Revenge For Our Fathers Part 2

By Dave Church

Crono, feeling a sense of panic, looked out behind Lucca's house, looking for Epoch. He found it parked behind the house. He jumped in hurriedly and set the dial for 600 AD. As he took off, a huge ball of flame torched the spot where Epoch was. Crono looked back at it. "Someone- or something- is out for me."

He headed back to 600 AD, where he was hoping to find Glenn.


He arrived just outside Guardia Castle, where he ran inside. He saw Queen Leene looking worried.

"Your majesty, is Glenn around?" Crono said. Queen Leene turned to look at him, startled.

"He mysteriously disappeared just this morning. No one has been able to find him."

"Dang. Thanks anyway." Crono hurried out to Epoch, and headed out to find Ayla in 65 000 000 BC.


After looking in 65 000 000 BC for Ayla and Kino and having not found them, he headed to 2300 AD and couldn't find Robo or Atropos. Crono began to suspect something was up. He headed to the End of Time, his last refuge.


As he jumped on to the familiar walkway toward the streetlight he yelled, "Gaspar! Are you there?" But unfortunately Gaspar was not there. He headed into the room behind the streetlight.

"Hey punkhead! Where you been?"

Crono sighed. It was good to saee that at least one person was still here."Spekkio! Glad you're here! Where's Gaspar?"

"Some flunkies captured him and took him. But they couldn't get me. Cause I'M the Master of war!"

Crono pondered that for a minute. If Spekkio was as big as his ego......

"Wait a minute. Some "flunkies?" who? And how did they get here?"

Spekkio thought about it for a minute. "How should I know? By the way, Gaspar wanted me to tell you something. Apparently Dalton had a son while in Zeal."

Crono turned his thoughts back to the mystery. So where did... wait a minute. "Did you say Dalton had a son? Who was the mother?"

"I dunno." Spekkio still paced in one spot.

"Dalton was out for revenge. If he had a son and that son knew how he died...." Crono headed back to Epoch. "I'm going to need help. But I still have one more option."

Crono got into Epoch and set the dial to........


End of Part 2

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