The Origin Of The Turks: Prologue

A Prequel to Final Fantasy 7

By Taran

Trever walked down the hall towards the exit of the laboratories. As required every day he had made an update in the log referring to the progress of whatever project the science board was working on. At the door he was met by the head of the science department who took his log. “Good night sir. “ Trever said. The man only nodded.

The man was Gast. Of coarse, to his coworkers in the Shin-Ra cooperation that meant nothing else than that he was the head of the science department and that he was working on some project that they couldn’t understand. This just proves how little they knew. Gast was trying to create the ultimate being via bio-engineering. By combining the DNA of the Cetra and other powerful beings Gast was trying to clone Seperoth.

Ever since Seperoth had been imprisoned in the earth, Gast had been trying to create a clone just like him, but under the control of Shin-Ra. He was combining other DNA of specimens in the attempt to create the perfect clone, but they had all failed. Some were to stupid and some were to weak. Others, though were strong enough and smart enough, but they lacked control. By the orders of the Shin-Ra, all projects that became too powerful and were not able to be controlled must be executed and the process must start over. Such was the case with project 2791.

2791 had started out looking very hopeful. Every day it grew in strength and intelligence. Unfortunately, as time went by 2791 seemed to follow his own agenda. It became uncooperative and refused to go along with the tests. Gast would have to execute it the next day. Closing the log entry Gast typed in, “Execution - One Day”. Gast entered his finish time, “10:57 PM”. He headed towards the elevator and used his key card to access the chief personnel quarters then headed to his chamber. It had been a long day.

Gast awoke to the sound of some blasted alarm. He looked at the clock. It was 2:39 AM. He headed towards the entrance to his chamber as he quickly got dressed. Opening the door Gast saw security officers running in all directions. What the heck was going on? He grabbed one of the soldiers who was running by to ask a few questions.

“Soldier, what does that stupid alarm mean?”

The soldier answered him as quickly as he could, “There’s been an intruder alert, sir.” The man struggled free and ran towards one of the elevator chutes.

“An intruder eh, oh no!” Gast ran towards the stair way. The elevator would be to busy with all these soldiers going up and down. Hoping he was wrong Gast climbed up the stairs as fast as he could. As soon as he reached the science lab his suspicions were sadly confirmed. A guard lay dead next to the shattered wall where project 2791’s holding cell had been.

Gast ran to the access terminal of the giant intercom system. He flipped a switch so that his voice could be heard throughout the entire building. “Attention all security officers, project 2791 is free. His goal is escape. Defend all exits. Do not let him leave, even if you have to kill him. Repeat, do not let him escape.”

Now, those idiot soldiers couldn’t do anything that wasn’t in their dumb drills. They couldn’t think on their feet like Gast. He had to think off where 2791, or Seperoth, would be headed. He couldn't just leave the building, he’d have to escape from Midgar it’s self. He must be headed to the hanger bay. Gast ran out side and ordered a unit of guards to follow him. They ran down the stairs to the level containing all the planes and helicopters.

The soldiers did a secure sweep of the floor and soon found Seperoth at a control counsel trying to open the hanger bay doors. Four of the soldiers confronted him, one called for back up, and Gast just watched. The four soldiers pulled out their guns and started firing. Seperoth kept jumping around and dodged all of them. Landing under a plane he ripped out some metal piece that looked something like a long pipe. The soldiers kept on shooting and Seperoth reflect the shots with his weapon.

G??? shouted at the soldiers, “Those planes are laser proof, you've got to get closer!”

The soldiers obviously heard him because they all drew their sword and rushed at him. Seperoth grabbed the first soldier and flung him over his head and into the plane. The second soldier was able to disarm Seperoth but was knocked off his feet when Seperoth retaliated with a sweep kick. Taking the fallen soldiers weapon Seperoth prepared to do battle with the remaining two soldiers.

Gast walked over to the dead body of the soldier who had been thrown into the plane. Glancing at the dent in the bullet proof armor of the plane, he wondered how strong this clone really was. Bending down to grab the soldiers gun Gast set it to the highest setting. Holding the gun out in front of him he tried to fix his aim on the clone and not the soldiers. As soon as he got a clear shot he pulled the trigger. The laser flew from the barrel of the gun, Seperoth tried to block it with the sword but the soldier’s weapon was not as strong as the part from the plane and the laser split the sword in two and hit Seperoth in the shoulder.

Screaming in pain Seperoth Grabbed his shoulder and hurled his broken weapon at Gast then backed away towards a helicopter while trying to fend off the one remaining guard. The hilt of the sword smashed into the gun which exploded less than a second after Gast dropped it. Seperoth climbed into the helicopter and kicked the guard who tried to climb in after him. Starting up the engine Seperoth prepared to escape from the Shin-Ra and Midgar.

Just as the helicopter was lifting off the ground the reinforcements finally arrived. A few soldiers shot their lasers at the helicopter but it too was laser proof. Others tried to jump on board but Seperoth kicked them all off then took one of their guns and shot the control panel he had been at earlier. The hanger bay doors opened and the helicopter flew out. Some soldiers ran to the edge of the hanger and started blasting at the helicopter.

“That’s laser proof too!” shouted Gast.

Trever ran into the hanger bay and looked at all the dead and wounded soldiers then came up to Gast. “What happened, sir?”

“Project 2791 just escaped in one of our helicopters.”

“Why didn’t the soldiers follow him in the planes?”

“There’s no way they could have shot him down. The copter has no weaknesses, I designed it that way.”

“What do we do now, sir?”

“Erase all logs referring to project 2791. We’ll start a new project, but don’t set the mental capabilities so high this time OK.”

“I’ll get to it first thing in the morning.”

“And Trever...”

“Yes, sir?”

"Project 2791, never happened.”

“Yes sir!”


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