Revenge For Our Fathers Part 3

By Dave Church

Upon arriving in 12 000 BC, Crono prided himself on possibly outmanuvering this son of Dalton's. If this was the son of Dalton, he would not suspect my association with Magus. Well, not yet anyway. Crono headed down the path to where he thought Janus- or Magus- was. He spotted him near the cove where Glenn claimed to have met him.

He briefly looked around. It was a warm day, which was becoming more normal in this time period as time was moving on. The ice age was over, and temperatures were rising. As he got out of Epoch, He felt a breeze at his backside.

"Magus! Over here!" Crono yelled.

Magus turned, that familiar scowl on his face. He looked the same as always, pale skin, purple hair and an intimidating figure and manner. Not to mention the dark cape and clothing. "Crono! What are you doing here?"

"Come on! Something is wrong! Jump in!" said Crono, motioning toward the Epoch. Crono looked around for anyone suspicious who might be tracking him.

"Why should I trust you?" asked Magus, still suspicious.

"Have I ever tricked you? Now come on!" Crono said. Magus could see that the boy was not trying to fool him, so he picked up his scythe and ran over to where he was.

"Ok, but I don't see why you have to rush so much." Crono got into Epoch and pulled Magus in.

As the two took off, Crono and Magus looked at the spot where Magus had been. It was now scorched.

"That's why," Crono said defiantly. "I suspect someone is after me."

After explaining how he could not find any of the others who had helped defeat Lavos, Magus look satisfied.

"So you came to me. How flattering. But why was I not captured as well?" Magus asked.

Crono explained about how he thought that this was Dalton's son. Magus listened intently.

"So that's why he wouldn't figure to kidnap me, like he did to your friends." Magus nodded his head. "I'm starting to get this."

"Well, he must be tracking me or something. He almost killed you." Crono asked. "Would you know anything about Dalton's son?"

Magus sighed. "It is a long story."

The Epoch touched down at the End of Time. "I've got enough time to hear it," They got off and Crono listened intently as Magus started to explain about Dalton and his son....


Marle woke up. She saw a bit of light. It was dark, wherever she was. The floor felt metallic and cold. "Help!!!"

"Is someone else in here? Thank goodness!" a different voice said. Whoever it was appeared relieved.

"Lucca?" Marle instanly recognized her friend's voice.

"Where are we?" Lucca got up. "What the heck...."

Marle looked around. "What is this place? The last thing I remember I was in the castle...."

"It appears to be a holding spot, or prison."

"Very perceptive, girls. Now let's get out of here." A voice said from what they thought was a door.


"Score another point for the gals. Let's get going." The door opened to reveal Crono's figure in the glare of some light. Lucca could make out something beyond the light as Crono walked in. They appeared to be in some sort of airship.

"Oh I'm so glad you're here!" Marle said as she hugged Crono. Crono dismissed the gesture and helped her up.

"You got all your stuff? Now let's go before I get caught." Crono motioned toward the door. He started to walk towatd it but stopped just short of the door.

As the girls were about to follow Crono out the door he extended his hand. "After you."

Lucca and Marle ran toward the door. As they tried to pass through the door a they hit a force field. and were thrown back.

"What the heck?" Lucca said. "We gotta get that force field shut down."

"Good idea." said Crono in a more sinister voice. The figure disappeared.

"What was that?" Lucca wondered. "I think we were tricked. She could hear footsteps from beyond the "door". Someone came in to their cell. He looked familiar.

"Dalton?" asked Marle.

The man turned toward them. He had a somewhat pale face and long brown hair. He made quite an intimidating figure in the light. "Actually, Dalton's son," he said. "But you can call me Ian. I am of his kin. But I have magical powers that were bestowed on me by Lavos. Apparently the imager works perfectly. I have been waiting 27 years for this. Every since my father died at your hand I have been waiting to get back at Crono."

"But he was not the one responsible for Dalton's death!" Marle shouted. She got up. "We were! Don't make him suffer for it!"

"Who said anything about him suffering?" replied Ian. He had on a black cloak, like Magus'. "I wish to make you and your friends suffer by watching him die." He smiled in a sinister way.

"You won't win! Crono'll get some help!" Lucca declared. "There's still Glenn and Ayla and Robo..."

"Oh, did I forget to mention that there's we're not alone on this ship?" He passed through the forcefield seamlessly and hit a switch on a panel nearby. The walls retracted, revealing cells with Ayla, Glenn, and Robo. Ayla and Robo were in one and Glenn in another, with Kino. She also saw cells with Atropos and Gaspar. Another figure, Crono's mother, was suspended in a pillar of light near the control panel. Lucca could make out some of the controls: retract walls, on/off forcefields, depressurize, and some other ones she could not read.

"Glenn!" Marle shouted. She ran toward him but found herself stopped by another forcefield.

"Tis useless, Miss Marle, there's an invisible wall there." Glenn was slumped in a corner. He appeared tired. "I was snatched from the castle by this dishonorable sorcerer."

"Ayla find way out! Marle! Lucca! Help Ayla get out!" Ayla was flinging herself toward the forcefield, but with no avail. Lucca admired her tenacity.

Lucca could get a better idea of what the ship was like with the walls down. It appeared to be circular in shape. There was the control center in the middle, and an airlock over by where the cells were not. The cells- all four of them- were near the edge of the ship. She did not want to figure out what the panels right under their feet were for.

Lucca did not like the way this was looking....


End of Part 3

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