Cloud Nine Chapter 2

The Past Returns

By Tenchi

..The three kids watched as someone or something stepped out of the portal. It was their friend Robo, only he looked alot different. His normally golden brass body, was rusted and beat up, the signs of a battle. He also had stronger looking arms and he had a rocket launcher flung over his shoulder. Lucca's eyes lite up on glee. She was happy to see her old friend. she ran up to him and gave him a great big bear hug. "I'm glad to see you too, and I'd love to celebrate our reunion, but I'm here on buisness.." he said.

"what kind of buisness?" Marle asked.

"I will explain when all of our guests arrive" He held up his palm towards the swirling blue gate, it started to flash. Suddenly a cro-magnum looking girl with blonde hair and green eyes fell out, followed by a man, the same of the age, he had blonde hair too, which he wore in a little ponytail. It was Ayla and Kino.

"Where we at?" asked a puzzled and almost frightened Kino.

"We at 1000 AD," said Ayla.

"Actually, 1001 AD," corrected Lucca. Ayla, glad to see her friends, gave them each a big hug. Crono could almost hear his bones cracking. "Why here?" she asked. Robo explained that he would tell her later. As Robo prepaired for the new shipment of guests, the friends caught up. Ayla told them that Kino and her had gotten married, and had a little girl named Zala. Crono told her about the mobs of fans. She laughed then asked what a fan was. Suddenly the gate flashed again and a middle aged, blue haired man and an older purple haired girl stepped out. It was Schala and Magus, or Janus to his sister. Again they asked what was happening. Robo told them the same old line. Schala was delighted to see them and wanted to hear so muc about them. Magus, on the other hand, stood in the corner and chanted. Schala told them about how Magus found her on a small island and how they were now leaders of the new village of Enlighted and Earthbound ones. Suddenly the gate flashed again and a large frog came out. It was of course Frog, or Glenn, but that was another time...Before he could speek, a muscular knight emerged from the was Cyrus!!

(to be continued)


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