Cloud Nine Chapter 3

The Plot Thickens

By Tenchi

"What type of trickery is this, Magus?" asked a puzzled Sir Cyrus. Frog stepped forward to great the lofty knight. Cyrus looked at Frog and drew his sword. "And what type of beast is this" He swung towards Frog who blocked his oncoming attack. Cyrus looked at Frog's sword and said "What?? This creature has the nerve to weild the mighty Masamune!!!" Frustrated, Frog blocked attack after attack while trying to assure Cyrus that he was Glen. Suddenly Kino jumped forward

"You no hurt froggy. Froggy my wife's friend. He good." Kino pinned him down to the ground and held him there. Robo stepped forward,

"I'm sorry for not explaining this before, I took Cyrus from right before he was killed by Magus and replaced him with a clone, that is why e is so confused. Let me explain, after years of research I have found a way to duplicate the Chrono Trigger and I have eventually improved it into The Chrono Trigger Deluxe!!" He held out a blue egg, about the size of the original Chrono Trigger, but it glowed blue and had a hole in it's side so Robo could plug his mechanics into it. "This is how I got him here" said Robo. It took awhile, but Cyrus eventually calmed down, after hearing the entire story of Lavos and every thing that happened the year before.

"Robo, you still haven't told us why you have brought us here" said Lucca.

"Oh yes," said Robo" I brought you here because..." but his words were cut off by a wicked laugh. Hovering over him was Queen Zeal.

"You weak pathetic fools!! You will never beat the power of NegaLavos!!" she said. The crew drew their weapons, ready to tear into here Kino run up to her, club in hands, and tried to club her over the head. She grinned and shot a fireball at him. A white blur was all that could be seen, until finally, his bones fell to the ground. Kino was dead.

"Nooooooooooooo" cried Ayla. She was ready to kill Zeal when a strange ring of fire flew through the air and struck Zeal. She gasped and fell to the ground, coughing up blood.

"Who threw that?" asked Crono.

"It was I," Said a mysterous hooded girl.

(to be continued)


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