "Mom!" He yelled.

No reply.

Crono looked around. She wasn't anywhere he could see. She must be out, he thought. "Better get ready for that date with Marle."

After showering and changing his clothes, he went outside. He expected to see Lucca outside, but she wasn't there.

As he headed toward Guardia Forest, he saw guards heading toward him. And the king following behind. He looked mad.

"Arrest him! He kidnapped my daughter!" yelled the king.

"What?" Crono said, drawing his sword. The guards circled him.

"Princess Nadia mysterious disappeared this morning. I think you are behind it!" The king said, angrily.

"Hold it, your majesty!"said Crono, holding his hand up. "Didn't we do this once before? And I was innocent? Besides, I care too much about Nadia to pull a stunt like this."

The king looked more calm. "Well, where is she, then?"

"I don't know! Now call these guys off so I can speak!" Crono replied, shifting.

"Leave him alone, then," said the king, defeated. The guards backed off, breathing a sigh of relief that they would not have to fight the person who defeated Lavos. "You say you have no idea where she is?"

"No," replied Crono, sheathing his sword. "I was going to meet her for a-" he paused for a minute as the king glared at him, -get together today. Strangely enough, I cannot find my mother either. And I

haven't seen Lucca all day, which is unusual, as she likes to be outside. I'll head over to Lucca's place and see if she's there. In the meantime, why don't you ask the townspeople if they've seen anything suspicious?"

Crono ran off towards Lucca's house.


As he approached Lucca's house Taban ran out towards him.

"Have you seen Lucca?" he asked, worried.

Crono stared. "I was about to ask you the same thing."

"I haven't seen her all day. I'll check the town square." He ran off hurriedly.

Crono went into Lucca's house. He heard a noise coming from Lucca's room. He went up into the room. and heard a noise coming from her dresser. He looked and saw a radio controlled mouse. It was turned on.

"I gave this to her for her birthday last year." Crono stared at it. "If this is on..... Then something is wrong. Terribly wrong."

He ran out back to check on Epoch.....


End of Part 1

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