The Origin Of The Turks Part One

By Taran

2791’s helicopter flew out off the limits of Midgar and far off into the distance. He had to get away from the Shin-Ra, they were going to kill him. He didn’t know much about his origin. He knew that he was not born naturally and that he was created in a science lab. For what purpose he knew not. The Shin-Ra had been working on him for about a year. He remembered that there had been more of him, but they didn’t meet the Shin-Ra expectations. He was the only one left out of a group of twelve. After the others died, he kept growing and soon exceeded the Shin-Ra expectations. That’s why they tried to kill him, he was too powerful.

Before, the Shin-Ra had told 2791 what to do, and he did it. But now he could think for himself and do what was best for him, not what was best for Shin-Ra. Now, he had to make a decision, where to go now? He had to go where the Shin-Ra couldn’t follow him, he just didn’t know where that was. Looking down at the controls to the helicopter he realized that he didn’t know where he was. He had been flying for almost an hour.

There was no town in site. There was no land mark, sign, or anything that would tell 2791 where he was. Soon the helicopter started to shake. Something hat hit the side. Soon he was hit again, this time he saw a huge beam of energy pierce through the side of the helicopter. What was happening? This was supposed to be invincible. He hoped that the next shot wouldn’t take out the engine but it did.

The helicopter began to descend and then it started to plummet. Dropping the controls, 2791 headed towards the back and looked for a parachute. There was none. Standing at the edge of the helicopter he could see the ground rushing at him. Thinking fast he only had one option, with or without a parachute, he had to jump. After another 5 seconds of falling he leaped with all his might trying to gain distance from the vehicle. Before he knew it he had hit the ground and everything went black.

“Rev? Rev. Can you here me Rev?”

2791 opened his eyes and saw a girl looking over him. He tried to get up but it hurt. The girl put a hand on his chest and lightly set him back on the bed or whatever he was laying on. “Don’t try to get up yet. You're still too weak.”

“Who are you?” he asked.

“Don’t be silly Rev. I’m you're sister of course.”

“What are you talking about? I don’t have a sister. My name’s not Rev either.”

The girl now turned to someone that 2791 couldn’t see. “Doctor, what’s wrong with him. He doesn’t remember me.”

The doctor came into 2791’s site now. He examined 2791’s head and then spoke. “He shouldn’t have amnesia. Other than a dozen broken bones he should be fine. He was very lucky.”

The girl was talking now. “Rev. Do you remember me? You have to! I thought you were dead. But you came back, you can’t leave again, you can’t.” She started to cry.

“Don’t worry. I don’t have amnesia. I can remember everything that has ever happened to me. But, I don’t remember you.”

“Huh? What do you mean you don’t remember? How could you not remember me?”

“I think I have an answer for that.” said the doctor. “I was looking at a sample of his DNA. There are several strands Identical to your brother’s but,” He entered some commands into the computer. “Some of them don’t match at all.”

“Are you saying that he’s not my brother?”

2791 responded for him. “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.”

“Well, there is something different about you. Your eyes, there red! That’s the mark of SOLDIER! If you’re not my brother, you must be another Shin-Ra SOLDIER! We saved a SOLDIER! Quick, doctor, go get Kor.”

“Wait!” said 2791. “I’m not with Shin-Ra.”

“If you’re not with Shin-Ra, why were you in one of their helicopters? And how come you look so much like my brother?”

“I stole the helicopter when I escaped from Shin-Ra, but I’ve never seen your brother before. Now I have to go. I can’t stay here for too long.” He tried to get up but it still hurt too much.

“I told you that you’re still too weak. Weren’t you listening. You’re going to have to stay off your feet for a while. And someone needs to take care of you. Would you mind if I do it? You remind me so much of my brother and everything.”

“Very well, but as soon as I can walk I’m out of here.”


Later that day 2791 was lying in a bed. He couldn’t see anything but the ceiling. The girl had gone into some other room the minute after he got here. He didn’t blame her. He was in the hospital, or clinic, or whatever it was from 3:50 to 5:42 AM. He couldn’t move and had nothing to observe so he soon drifted to sleep.

2791 woke up when the girl entered the room. He thought she was sitting on the bed but he wasn’t quite sure. “Did you sleep well, um, uh, what is your name?”

“I, don’t have one.”

“You don’t have one? Everyone has a name. Didn’t your parents give you one?”

“I don’t have parents.”

“You don’t have parents and you don’t have a name. You are very strange. Would you mind if I give you a name, so I can have something to call you.”

“Very well, but don’t get too attached, I’ve got to keep moving.”

“Since you gave your permission, I’ll call you Rev. Since you remind me of my brother, It suits you.”

“What’s your name.”

“My name, I’m Kyrin.”

“Now, did you sleep well Rev.”

“I suppose so.”

“I see.” Kyrin left. She seemed like a nice girl, although Rev, as he was now called, couldn’t tell from his position, but he did not want to make any friends, he had to leave as soon as possible.

The days went by. As much as Rev didn’t like it Kyrin kept getting closer. He was afraid that she was getting used to him. He also became aware of where he was. He was in a town called Turkona. The people that populated the town were called Turks. They were brilliant designers of fabulous inventions. Unfortunately Shin-Ra knew that. Shin-Ra was threatening to destroy the town unless the Turks provided new weapons for SOLDIER.

Finally the time came when Rev could walk. The first thing he did was take a shower. He had been in the same clothes his entire life. They were sweaty, bloody, and ripped. The cool water felt good against his skin. When he got out he put on some clothes that Kyrin had laid out.

When he looked in the mirror he saw himself for the first time. He was tall, he guessed around 6 feet. He had broad shoulders and muscular arms. He was wearing a dark blue shirt that stopped at the arms and dark blue pants that had two black bands around the knees and a black belt. He had a pair of black boots and a silver shoulder pad over each arm. His hair was long and in a complete mess. Having no style of his own he called Kyrin to comb it.

This was the first time that Rev had ever seen Kyrin. She had a fair white skin and long black hair. She was also tall. Rev found her very beautiful but he didn’t let her know that.

Kyrin fixed his hair just right. Rev now had a black band that went around his forehead. He had three waves of hair that formed into tips at the end. They started in the back and left sides of his head and made there way to the front right. They last wave was longer and drooped over the band and the tip stayed about two inches from his right eye. “There.” said Kyrin. “Now you look just like my brother.” A teat rolled down her cheek but she turned so that Rev couldn’t see the rest.

“I don’t mean to be intruding but, what happened? To your brother I mean.”

“Well, when Shin-Ra found us for the first time, they not only demanded that we develop new weapons for them. They also took all our young men and drafted them for SOLDIER. That’s another reason I thought you were him.” More tears came from her eyes.

“I’m, sorry. I didn’t know.”

“That’s OK.”

Some little kid rushed into the room. He had spiked hair sort of like Rev’s. Oddly, he wore a small gun at his side. What was a little kid doing with a gun? The kid started talking to fast for anyone to here him.

Kyrin got him to stop talking for a minute. “Reno, slow down. Now, what is it?”


“Who! Try it again, even slower.”

“How many times do I have to repeat myself? I said that the Shin-Ra have come demanding more weapons and they’re searching houses trying to find the good stuff!”

“Oh no! Rev, if they find you, they’ll kill you! You’ve got to hide, quick!”

“Where? It’s your house, remember.”

“Oh, there’s a secret basement. Reno will show it to you and I’ll stall the guards.”

Rev fallowed Reno into the main room. Pulling aside a painting Reno entered some button’s into a dial. The rug in the center of the room slid aside revealing a latter. Reno climbed down and Rev fallowed. When they got to the bottom Reno hit another button. The rug slid back and then a light turned on where the entrance had been.

Reno explained what he was doing as he worked. “I’m locking the door shut. Now, even if the Shin-Ra find the controls and enter the right code, it will just open up some secret safe with a couple gil in it. Now, you have to be quiet. This ain’t sound proof or nothi’n. We can hear them and they can here us.”

Rev listened to what was going on above. First, a couple of SOLDIER’s burst through the door. One of them threw Kyrin to the floor. Then they went off into other rooms of the house and started turning furniture over. Finally they left. Rev started to climb up the latter but Reno grabbed his ankle and held out a hand telling him to stop. A minute passed and none of them moved. Suddenly the light turned blue and Reno started talking again. “O.K. Now they’re gone. He hit some button and the light went out and the ceiling slid away again.

Climbing into the main room Rev looked around. Kyrin was standing by the painting that Reno had moved earlier. The couch was overturned and there were splits of wood where chairs had been. “Shin-Ra did all this!? Just for a few lousy weapons?”

Kyrin nodded. “If you’re going to leave, you better do it now, before they come back.”

“I’m not leaving.”


“I’m not leaving. I’m going to stay.” He didn’t know why he had said it. It might have been that he wanted revenge against the Shin-Ra. It might have been that he wanted to protect these people, or maybe just Kyrin. He didn’t know why he had chosen to stay, but he had. He couldn’t turn back now.

The next day Kyrin took Rev to Mace. Mace held all the weapons that the Turks invented and gave them to the Shin-Ra when they came. Mace’s house wasn’t the largest in the village but it was the sturdiest. The walls were solid steel and were five feet thick. Inside there was just one room. There was a bed in the corner and a safe in the wall. There was also a picture of a girl, Rev guessed it was Mace’s wife.

“Welcome, Rev.” greeted Mace.

“Thanks. Now, why did you want to see me?”

“Well, now that you've joined us, you need to be properly equipped. We’re not just going to submit to the Shin-Ra forever you know. Soon, there’s going to be a rebellion. Hopefully you can help bring that day closer. So, the rule is, every male carries a weapon, even Reno.”

“What’s the point of having all these weapons if Shin-Ra has more of the same thing?”

“Same thing? What are you talking about? Oh. He doesn’t know yet, does he?” Kyrin shook her head. “Well, we like to stay a step ahead of Shin-Ra. All the time they come here demanding more weapons. I always refuse. They then threaten to hurt me or someone else and I reluctantly open the safe and give them “all we have”. Then they leave and tell us to “Work faster, we’ll be back.” As soon as they’re gone I walk over here.” He went over to the picture of his wife. “Then I enter a code.” He entered a code, similar to what Reno had done earlier. Part of the floor slid away revealing a latter. “Next, I climb down here.” explained Mace as he went down. “Grab one weapon off the top of the heap...” he had to raise his voice so Rev could hear. “And finally, I put it back in the safe until they come back.”

“So, what you’re saying is that you've got tons of advanced weapons down there, and you only give the Shin-Ra one?”

“That’s right.” responded Mace. “Now, what kind of weapon would you like to carry?”

“Just get me a sword. That’s what I’m good with.”

“Very well.” Mace said as he climbed back down the latter. Soon he came up carrying a long sword in one hand. He gave it to Rev who was eager to start practicing.

Rev started slashing at nothing and whirling the sword very fast. Suddenly, the sword grew and slashed right over Reno’s head and into the wall.

“Whoa!” shouted Reno. “Be careful with that thing!”

“I better show you how it works.” Mace offered. He took the sword from Rev, being sure not to hit anybody. “Now. you see this little nob here?” he pointed to a small black nob on the side of the hilt. “This controls the length of the sword. The higher up the hilt, the longer the blade.” Mace set the nob at the lowest level and the blade shrunk to the size of a long dagger. “This switch over here though,” he pointed to a switch on the opposite side as the nob. “This can enhance the blade’s power by charging it with energy.” He demonstrated by flicking the switch and the blade began to glow a light blue. “Please try to keep this thing out of the wrong hands. It’s the best we’ve got so far. I also brought you this gun.”

“I don’t need it though.” said Rev.

“I know, but it just might come in handy. I’s a primitive version of what Reno has. It blasts out energy rays. Nothi’n to it really.”

“Thanks for the arsenal, Mace. Don’t worry. I won’t let Shin-Ra get a good look at it.”

“OK. I’ll see you tonight at the meeting then.”

“Sure.” Rev, Reno, and Kyrin left Mace’s house and went over to the town square.

“What’s this meeting going to be about any ways?”

“I’m not exactly sure.” answered Kyrin. “Normally I wouldn’t bother going, but now that your here... I think it’s going to have something to do with the rebellion.”

That night everybody met in Kor’s house. Kor was the most well off Turk and he was also the biggest patriot. As people crowded in most of them stood against the outside walls and were content just to listen. Others though, wanted to express their opinion and sat at the large table. Among these were Kor, Mace, Trigger, and a few others. Kyrin, Reno, and Rev stood by the wall.

“OK. now. Let’s get this started.” said Kor as he tried to get everyone calmed down and to stop murmuring. “Now, as you all know someone from the outside has joined us. His name is Rev.” Everybody turned to glance at Rev even though they had all seen him before. “Rev represents a new opportunity. This rebellion was inevitable. I knew that we would strike as soon as we had the chance, now we do.”

“What are you talking about?” interrupted Mace. “Sure Rev is the strongest person to come to the Turks since, well, ever. But still, he can’t take on Shin-Ra alone.”

“Of coarse not. I would never propose such an outrageous idea.” responded Kor. “I don’t want Rev to fight Shin-Ra! I want him to help us find the means that would help us do it ourselves.”

“And what means would those be?” asked Trigger.

“Materia.” A murmur started in the crowd. No one had ever seen it, but they all knew what it was.

“Where can we get our hands on Materia?” asked Mace.

“Dragon’s Tomb.”

“Dragon’s Tomb!? Are you crazy or something? It would be suicide to go there, even for Rev.” Mace was very clear to indicate this was a bad idea.

“What other choice do we have?” asked Kor.

“I think we should ask Rev what he thinks.” said Mace. Again everyone was looking at Rev.

“I said I would help didn’t I?”

“OK then. In the morning a small group will accompany Rev to Dragon’s Tomb. Meeting adjourned.” The crowd began to dissipate as everyone left. Rev was almost out the door when he was stopped by Kyrin.

“Do you know what you’re getting yourself into?”

“Hey, I promised to help so I will.”

“Dragon’s Tomb is dangerous, Rev!”

“It doesn’t sound too bad.”

“It is! A long time ago there was a giant dragon that lived there. One of our knights went to slay the dragon. The battle went on and pretty soon they were both about to die. The knight sent the dragon into a lake of lava but it came back.”

“What came back?”

“The dragon, but not all of it. Only it’s bones rose from the burning pool. It killed the knight. Many others have tried to go and recover the materia that the dragon must have used to return, but no one ever came back.”

“Well I’m not any of them. I’ll come back, don’t worry.”

“Do you promise?”

“Kyrin, come on...”

“Do you promise?” she said again with a little more intensity.

“OK, I promise.”

“Good. I know you wouldn’t lie to me. Good night, Rev. She slowly walked back towards her house.

Rev wondered why she had made him promise. Even if he hadn’t come back they would have found someone else to get the materia. Or was it something else..? Rev went over to Mace’s house where he was staying now that he was better. When he got there he saw that Mace was already asleep on the bed. Rev got on to the little cot that Mace had set out and soon fell asleep.

The next morning Rev awoke to see Mace down in the lower compartment of the house where all the weapons were stored. He came back up carrying a bag full of guns, daggers, and more inventions. “What’s all that for?” asked Rev.

“This dragon is going to be tough! I don’t want to be unprepared or anything.”

“You mean, you’re coming with me.”

“Yeah, and so am I.” said Reno as he entered the room.

“You? You’re just a kid.” said Rev.

“Just a kid! What do you know any ways? If anyone comes back from this it’s going to be me!”

“Fine, have it your way.” complained Rev.

Everyone prepared for battle. Rev got a band to hold his sword. It went over his left shoulder and down to his belt. He also got another belt to hold his small gun. Reno grabbed a small pouch that were full of trackers for his gun. Rev didn’t know what they did but Reno said that he could fire his gun in any direction and it could still hit directly above anyone of his trackers. Reno also carried several bombs and mines that he placed in small pockets in his belt. Mace carried a back pack filled with two daggers, three guns and a hole lot more bombs. He also had some medical equipment with him.

As the three left the down a few people came to say goodbye, Kyrin and Reno’s parents. “Be careful Rev.” Kyrin said. “Remember, you promised me that you’d come back.”

“I remember, don’t worry. I’ll be fine.”


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