Revenge For Our Fathers Part 4

By Dave Church

Ian walked over to the control panel. "By the way, with my powers, we can watch the action as it progresses." he said as he hit another switch at the control panel. A screen opened up in the far end. They saw Epoch, with Crono and Magus in it. Robo studied the screen closely. Gaspar was sleeping. Kino was still curious about the forcefield. Crono's mother was unconcious.

"Drat! How is it that your friend is associated with the Prophet?" Ian sneered. He appeared suprised.

"The "Prophet" is actually a sorcerer known as Magus. Perhaps thou aren't as good as thou thought." Glenn smiled inwardly. Realizing he hadn't tried using magic on the sorcerer, Glenn started to build up for a water attack.

"Silence, frog! I shall not be stopped by this setback!" A bolt of lightning shot from Ian's hand and hit Glenn squarely in the chest. Glenn was knocked back into the forcefield and fell to the floor. Glenn's concentration was thrown off, so he did not get the attack off. Gaspar woke up.

Marle used Aura to heal Glenn. He gave Marle a glance that said thank you, and sat up. On the screen, Crono was in time warp in Epoch heading to... where?

"I have spent 27 years training, focusing, harmonizing, building up my magic skill! And you know what?" Ian turned and pulled his cloak open, revealing a pale face with disheveled, long brown hair. He pulled the cloak back to cover his face. "I am not going to waste this gift given to me by Lavos. I shall use it to his and my glory- to defeat the one that defeated him!"

"That's ridiculous," said Lucca. "You can't really think that you are Lavos's equal. We beat him. We can beat you."

"You're mad," said Gaspar, looking quite angry. He glared at Ian.

Ian's normally blue eyes glowed a bright white. His hand started glowing. "Silence, old man! Are you doubting me?"

"Who's doubting?" Lucca said, anger building up. "I know we can defeat you!" Kino and Ayla cheered at this. The others, knowing better, remained silent.

A ball of fire came from Ian's hand and struck Lucca back into the hull of the ship.

"Do I have to make it any more clear to you? I am immortal! When I defeat Crono, my quest will be complete!"

Marle and Glenn tried to use ice and water magic on Ian, but it didn't work.

"Oh, your attack spells are useless in the cells. I spent 10 years making the cells magic-proof." Ian said. He turned to face Marle, who healed Lucca. "Beautiful, isn't it?" Lucca mouthed a thank you to her. Well, the healing spells still work, thought Lucca. Hope Crono has one good plan.

"Depends on your definition," said Marle. "He'll find us." She got up. On the screen, Crono and Magus were landing at the End of Time.

"Ahh, you are the one who Zeal said Crono had affection for." Ian smiled and headed toward her. "You will prove useful in breaking the red-haired one." Robo diverted his attention to the screen, knowing what was coming next and unable to watch.

Ian pulled Marle out of the cell by her arm. "On your knees before me."

"Never," Marle said, seething with rage. A pulse of pain went through Marle's body.

"Desist," said Robo, getting up. Lucca and Gaspar also got up.

"Be quiet, you!" He said and struck Robo down with a bolt of lightning. Briefly Ian looked around. "Does anyone else want to challenge me?"

"Ayla challenge!" Ayla flung herself toward the forcefield. Crono was pulling out a lunch.

"You are a pest," he said, using ice to fling Ayla toward the back of the cell. Robo healed her and himself.

Glenn got up. "Stop, urchin!"

"You people are persistent," he said, using shadow to knock Glenn into the back of the cell. He became unconcious.

Marle, unable to take the pain, fell to her knees.

Gaspar, Kino, and Atropos wore looks of helplessness as Marle was tortured.

What Ian didn't know is that the magic he was channeling into her was building up.

Help me..... Marle cried.

The call was shrill and sound and beyond the barriers of time.....


End of Part 4

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