Cloud Nine Chapter 1

A New Beginning

By Tenchi

It was a beutiful morning, the sun had risen just above the horizon, still leavig golden, orange streaks in the sky. Crono wouldn't know, since he was stil sleeping. His mother came in for the fifth time and told him to get out of bed. When she heard his familiar grumble, she pulled him by the hair, out of bed. "You're just like your father was," she told him. "Now I hope you haven't forgotten about the fair," She said as Crono flung on his familiar light blue shirt, and his new pair of tan pants. He grabbed his sword of his dresser, gave his mom a kiss on the cheek and was out the door in a flash.

He arrived at the fair gates, and remebered to use the back way, so less fans would mob him. Ever since last year, he's been mobbed by screaming girls and nosey reporters. "Oh well, " he thought, "next week they'll have a new story and some other poor person to follow!" He ran around to the back, behind the place where they first tested the telepod. His friends Marle and Lucca greeted him with smiles and big hugs. This was the first ever Hero's Day Festival, and they were to give a talk on fighting Lavos. Crono was more nervous of getting up to speak than of Lavos any day!! He wished anything would happen to get him out of this. Suddenly a big blue gate opened up behind him...


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