Cloud Nine Chapter 4

The Hooded Girl Unveiled!!

By Tenchi

The hooded woman looked at Queen Zeal with a disguist that could be seen through her velvet hood.

"I have no pity for creatures as you!! Be gone evil woman, before I slay you right here!!" she said to Zeal. Her Majesty did not take this in stride, she gritted her teeth and attacked the mysterous foe. The woman laughed and blasted the oncoming foe with a hot flash of white fire, similer to the one Zeal had just slain Kino with. Zeal stood there dumbfounded.

"How could you have used that attack?" asked Zeal. "That attack was given to me by Lavos, only I know how to use it!!"

"Not true, for I have learned your secrets, now be gone, you have tasted my power and have not seemed to enjoy it. If you want more we can continue his game, but if not, leave and let me not see your hidous face again." she said to Zeal who was now using a spell to heal her wounds. Zeal grinned.

"Fine. I will go to NegaLavos and gain the power to destroy you!! But first, may I see who it was that struck me down?" Zeal asked. The woman removed her hood. She was a tall blonde with her hair in a ponytail. "Huh? Who the Hell are you?" asked a confused Queen.

"I am Fiona, guardian deity of the forest" said the now reveiled woman.

"Can you tell me how you found my secrets?" asked Zeal.

"There was no secret. To reward me for my years of hard work the spirits of the forest chose me to be their guardian. You see power is also granted to those who work for it. This shows you NegaLavos is not the only source of power on this planet. The power of the Forest can match the power of the original Lavos, that is how I was able to use the Sacred White Fire"

"Very well, we shall meet once more. Destiny forsees it." said Zeal.

"Was it not destiny that the original Lavos destroy this world?" she said with a grin. Zeal did not find this humorous and left in a scurry. Fiona smiled at Robo. "Were you saying something?"

(To Be Continued)


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