The Origin Of The Turks Part Two

By Taran

Reno and Rev followed Mace as they headed towards Dragon’s Tomb. After an hour or so of walking Rev saw a huge mountain come into view. As they got closer he saw that there was a big cave at the base. When they finally reached it he saw that something had carved the entrance in the shape of a dragon’s mouth.

“This place is spooky.” observed Mace.

“It doesn’t scare me!” said Reno as he ran in.

The other two fallowed Reno. Soon, there was no light and Mace had to prepare a torch. There were many steps that led ever downwards. It began to get hot. All of a sudden, Reno spotted something.

“Hey, look at that.” he said. “It looks like a light or something.”

“It’s coming closer.” Mace stated.

“I don’t like it.” remarked Rev as he drew his sword from it’s sheathe.

They walked in silence for about a minute. Now, they could see that the light was coming from some sort of beasts that were running towards them. Reno and Mace drew their weapons as they prepared for battle.

“Look out!” shouted Mace as a huge fireball flew towards them. Rev ducked under it and Mace had to jump out of the way. Reno powered up his gun and started blasting. Even though he hit some of the monsters it didn’t seem to have any affect. The creatures were soon upon them and the battle began. Reno kept trying to shoot them but his lasers caused no damage. Rev extended his blade to medium length and started slashing at the monsters. They were stunned for a couple seconds but they kept on going. No one was sure how Mace was helping at all, he was searching through his pack to find something.

After another minute or two of not hurting the flaming creatures, both Rev and Reno were burned pretty badly. Finally Mace pulled something out of his bag and shouted “Look out!” Rev and Reno dived out of the way. A small sphere landed in the middle of the group of fire creatures. It disintegrated and the air around it started to turn a light blue. The fire around the creatures was extinguished and it revealed giant, red, lizard type monsters.

Rev jumped right back into the center of battle and whirled his sword around. First he slashed at one of the lizard’s shoulder, then he thrust his sword through another’s heart. That one burst into flames again but soon vanished. Reno saw a lizard about to smash Rev and pulled the trigger of his gun. The laser shot out and just went over Rev as it hit the lizard in the face. It fell down and soon it too turned to flames for a second. The remaining monsters were quickly dispatched in the same manner.

“I saved your butt Rev.” claimed Reno.

“Yeah, thanks.” remarked Rev.

“Look whose talking. I saved both of you with my temperature bomb.” said Mace.

“Hey, we all helped each other.” Rev said. “OK, now we’ve got to find that dragon.”

Soon enough they came into a huge cavern. There was a cliff that dropped off and headed downwards for about thirty feet where the cavern floor was consumed by a raging fire. There were natural pillar like stones that rose up from the fire forming large steps that led to the opposite side of the cavern where there was a huge piece of materia just waiting to be taken.

“That’s it, now dragon?” questioned Rev.

“I don’t know. Maybe the tales were false.” remarked Reno.

“I’m not so sure...DRAGON!” Mace shouted.

"Ah.” Rev covered his ears. “Well, if it’s here it sure knows we are.”

“Nothings happening.” observed Reno. “I guess it’s safe.”

“All right. Let’s go.” said Rev. They started jumping from step to step getting closer to the materia, When they were in the center of the great cavern they heard a roar.

“Um, did you here that?” asked Mace.

“No duh.” remarked Reno. “I think the dragon is awake.”

A giant creature composed of only huge bones arose from the fire. It had a long neck with sharp spines going all the way down. It had hundreds of teeth and two giant horns. It had a lashing tail with spines coming out from all angles. It roared again and prepared to attack.

Rev, Reno, and Mace pulled out there weapons. The dragons head dove at Rev who leaped over it and slashed it with his sword. “Not even a mark!” cried Rev.

“Turn on the energy.” Mace replied.

Reno tried to get a clean shot but it was moving too fast. “If only I could get a tracker on it.”

“Reno throw me one of your trackers.” shouted Rev.

“OK.” he threw one to Rev who placed it on the dragon’s neck the next time it dove for him. “Good job Rev!” Reno fiddled with his gun and shot forth ten lasers that all hit the dragon in the neck but bounced off with no affect. “This thing must be invincible or something!”

Mace answered him. “I’ve scanned it and the interior isn’t plated. If I could blast his head with and ice bomb, I think he’ll shatter.”

“OK.” said Rev. “But how are supposed to get one in there? Why are you looking at me? Oh, all right, toss me a bomb. Ah.” The dragon tried to whip Rev with it’s tail but he blocked it with his energy radiating sword. He got the bomb and then shouted at Reno. “Try to get it’s attention!”

Reno nodded and set his gun to full power. First he threw a grenade at it to catch the dragon’s eye and then he sent forth ten non-stop volleys of quick laser fire. Rev took this time to leap as far as he could towards the dragon. He grabbed it’s lower rib and was dangling for a second before he put his sword in it’s sheathe and started climbing.

It was hard work as Rev heaved himself from rib to rib of the humungoues and ever moving dragon. Soon, Rev was past the ribs and was climbing up the inside of the dragon’s throat. Reno and Mace could no longer see Rev and they hoped he was OK. The dragon started to shake it’s neck back and forth and it looked grim but they saw Rev’s sword pry it’s mouth open and then jump onto a platform. Mace rushed to him. Rev was injured pretty badly.

“Did you plant the bomb?” Mace asked. Rev nodded. “Good.” He pulled out a control of some kind and hit a button. The dragon’s face turned blue, then white. It’s whole body changed to an icy color and then exploded into bone fragments that shot everywhere. Mace pulled out a small shield that grew to cover himself, Rev, and Reno who had just joined them.

As soon as the fragments stopped flying Reno went to the large materia as Mace used some machine to heal Rev’s wounds. Reno returned to them carrying the huge piece of materia in his hands. After Mace had cured Rev they left the cave and headed back to Turkona.

When they reached Turkona they saw that no one was there. Most of the houses were burning and others were gone completely. When they got to the center of the town, some men came out from around the buildings and made a circle around Reno, Rev, and Mace. One of the men stepped forward. He looked exactly like Rev.

“We are Shin-Ra SOLDIERS.” he said. “You’re going to come with us, after you hand over the materia.”

“Do you think we’re really just going to surrender to you?” asked Reno sarcastically. “We’re not going with you without a fight!”

“Very well, if you will not come peacefully...” The Shin-Ra SOLDIERS charged inward, except for the speaker who backed off and went behind a building. Reno, Rev, and Mace were helplessly outnumbered. There were about thirty SOLDIERs all together. Rev was doing a pretty good job holding them off. The others, however, were not doing such a good job. A SOLDIER grabbed Reno’s arms and another one got the materia after a few kicks. When Rev saw this he hurled another SOLDIER at the one with the materia then went to pick it up.

Putting his sword in his sheath Rev raised the materia in front of him and tried casting a spell. A huge block of ice froze the SOLDIER that was holding Reno and then shattered. The SOLDIER was killed and Reno was free. “Thanks.” he said. Reno then blasted a SOLDIER that was sneaking up behind Rev. “Now we’re even.” said Reno.

Rev nodded and tried to cast another spell. A giant fireball flew towards the SOLDIERs around Mace. It burned them all but Mace’s shield protected him. Rev wondered, how could one materia orb cast both fire and ice magic? He again cast a spell, this time a green cloud swept across the battle. Rev recognized the spell as ultima. All the SOLDIERs were knocked to the ground.

“I guess that does it for Shin-Ra.” Mace said.

“Not exactly.” Reno said as he ran around a corner. Mace fallowed him. They saw Rev laying on the ground trying to avoid Reno’s aimer. “Rev, how’d you get over here?”

“I walked, Reno” said Rev as he came around the corner.”

Mace was trying to look at both of them at the same time. “But, if you’re Rev, who are you?”

“I’m Rev.” said the man on the ground.

“Wait a minute.” interrupted Mace. “So you both look the same and you both think your name is Rev?”

“They both have red eyes too.” observed Reno.

“OK, what’s going on here?”

“I don’t know.” said the Rev on the ground. “I was just as surprised to see you as you were to see me. All I know is what I’m ordered to do and that I don’t like it.”

“And what were your orders?” asked Mace.

“Our group was sent here to capture your materia, and kill you.”

“But you don’t like those orders?” asked Mace.

“No, even though I’m in SOLDIER it’s just because I was forced too. I used to live here, in this village. When the Shin-Ra came they dragged me off along with the rest of the boys. They put us through tests, I’m one of the few who passed...”

“If you’re from this village, are you Kyrin’s brother?” asked Rev.

“Kyrin, yes, I’m her brother!” answered Rev.

“Where is she any ways?” asked Mace “Where is everybody for that matter.”

“Shin-Ra took them. They’re being held captive at Midgar.” answered Rev.

“Then that’s where we have to go.” said Reno.

“But how are we going to get there?” asked the cloned Rev.

“Leave that to me.” answered Mace as he started running towards his house.

The others fallowed Mace to his house and then down into the secret passage where the weapons were kept. They walked through a tunnel that was bursting in flames and into a large chamber. There was a helicopter in the center of the room.

“I’ve been working on this for a while.” Mace said. “I was trying to improve on the shielding of the original copters that the Shin-Ra got from us. It’s not finished yet but it can fly.”

“OK, let’s hop in.” said Reno.

Mace headed up to the controls and Reno jumped into the side door. “Come on Rev, and Rev.” he said. Inside the helicopter there was a bench like seat facing the door on the side. Reno, Rev and Rev sat there. “How are we going to tell you guys apart?” questioned Reno.

“Well, since I haven't had the name for my hole life, just call me Revv, with a longer “V” at the end.”

“Rev and Revv huh. Well, I guess that’ll do.” replied Reno.

The helicopter lifted off the ground and the ceiling of the chamber opened up. The copter soared out into the open sky. Mace yelled over the noise of the whirling blades to the three in the back, “Next stop, Midgar.”


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