The Origin Of The Turks Part Three

By Taran

A few hours after the group had left Turkona the helicopter came into the limits of Midgar. Rev had told them of a back entrance to the Shin-Ra headquarters that they could use and not get bombarded by security officers. Mace dropped them off onto the sector seven plate. He said that because of the rain storm the helicopter couldn't stay but he promised to pick them up in a few hours. Reno, Rev and Revv walked down the streets until they came to the entrance to Shin-Ra headquarters.

Rev lead them around back where they started climbing stairs. After about twenty flights Reno started to get tired. “How far do these stairs go?” he managed to puff out.

“These lead up to the sixtieth floor.” Rev answered.

“Sixtieth!” shouted Revv. “With all this Shin-Ra technology dealing with weapons, cloning, and what not, you’d think they could install an elevator.”

“There is one, but if we get on it we’ll get caught.” replied Rev. “Besides, I thought you had been in this building before.”

“I was. I just didn’t get around much. I was stuck on the same floor all the time.”

"Aren't, huff, any, puff, of you, cough, tired?”

“To get into SOLDIER you have to be in top physical condition.” Rev responded.

“Hey! It’s not my fault. It’s not like I’m a wimp or anything. I’m just a kid. Don’t expect me to gleefully climb no sixty flights of stairs!”

“Don’t worry Reno.” said Revv. “We’re almost there.”

“How would you know?” Reno asked.

“I’ve been counting. We’re on fifty seven, now fifty eight.”

“OK. We’re at the top.” Rev exclaimed.

”Finally...” Reno complained.

“Now what?” asked Revv.

“I think the Turks are being held on the sixty fourth floor.”

“Can we please take the elevator this time?” begged Reno

“Yeah, that we can do. I’ve got a sixty fifth level key card.” Rev answered.

“OK then, let’s go.” said Revv.

They opened up the door and headed into the elevator. Rev inserted his card and they started to move up. A few seconds later the door opened up to the sixty fourth floor. There was a long hall with doors lining each side. Revv opened a door and saw Kor. He tried to step through but was stopped by some invisible field.

“Rev! Thank goodness you’ve come. Watch out for the security field.”

“It’s Revv now.”

“Revv? What’s with the change.”

“We found Kyrin’s brother, Rev. It’s too complicated to have the same name so I’m Revv.”

“Not much of a change if you ask me but, open the other doors so we can discuss how to get out.”

As soon as all the doors were opened the floor was abuzz with talking. Kor told Reno that the force fields were controlled by a power generator at the end of the hall. Reno set up a couple of bombs and then tried to get everybody's attention. "Hey! Now, these bombs are set on full power. They'll take out the generator but not without clearing this whole floor of everything but a few support beams. As soon as the generators blow we've got about ten seconds before we're fried along with it. So, as soon as the fields are down, run like crazy."

"OK, someone key in the elevator so we can get out of here."

"To which floor?" asked Rev. "My card only goes up to sixty five. Mace is supposed to pick us up on the roof."

"Don't tell me we're going to have to take more stairs." Reno protested.

"Fraid so." answered Revv. It'll be guarded so we have to protect these people. Rev, you stay in the back. Reno and I will lead the way."

"OK. The elevator's are both set for sixty five."

"Let's blow this joint!" shouted Reno as he detonated the bombs." The shields were down and everybody ran like mad to the elevators. Revv was in the back and tried to hurry everybody along. Everyone had gotten in except a little kid. Revv ran out to get him when the doors of the elevator closed.

"NO!" cried Kyrin.

When everybody piled out onto floor sixty five Reno led them to the stairs followed by Kyrin. "Don't worry." Reno said. "I'm sure he's fine. He'll pop up any moment now."

"I sure hope so." She drifted back into the crowd to be comforted by her brother.

Sure enough after they had climbed a flight of stairs or two without trouble Kyrin saw someone running after them with a little kid on his shoulders. "Move it people!" he shouted. "I'm afraid I attracted a little attention." His words were followed by the sound of firing guns from below.

"Don't ever do that again!" Kyrin shouted at him.

"Rev, here, take care of this kid." after depositing the kid Revv and Kyrin ran to the front of the line where Reno was having a little trouble. "Can I be of service?" joked Revv as he pulled out his sword.

"Sure thing." answered Reno as he blasted at one of the guards ahead.

Revv slashed at them clearing the way for the rest. "

As the Turks continually climbed upwards Rev came to the front. "Reno, get back there."

"Why aren't you in the back?" he asked.

"A gun would do better shooting down, my sword is too short to reach them."

"Fine." he said as he headed to the back.

"We're almost there." said Revv.

The group filed out of the stairs and into the rain where they saw a horde of security officers and SOLDIERS with guns and other weapons aimed right at them. "Run!" someone cried but as soon as they turned another bunch piled up from the stairs.

"A trap." exclaimed Revv.

"How did they know we were free?" asked Kyrin?

"I believe I can answer that." replied Trigger as he pushed his way from behind Shin-Ra to face the Turks.

"Trigger, what are you doing with Shin-Ra?" asked Kor.

"You wouldn't understand. All you care about is your independence. You don't care about the future of the Turks. Did you want your children to live the life you did? In the shadow of a greater power."

"Of course not! That's what the rebellion was about."

"The rebellion, ha! You would have been crushed by the Shin-Ra before you knew what hit you. Now, I've been talking to the President. He's agreed to let the Turks join Shin-Ra as a private department in exchange for our cooperation. Doesn't that sound like a better deal than being crushed underfoot like an inferior insect?"

"At least we'd be free."

"How many times do I have to tell you? You wouldn't be free, you'd be dead! All right, if you don't want to join Shin-Ra, you can die here!" with that, Trigger pulled out a revolver and shot Kor who fell to the ground, dead. "Now, unless any of you want to join your "fearless leader" I suggest you cross this line and join us."

Most of the Turks slowly crossed over the line. A few, however, stayed. Among those were Rev, Revv, and Kyrin, but not Reno. "Reno, what are you doing?" asked Kyrin as he crossed the line.

"I'm sorry, but, I don't want to die, and I want to be with all my friends. It's better that way. You'll see."

A tear rolled down her cheek as she started to cry. Revv came up behind her and put his hand on her shoulder. "You better go with him." he said.

She turned towards him. "What are you, crazy? I'm never going to join them."

"Listen, as soon as they see who still hasn't crossed over, Shin-Ra's gonna blast us to kingdom come. You wouldn't live to regret your decision."

"But what about you, and my brother..."

"Don't worry. I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve." she then slowly went over to stand behind Reno. "You take care of her now, OK." Reno nodded. Revv went to join Rev and a few others in the center of the circle of SOLDIERs.

"I'm sorry." said Trigger. "I really don't want to do this. If anyone would like to come over I'll give them one last chance." When no one moved he shrugged his shoulders. "Oh well. Ready..." the SOLDIERs cocked their guns. "Aim..." the guns all turned to face the few in the middle. "Fi..."

"Wait!" shouted someone. Gast pushed his way through the group of SOLDIERs and came to stand next to Trigger. "2792, it's time."

"Hey." said Revv. "I'm no longer your experiment, I'm Revv.

"I'm not talking to you, fool. You were 2791."

"Then whose 2792?"

"I am." said Rev,

"You see," explained Gast. "After you left I activated him, adding more of a control factor mind you. You were both cloned using DNA from the original Rev. That's why you look the same."

"I guess that makes me Rev again." said Revv, now Rev. "But why the charade?"

"I needed to test out the capabilities of 2792, this was a way to kill two birds with one stone. Now, if you don't mind, he'll dispose of you."

2792 turned towards Rev. The others tried to help but Shin-Ra grabbed them. Rev drew his sword and so did 2792. The swords clashed as the two twins dueled. At first Rev seemed to have the upper hand but he soon began to ware down. When it seemed like Rev would loose he spotted a helicopter approaching. It was Mace.

Mace jumped out of the helicopter and landed next to Rev. "I brought the Materia!" he said and pulled it out. "Let's see, how does it go, oh yeah. Cure!" A green light flashed and most of Rev's wounds were healed.

"Hey, that's not fair." said 2792. He charged at Mace, and thrust his sword in his chest then kicked him, sending Mace flying to the ground and freeing 2792's sword.

"MACE!" the cry rang out from many but it was the loudest from Rev who leaped over 2792's head, spun around, and slashed at 2792 repetitively. Rev ran to Mace who lay on the ground. The rain was dripping over his wound.

"H e r e." Mace sputtered. Mace slowly extended his hand holding the Materia. As soon as Rev took it Mace's arm dropped limply onto the wet ground.


"Rev, watch out!" shouted Kyrin.

Rev turned to see 2792 rushing at him. Falling on his back Rev extended his leg and used 2792's own momentum to flip him over Rev and towards the edge of the roof. Running over to where 2792 landed Rev activated his sword that began to glow. With one foot standing triumphantly on 2792, Rev quickly ended his life with a spell from the materia. The body disintegrated under the force of the energy a turned two a green mist that floated upwards.

Three claps echoed across the sky and everyone turned to the source, G???. "Very good. I suppose that 2792 was an inferior test subject. Now let's get back to business. Trigger..."

"Hey." said Rev. "I killed him. Doesn't that prove that I could beat you all and you better leave us alone?"

"Hardly." replied Trigger. "Now, where was I? Oh yeah, fire." the death order was uttered without emotion.

Hundreds of volleys of both bullets and laser fire flew at Rev. The blast of the hit hurled him ten feet over the edge of the building where his flight turned to a plummet as he plunged towards the Midgar plate.


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